Saturday, February 18, 2006

So much water, yet not a drop to drink!

The Australian reported that US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice has asked Congress for $US75million ($102million) in emergency funding for ……..

So much money! Why, for what, you may wonder? Perhaps somewhere in Africa, there are millions of starving children who urgently need food.

Alas, Rice wants the funding for what Malaysians would term as a ‘shit-stirring’ psy-ops against the Persian authority, as it is currently running, in obedience to Israel, such a sabotaging war against Palestinian Hamas.

Rice also threatens sanction against Iran. The last time it did that, to neighbouring Iraq, millions of Iraqis, especially the weak and poor, suffered while Saddam Hussein and his regime continued to live in luxury and at the same time creamed off US, British and Australia companies – a Coalition of the Bribing - who were complicit in the food-for-oil scandal. Mind you, other European and Asian companies were involved too.

Sanction won’t hurt the top people. Instead, and as we learnt about the sanctions against pre-occupation Iraq, half a million Iraqi children perished because of degraded medical facilities and food quality and availability.

Instead of using its power, wealth and influence to ameliorate conditions for the world’s sick, hungry and poor, the US rather spend its assets on toppling regimes to further enhance the security of Israel and its avarice for dominance of oil resources..

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