Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Does Azmin's generous words carry a fatal sting?

MKINI - Issue of DAP seats for Bersatu does not arise, says Guan Eng (extracts):

my dear boy, don't tell anyone, but I'll make you PM. However, you must promise to make Mukhriz your deputy PM, then give way to him after 3 years

yes, Uncle, I will absolutely obey you

thinks: (but who knows what will occur in Malaysian politics, hehehe)

The DAP has no issue with PKR allowing Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) to contest in some of its seats in the next general election.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said it is up to PKR to decide on the matter as the seats would belong to that party.

“It is up to PKR to decide what it wants to do with its seats,” Lim told Malaysiakini today.

“The issue for DAP to give up its seats to Bersatu does not arise as our opponents are not in those seats,” Lim, who is Penang Chief Minister, said.

What Guan Eng has meant by “The issue for DAP to give up its seats to Bersatu does not arise as our opponents are not in those seats” was that the DAP simply cannot hand over seats it has won and is currently occupying.

This stems back to some unofficial agreement between PKR and Pribumi (Bersatu, which BTW according to RoS, is an illegal appellation for Mahathir' Pribumi Party).

PKR had much much much earlier (before Wan Azizah could even unfold her kipas tangan sakti) volunteered over-eagerly and over-anxiously to hand over (offered) PKR's "territorially claimed" but not-yet-won seats to Pribumi, to see whether the latter party can make some headway into UMNO territory in the coming elections.

As an example, with Tian Chua claiming he can't hold on to Batu (earlier I made a mistake in naming Tian Chua's seat as Gombak, which was won by Azmin Ali) without PAS' support, will PKR hand over the-about-to-be-lost Batu seat to Pribumi? Wakakaka.

So, back to Guan Eng, he's being diplomatic in saying “The issue for DAP to give up its seats to Bersatu does not arise as our opponents are not in those seats”, effectively passing the message that the DAP, unlike PKR who lost lots of seats wakakaka, doesn't have any 'lost' pribumi-majority seas to hand over to Pribumi, except possibly for a DAP-won 55% non-Cinapek:45% Cinapek Gelang Patah, wakakaka again.

Other DAP seats have been won so convincingly and besides Pribumi will become dead meat in them if it dares to foolishly contest in those seats. Yes, we are a racist nation and many of our voters will (alas) vote racially.

Now, when Azmin Ali said that PKR has no hesitation in giving up its seats to Pribumi for the coming 14th general elections, he probably meant only seats which PKR had tried in vain to secure but is currently in UMNO's hands, wakakaka. I doubt he'll give up, for example, his Gombak or Bukit Antarabangsa.

So don't think too highly of Azmin's apparent but meaningless "generosity" because Azmin is NEVER EVER generous to another party, unless of course he has a kowtim-ed arrangement with, say, Uncle Maddy - BTW, for those of you who don't know, Maddy is really his Uncle as Azmin was brought up by Maddy's family.

Azmin also said DAP and PAS had given their seats to PKR when it newly contested in the general election in 1999 and therefore he believes PKR should be equally generous to now is the time for PKR to do the same for Pribumi.

But with Azmin Ali, there is always a nasty perhaps even fatal sting in his words, especially for the DAP.

He is implying by his so-called "big-hearted and generous" words that the DAP should be equally generous, and thus in turn compensate or give generously to PKR, preferably some of the blue-ribboned seats currently it (DAP) holds.

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