Monday, February 20, 2006

Just don't "crack" our stuff or systems!

Look, I have nothing against new Federal Territories Minister Zulhasnan Rafique. Besides I have always like fighter pilots. This posting is not about him but rather the New Straits Times headline “New FT Minister gets cracking”.

I have heard this clichĂ© so often, about ministers or head of departments who would “get cracking”, but no one in reality “got cracking”. What we have witnessed over the years have been a lot of “cracked” promises, and worse, the systems have also being irrevocably “cracked” after their administrations.

The PM seems to agree with me for he bemoaned billions wasted in repairing deteriorated or damaged buildings and facilities, that if attended to in a timely fashion, would involve less cost.

And before the PM could say "get cracking", Humpty Dumpty in an apple poli ..... eh ..... "cracking" mood, supported Tai Koh's comments. He declared that his ministry was prepared to "get cracking" to upgrade roads and public amenities that had "cracked". The more useful solution would be for Humpty to build them properly in the first place instead of the subsequent need to "get cracking" to repair something that ought not to have "cracked" so soon.

I am just sick of those tired empty headline-promises and wish we would get - no, not "cracking" - something more discerning like “Let’s see what the new Minister will do” or “We’ll be monitoring his performance”.

OK, let’s see what Zulhasnan Rafique has in store for us - hopefully nothing Humpty-Dumpty-ish - and monitor his performance as well. At the same time I wish well in his ministerial responsibilities.

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