Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Aussie MP Warns White Australians of an Islamic Australia

In Australia, there is a current parliamentary debate on the legal use of the abortion pill RU486. Danna Vale, a Liberal Party Member of Parliament who is ardently pro-life has spoken out against the use of the abortion pill, but in a shocking way.

Muslims, tune in!

Australian women and liberal parliamentary members have won a battle recently in the Senate when the Upper House voted to delegate the control of the abortion pill to medical experts rather than leave it in the hands of Health Minister Tony Abbot. The debate has now shifted to the Lower House. PM John Howard is allowing a conscience vote, which means voting won’t be along party lines.

Abbot, a former Roman Catholic priest and PM John Howard are among others who are strongly against allowing the use of RU486 to be left to doctors – they are ideologically/religiously against abortion. Obviously Danna Vale is in their camp. The pro-abortion current slogan against Tony Abbot is ‘Tony, get your rosaries out of my ovaries’ which has infuriated the Prime Minister and the Catholic Church.

But what has shocked Australia even more has been the racist and anti-Muslim justification that Danna Vale has used to speak out against the legal use of RU486.

She warned, presumably white Australians, that if the RU486 is permitted as a legal anti-abortion pill, the Muslims would dominate Australia in 50 years time, because by then abortionists would have killed 5 million potential white Australians.

One of her Liberal Party colleagues, former Sports Minister Jackie Kelly tried to distance herself from Danna Vale, saying she was more concerned about Australians adopting Chinese children as it encourages the selling of babies in China. Well, I don’t know what to read into this, but let’s get back to pro-life (Whites only please) Danna Vale.

But on Danna Vale’s racist Islamphobic comments, don’t be too surprised by such talks. Pro-life activists or believers can be, and indeed are so extreme as to kill – some in the USA have bombed abortion clinic and killed the doctors and their staff. And they call themselves ‘pro-life’?

But I hope Australia won't come to that - that is, resorting to bombing abortion clinics!

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