Wednesday, February 22, 2006

American Gestapo (2)!

The Human Rights First organisation, comprising a group of US lawyers, has revealed in its report that, discounting those deaths due to fighting, mortar attacks or violence between detainees, about 100 prisoners in US custody in Afghanistan and Iraq have died since August 2002.

The causes of deaths have been
attributed to the interrogations they were subjected to and the conditions of their physical detention in American hands. Of these, 34 are suspected or confirmed homicides, meaning those unfortunate detainees were deliberately or recklessly killed. Another 11 had been under suspicious circumstances, while between eight and 12 prisoners have been confirmed as tortured to death.

Deborah Pearlstein, the editor of the report told TV Newsnight:
"We're extremely comfortable with the veracity and the reliability of the facts here. These are documents based on army investigative reports, documents that we've obtained from the government or that have come out through freedom of information act requests in the United States."

Zalmay Khalilzad, the US ambassador to Iraq, told the BBC:
"Of course, we always investigate and determine what happened and appropriate punishment is given if the judgment is made that illegal actions took place. If those reports are true, of course they would be terrible abuses and they would be illegal things. Those who are responsible for them would be investigated and they will be punished."

Please read
this together with this, and then tell me why I don’t believe one single word he said!

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