Saturday, February 25, 2006

Teflon-coated NST

The PM has announced that the Internal Security Ministry won't take any action against the New Straits Times (NST), as it had against two other newspapers, the Sarawak Tribune and Guangming.

And the reason? The NST has apologised! Wow! What a nice, well brought up and polite newspaper.

This exception has been despite Dr Mahathir telling the government not to practice double standards by allowing NST to get away with its insensitivity while Sarawak Tribune and Guangming had already been made examples for the same reason.

But no, the NST won't be suspended as everyone was hoping for. [except of course those at NST or UMNO]

Hoping for? Don't tell me Malaysians are that bad hearted?

Au contraire, if NST had been penalised for its cartoon faux pas, Malaysians would then be able to proudly say "in Malaysia, the same laws or standards apply to everyone. We have a fair government" - but alas, we have been denied that privilege. We should have known better.

When Kalimullah assured his staff not to worry, he knew what he was saying, because he knew!


  1. Mind-boggling decisions, but unsurprising. Almost expected, even.

  2. Tells us clearly what type of a government the BN is .

    No prizes for guessing what the B and N stands for!

    Bloody nincompoops?

    or 'Boleh Negotiate'?

    What about Bullshitting Nation?

    Too harsh?

    Imagine being so double standard before the entire world as to banning one newspaper, suspending another and bending over backwards to accommodate their own pet newspaper!

    So much for Abdullah Badawi's rhetoric!

    The man is so undecisive when it comes to implementing the laws of this nation!

    Mahathir may be an authoritarian and an Iron Fisted dictator but he was very straightforward and meant business compared to our Mr. 'Nice? guy here!

    What a bleeding shame!