Tuesday, February 21, 2006

MAS safer airborne than on ground

MAS pilots seem to be having frequent trouble taxying on the ground. They kept taxying their aeroplanes off the taxyways and runways into soft grounds, which means the aeroplane would remain stuck until rescued, very much to the annoyance of passengers.

Before this Kuching incident, I recall reading Jeff Ooi’s Screenshots postings on a similar MAS incident in India. Then I remember another MAS Boeing hitting the Miri terminal bridge while taxying to the disembarkation point. There were other episodes of MAS Boeing running off the runway while landing at Changi airport. Another Boeing 777 hit something, I think it was a refuelling or deicing truck, in Switzerland.

A pilot friend informed me that if a pilot hit something on the ground or taxyed off the taxyway or runway, there’s no mitigating excuse, none whatsoever, with the sole exception of the pilot and copilot both suffering heart attacks at the same time.

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