Sunday, December 11, 2016

Why lift your skirts to show your thighs?

MM Online on Amanah's complaint about an 'act-dunno' pro-PAS Azmin Ali:

SHAH ALAM, Dec 11— Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali should stop prevaricating and help its Pakatan Harapan ally carry out its programmes in the state, an Amanah delegate said at his party’s convention here today.

Jamzuri Ardani claimed PAS — which is a member of the PKR-led Selangor government — has been making it difficult for Amanah to carry out its programmes in the state and urged Azmin as the PKR deputy president not to neglect it just to maintain “administrative ties” with PAS.

“The Selangor government is ding-donging and delaying whatever we tell them especially on matters where we are stopped from carrying out programmes in the state.

“What we want is to be accepted as a component party in the state, without the pressure and bureaucracy of the state government,” said Jamzuri who is also Selangor Amanah communications director.

He warned Azmin that if this issue was not addressed soon, he may lose the state to the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition at the next elections.

“PAS village heads, assemblymen, council members, executive councillors, they are the ones stopping us from giving talks in mosques.

“Some of their councillors are stopping us from using their halls,” Jamzuri said.

The Selangor PKR leadership is seen as straddling a very narrow political line. While it is formally a member of the Pakatan Harapan pact that comprises Amanah and DAP, it is still friends with PAS, which has eschewed any political co-operation with Amanah and DAP.

When PKR is not straddling its political allegiance or whatever, it opens its paha kang-kang to PAS and Pribumi - I will raise this (PKR's sarong) again later on, wakakaka.

Even as PAS threatens PKR's President, its party deputy president continues to suck up to PAS. What do you make of that incongruity?

I want your symbol of party power

what's that?

your fan

over my dead body

OK, if you insist 

He has been known to defy his president's agreement with a Pakatan ally, as in the last Sarawak state election. In that state election he placed PKR candidates in constituencies which Wan Azizah had signed an agreement with the DAP assigning those seats to the Rocket Party. Thus BN won easily in those 3-corner fights.

To better appreciate the Machiavellian Mafulat-ish Maze of an Azmin-led PKR, please read my earlier post Ulama tak bersyukur?

Therein the post I concluded with the following:

Yet for all PKR wantonness towards PAS, wakakaka, the Islamic Party is now turning ugly towards the Mother of PKR.

Of course we could argue that PAS being now aligned to UMNO may be considered as part of the BN covert force (of one, wakakaka, maybe 2 if we were to include Twinkle Twinkle) and thus has a right and indeed an obligation to wallop PKR in GE14.

But then, what about PKR always sucking up to the ulamas? Ulama PAS mudah lupa? Or ulama PAS tak bersyukur?

But is that it?

I believe there's more to PAS' action (to contest in Permatang Pauh) than meets the eye, wakakaka.

Who in PKR is closest to PAS? And who may want Wan Azizah kow-tim?

You think about it, wakakaka.

In the meanwhile, with regards to Azmin's PKR kang-kang paha for the eyes of PAS, Karamjit Singh once wrote in Malaysia-Today:

It comes as no surprise that UMNO intends to work hand-in-hand with PAS for the simple reason of ethnic dominance. However, what fails me is Azmin’s insistence to keep the relationship with PAS going.

minimum I'll be PM one day 

PAS has disappointed Pakatan on numerous occasions. They were never on the same page with Pakatan when it came to no confidence vote against Najib. Neither were they in support of rejecting BN’s Budget 2016. In fact, they have even indicated their intention of contesting against DAP in the upcoming general election.

Yet Azmin insists on and persists in allying PKR with a pro-UMNO anti-DAP party which is outside Pakatan, considering PKR purports to be part of Pakatan and thus an ally of DAP?

Why is Azmin so keen to sleep with a known enemy of Pakatan?

My personal take is that PKR under Azmin needs PAS far far more than it does DAP to remain alive as a political party, but that is not say it doesn't need DAP as well.

Let me share with you my thoughts on the Machiavellian manoeuvrings of an Azmin's PKR.

Say, in a head-on clash with DAP in most urban constituencies, I am convinced that PKR will lose badly. PKR now enjoys some urban support ONLY because it has been seen (since 2008) as an ally of DAP.

I have to admit the alliance (with the occasional fights and spites) came about thanks mainly to Anwar's personal rapport with the DAP leadership, particularly Lim Snr and Jnr.

But now that Anwar is not around and Azmin is the virtual undisputed de facto PKR boss (goes to show how PKR leadership loves the status of being a de facto boss, wakakaka), if push comes to shove, in a serious confrontation with DAP, PKR will lose to the Rocket Party in most cases though admittedly there may be some exceptions.

This situation will arise when urban voters are forced to choose between PKR or DAP.

The key word is 'forced to choose'.

Therein lies the answer as to which party the majority of urban voters will opt for when push comes to shove, to wit, when the typical urban voter must choose only one Pakatan component party, PKR or DAP.

I admit I may be biased but I believe I'll not be too far off if I say DAP will likely be their preferred choice in most cases.

In places like Pantai Lembah, PKR of course will come up tops - mind you, not that DAP will contest in that seat, wakakaka.

But in federal constituencies like, for example, Bayan Baru and Nibong Tebal in Penang, and Pandan, PJ Selatan and Kelana Jaya in Selangor, and even Batu in KL (wakakaka), regardless of whether these PKR candidates will win they will nonetheless be very vulnerable. Some may even lose to DAP but most will be hard pressed to survive against a 3-corner fight with BN and DAP.

As for Penang state, PKR's Ong Chin Wen (Bukit Tengah), Cheah Kah Peng (Kebun Bunga), Dr T Jayabalan (Batu Uban), and Lee Khai Loon (Machang Bubuk) will be similarly threatened, even disastrously, if PKR and DAP were to split asunder.

Yes, MCA and Gerakan may possibly benefit from the 3-corner fights though I'm confident DAP will pick up at least two of the four seats, enough to form government by itself, assuming the PKR Malay ADUN do not wish to cross over to DAP a la Dr Bari.

I hope it won't come to such a situation but if it does, and sadly, Azmin is behaving in a manner to encourage it, then that will spell the end of PKR rather than DAP as a force in federal politics.

goodbye, 'twas good while it lasted 

Yes, DAP may lose out in some seats to BN involving 3-corner fights with PKR and UMNO but the more battered party will be PKR.

In rural constituencies, PKR in the main won't have a chance against UMNO or even PAS, and that's why it needs PAS as it needs DAP to stay alive.

However, how PAS intends to treat PKR has just been seen in its threat to participate in Wan Azizah's seat of Permatang Pauh, posing a 3-corner fight there to enable BN to win in GE-14.

Also, in 2013, it sabotaged PKR in Kota Damansara
which saw BN's Halimaton Saadiah Bohan won with 16,387 while PKR's Mohd Nasir Hashim (actually PSM but contesting under a PKR banner) secured 14,860 and the candidate of a sabotaging PAS, Ridzuan Ismail won 7,312.

If PAS had observed Pakatan Rakyat's coalition agreement, PSM Mohd Nasir Hashim (contesting under a PKR banner) would have won easily. But PAS was a treacherous bastard then, and I believe is still one today.

Anyway, how will Azmin's PKR be able to settle itself in a political alliance with two parties who are bitter foes? And why does PKR favour PAS over DAP? Why is it prepared to ignore DAP while flirting sluttishly with PAS.

In the glib words of Mat Sabu used against PAS in the latter's flirtation with UMNO: "... it was natural for Umno to do the courting because "they are males". But why lift your skirts to show your thighs? If you do that, these men will come to tackle you."

PAS shows its thighs to UMNO while PKR shows its kang-kang-ish thighs to PAS? Hmmm, who gets the better deal? Wakakaka!

But Azmin believes he has assessed the triangular situation rather well. In his insistence on staying pally-buddy with PAS despite and much against DAP's pleas he must have assess/believe he can tweak DAP's nose (wakakaka) because he and hundreds of thousands of Malaysians are aware LKS (unlike Pak Haji) is known to be over-keen, nay, in fact over-obsessed with bringing down the BN federal government, indeed so keen that it is prepared to form an alliance with anyone opposing Najib's BN, even Mahathir wakakaka.

Thus DAP is likely to be far more accommodating and prepared to compromise because it is too super-keen in having a coalition, especially with a Malay-based party, which then and only then will be capable of defeating UMNO.

'More accommodating' means the DAP is even prepared to be shagged by PKR, wakakaka, though under certain conditions and circumstances, wakakaka again. That is the obsessively disgusting shame of the LKS fraction in DAP, which today is not entirely cohesively one.

OTOH, PAS is more patient in its ultimate objective of defeating UMNO to become the ruling government authority, and not as super-obsessive as DAP, who would desire an alliance of whatever form just to change federal rule.

PAS' more immediate/urgent objective is to destroy Amanah (and to an extent, also punish DAP).

So PAS is prepared to eat kuachee (dried melon seed) and wait patiently, and allies itself with UMNO to achieve what it wants to achieve, to wit, firstly kill off Amanah, then kill off UMNO/PKR, and eventually implement a pure Islamic State in full compliance with syariah laws (inclusive of hudud) - and in the debris of the final battle, to find a kowtim-ed nobody-DAP.

Thus PKR sees the current PAS as not so accommodating as DAP and which must be mollified with priority.

In a certain way PAS has the same obsession as DAP except its is more about whacking Amanah and not UMNO, while DAP has the opposite desire.

And that's how Azmin Ali sees the cards on the tables, that in his own desire to reach Putrajaya to become PM, he must first ensure his PKR stays alive.

PKR can only send Azmin to Putrajaya as PM if it wins in GE-14, but it can only first survive, let alone win, by slutting itself with and for PAS.

OTOH, PKR can afford to shag an obsessive DAP in the back most of the time, knowing DAP will swallow its pride, balls and even rancid satay just to keep PKR in Pakatan for whatever mad scheme LKS has, thus Azmin plays his game accordingly.

The only possible peril in this game for Azmin and PKR will be if DAP rids itself of its political addiction, comes down to earth from LKS' stupid dream and pushes the overthrowing of the BN majority rule into a more strategic timeframe (like PAS), to deal first and foremost with the far more dangerous treachery of PKR.

This is what I hope to see, though even in this regard, DAP must not overreach. It should start off modestly in Penang where it has much strength, whereas the current situation in Selangor may be just a bridge too far for DAP to achieve this with just Amanah by its side.

In Selangor the DAP can play the role of a strong opposition against a likely PKR-PAS-UMNO coalition state government, while it builds up its Malay membership and alliance with Amanah.

Good things come to those who wait. But will these be for PAS or DAP (assuming the DAP is able to moderate and rein in an obsessive LKS from his harebrained scheme/dream)? Wakakaka.


  1. Let us all take just a few minutes to ponder.Why was Azmin not appointed the first PR Menteri Besar of Selangor.He was the blue eyed boy and favorite of Manmanlai.He had given almost everything,including his backside to Manmanlai,and yet he was not chosen.Why?Because his master,never for a second,ever thought that he was of quality leadership material.

    How many dicks have this dude sucked and how many people have he back stabbed to finally landed the MB'ship?Hundreds if not thousands.

  2. It is a touch and go situation.There is a strong possibility that this coming GE,Lembah Pantai will go to Umno.

  3. Hey Jude ! I'll keep you satisfied.
    Let it be.
    Imagine. Lady Madonna. I saw her standing there. And I love her.
    Michelle. A hard day's night.
    Political casanova knotty affairs.
    Title song by Beatles.

  4. Azmin Ali is not only willing to show his thigh,but also his butt hole.He is sucking PAS politicians dicks for his own political survival.At least,that is what he thinks or assumes.

    One just have to look at Kaytee's blog comments.The number of comments hit all time highs before GE13,with the "monsterball",the one with dentures,the main contributor or commenter.Now,all these diehard opposition supporters have vanished into thin air.

    I have observed the few opposition blogs,once with many commenters are the same.The few left have also few commenters and many have closed shop too.That is the sentiment of the half hearted opposition supporters left.

    If Azmin Ali thinks sucking up to PAS will help,he will be a very miserable man the night of GE14.

  5. Love to DAPigs RBA bitching about PKR not succumb to their pressure asPAN Imayam!!