Monday, February 20, 2006

USA ever obedient to Israel!

In 2004 Peter Hanson, a Dane worked as the Commissioner-General of the UNRWA (UN Relief & Work Agency) which supported and aided the dispossessed Palestinians living in refugee camps, ironically in their very own homeland. Hanson was forced to resign from his post because Israel considered he had committed 2 grave sins – (1) he spoke the truth about the oppressive nature and conduct of the brutal Israeli military, and (2) he was too compassionate to the sufferings of the Palestinians.

Israel tried to get rid of him by presenting false evidence (in the form of satellite photos) that Hanson allowed UNRWA ambulance to transport rockets for the Palestinians insurgents, but failed miserably in its sinister attempts when the so-called Israeli evidence itself proved Hanson's innocence. Israel had to grudgingly apologised (though the apology was NOT published in Israel). The Israelis were not done because it rang up Washington and instructed the Americans to apply pressure on Kofi Annan to get rid of Peter Hanson.

An obedient US threatened the UN that it would withhold aid of $120 million for the UNRWA unless Peter Hanson leave. Coupled with the realisation that Israel would be playing vindictive bugger by obstructing the UNRWA every which way as long as he was still Commissioner-General, Hanson himself decided to resign.

As I remarked, such had been the power of Israel over the USA that it could order the USA to do what it wished.

It is happening again. Israel doesn’t want Hamas to assume the role of the Palestinian Authority and has been flinging threats of open sabotage left and right for the last couple of weeks. The USA has also openly agreed to Israel's demand and intention to overthrow a democratically elected Hamas.

Israel’s diabolical plan is to deprive the Palestinian people of a functioning government and make them suffer - hmmm, perhaps for daring to vote in Hamas - by denying them their own tax revenue [collected for them by Israel], jobs in Israel [stopping entry of Palestinian labourers into Israel] and principally to drive them into dissatisfaction with a financially deprived Hamas unable to administer as the Palestinian Authority. It is also restricting movement of Palestinian (Hamas) elected members between Gaza and Ramallah, the abode of the Palestinain Authority.

In total obedience to the command of the Hebrews, the USA now wants the Palestinian Authority to return the US aid of $50 million provided last year to the Fatah government for infrastructure projects. The current caretaker government of President Mahmoud Abbas has agreed to return the $50 million.

The USA has also warned the Arab League and Iran not to provide finance for the Hamas-dominated Palestnian Authority. Though the Arab League has promised to provide the Palestinian Authority with $50 million per month for running costs, Hamas noted that even before Yasser Arafat passed away, only a fraction of that promised sum was ever delivered. Now, what more with the USA's warning, Hamas doesn't expect much from the League.

The Europeans who have been contributing 60% of total aid anually (approx $2 billion) to the Palestinians are probably the best hope of financial help. But the USA has been applying pressure on international bodies and governments to cut off financial assistance to the Palestinains.

I wonder what Dale Carnegie would have thought of the USA’s tactics in persuading the Palestinians people to go over to the side of Fatah rather than Hamas'.

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