Saturday, February 11, 2006

PAS: Wrong Target, Wrong Slogans, Wrong Leadership!

I would never have imagined that I would utter a word of praise for a USA under President Bush, but let me mitigate my once-off political reversal in the context of seeing the way things have gone unfairly with the PAS organised protest against Denmark over the provocatively demeaning caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Let us put things in proper perspective. The insulting cartoons were published by one rightwing Danish Newspaper Jyllen Posten, whose cultural editor, Fleming Rose, the man who was responsible for commissioning and publishing the caricatures, is known to be closely associated with neo-con Zionists. Then, another rightwing Christian newspaper, this time a Norwegian one called Magazinet, known for its intolerance to other religions, republished and thus re-publicised the cartoons recently.

That’s the background to the entire sorry issue. That's who were responsible.

The point I am making here is the protest by PAS with instigating slogans such as ‘Hancur Denmark’ (Destroy Denmark) and ‘Mati Denmark’ (Death to Denmark) has been completely over the top, and completely unfair to the majority of the Danish people. The Danes and indeed the Scandinavians, have been very supportive of the Palestinians, and would hardly be likely to insult Islam and its Prophet (pbuh).

I agree completely with the spokesman of the Danish Embassy who said:

“Danish citizens, the government and businesses are not part of the issue ... People should not pass blanket judgement on the Danish, but they should focus their attention to the players responsible for the issue.”

Please also see my previous posting Higher Strategy behind Insulting Caricatures?

Now, this is the part where the USA came up OK in my eyes. When 9/11 occurred it didn’t go about nuking anyone, even though there were many American citizens clamouring for it. While I don’t agree to its attack and invasion of Afghanistan – they should instead make Saudi Arabia account for the fact of 15 Saudis being responsible – I have to say there wasn’t any of these Death to Afghanistan (or Saudi Arabia) or Destroy …….. (fill in the blanks) inciting slogans.

And let me advise those young hotheads in Pas that when their Youth leader Salahuddin Ayub declared “PAS leaders are willing to die to defend our religion” you can bet he doesn’t mean himself.

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  1. although i support free of speech, but i still think there is limitation, For PAS case, they just simply DUMB.

  2. "Destroy Denmark. Destroy Israel. Destroy George Bush. Destroy America"

    Yeah...could be possible for that single person mentioned there. But to destroy a country?

    Really hypocrites! Have they even wondered that the toy (Lego) that their children might be playing with, the no-brainer reality TV programmes they watch on TV, and the insulin (Novo) they are injecting to control their diabetes (which is ironically their most-populated state is the No.1 for diabetes) are from the countries that they want to destroy?

    If they have got the enlightening, perhaps they should stop those SMSes for the latest Akademi Fantasia forever as the concept is also from a Western Country that they want to destroy.

    Really hypocrites!!!