Saturday, December 03, 2016

Malays living in sins

MM online on how Malays have been living in continuous sin and requires syariah help:

which way to Terengganu? 

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 3 — A Terengganu Umno delegate claimed today that non-Muslims opposed a Bill to enhance the Shariah courts’ punitive powers because they desired the Malay-Muslim community to continue “living in sin”.

“When the non-Muslim Opposition opposes the upgrade of the punishments, they see that as an opportunity to let Malays to continue living in sin, then they can take over.

“If we let the Bill be passed, they [Malays] will revert to the true teaching of Islam,” [...]

Mohd Iskandar said further that current punishments were insufficient to curb social problems among the Malays.

As an example, he said there were 153,000 babies born out of wedlock to Muslim parents.

“They are afraid that if the punishments are upgraded, Muslims will be protected from making mistakes,” he said.

What our dear Mohd Iskandar is saying is Malays have hitherto been sinning like crazy, and that only severe syariah-hudud punishment like 100 lashes of flogging can bring their sinister sinful sinning 'URGES' under control.

If not, there will be more babies born out of wedlock.

[... and all the while I thought babies born out of wedlock only occurs 9 months after St Valentine's Day or after New Year's Eve celebrations or after a Selena Gomez concert - without realizing Muslims, according to Terengganu UMNO delegate Mohd Iskandar, live continuously in sin and f**k like rabbits (ooopsy rabbits aren't halal, thus I mean 'sausages') - WTF do I know anyway, being not a Muslim]

On top of that, in Terengganu where our dear Mohd Iskandar hails from, there have been seveal cases of incests where sinister sinful sinning 'fathers' f**ked their own underage daughters for years until the lil' girls become of age, with some even f**king the poor girls past the sweeties' 21 years old. Sometimes, those poor abused girls' own brothers also joined in the intra-family f**king.

Strange the average 'nons' don't require syariah laws to avoid sins.

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