Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sarawak Chinese daily Berita Petang suspended

Sarawak's only afternoon Chinese daily Berita Petang should have adopted the name Berita Harian. Then it might have avoided becoming the 2nd newspaper to be suspended by the government for reproducing the Danish caricatures.

The newspaper is to be suspended for publishing a seditious article entitled ‘We are prepared to launch a Holy War’ with some of the caricatures in its Feb 4 edition.

The Internal Security Ministry has imposed on the Berita Petang a 2 weeks suspension that comes into force tomorrow.

This gives it time today to publish an apology. Yes, launch a pre-emptive apology today! Don’t bother to be creative. Just borrow word for word the apology that the New Straits Times (NST) had used. The NST words must be really good because the government has dropped its investigation into its indiscrete sins (twice over in sheer in-your-face arrogance), let alone consider suspending it.

Meanwhile, the government is considering action against RTM's TV2 for airing footages showing the caricatures. I wonder whether the investigation will extend to RTM1 and UMNO-linked TV3 and ntv7. All had broadcasted the caricatures.

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