Sunday, December 25, 2016

Malaysia where higher is lower, and vice versa

MM Online - Non-Malays more accepting of child rape, says deputy home minister:

KUALA LUMPUR, March 18 — Non-Malays are likely to be more accepting of statutory rape, Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar told Parliament today, in reply to a question on the low incidence of reported cases of sexual violations among Malaysia’s minorities.

The deputy home minister appeared to suggest that the lower level of tolerance among the country’s largest community for sexual predators who prey on minors is a contributing factor to the high number of cases involving Malays.

“This doesn't mean the cases mostly involve Malays. Because Malays are culturally more sensitive about its youth so there are more police reports about it.

“Non-Malays are maybe more accepting about it so the margin (is lower),” Wan Junaidi said in reply to Setiu Barisan Nasional MP Che Mohamad Zulkifly Jusoh during Question Time.

The Santubong MP said that in 2012, there were 1,550 reported incidents of statutory rape, with Malays taking the top spot at 48 per cent, followed by the Chinese at 5 per cent and Indians at 3 per cent.

BADROL Zamanuddin (R) sentenced to 16 years jail and six strokes of rotan while Zainal Zamanuddin (L) sentenced to 40 years jail are escorted by the police at the Sessions Court, Kampar, Feb 19. - Utusanpix.

From Utusan: A 53-year-old auxiliary constable was jailed for 40 years by the Sessions Court here Thursday on three counts of incest involving two of his daughters while his 39-year-old brother, a security guard, was jailed for 16 years and ordered to be given six strokes of the rotan for incest involving another daughter.The auxiliary constable pleaded guilty to two charges of incest involving his 21-year-old daughter and another charge of incest involving his 12-year-old daughter while his brother, a bachelor, pleaded guilty to incest involving his niece when she was 12 and again when she was 13.

On the basis of his bizarre conclusion, non-Malays are more likely to be accepting of incest, because the Malays have been the ones having several reported cases of incest.

Additionally, non-Malays are more likely to suffer from mass hysteria because the Malays have been the ones having reported several such cases.

Non-Malays are more pious too because Malays are reported as pious, according to the bizarre logic of Wan Junaidi, who somehow has become deputy Home Minister when he is the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment.

Has he been demoted into Home Affairs? With his bizarre logic, one shouldn't be surprised.

But worst of all, and we know of it, non-Malays sometimes escaped charges of statutory rapes because they married their underage victims.

Etc etc etc.

extracts from the book:

Here is one of those weird Malaysia facts or weird things in Malaysia which many Malaysians still couldn’t comprehend. Do you know that the outbreak of mass hysteria or epidermic hysteria only or rather mostly happens to perempuan Melayu (Malay girls) in Malaysia?

Although this freaky phenomena has happened to other people in other parts of the world, but here in Malaysia, it affects predominately the female Malay community; among Malay lower secondary school girls in schools or those staying in hostels and also Malay factory girls.

Talking about mass or epidermic hysteria in Malaysian secondary schools, my sister who once witnessed this weird and unexplainable occurrence when she was studying in Sekolah Menengah Sri Muar, back in the early 80s.She told me it only affected the Malay girls, and not a single Chinese or Indian school girl. What happened was, all of a sudden, for no obvious reason, one girl started crying hysterically and then staggered and went down on the groun

That's because non-Malays don't report when they suffer from mass hysteria as they are likely to be more accepting of it.

Don't believe me, ask Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar.


  1. Consensual incest is legal in Spain, Holland and France.

    Thus, on the above basis, I would agree that "non-Malays are more likely to be accepting of incest, because the Malays have been the ones having several reported cases of incest".

    The nons are also very ever willing to accept a convicted sodomite to be a PM. So, please pray tell why to the nons incest is different from sodomy?


    1. consensual incest that is legal between (which you conveniently did not mention) consenting adults may be legal in a number of foreign countries but not between direct relations like what have happened in malaysia, of father fucking their own daughters (even minors), brothers fucking sisters (even minors) or uncles shagging their own direct nieces (daughters of brother)

      also, what is legal is not necessarily practised in those countries but more as an expression of non-interference by the law in the private affairs of consenting adults

      some races are so disgusted with the repugnance and abhorrence of incest that they don't even marry people with the same surnames (if they have surnames)

    2. The moronic resolved of a zombie for his new(?) year!

      Wa Lau eh... bila kaum sebuku jadi gila, mesti keh kaum lain ikut sama?

      What u have quoted, originated from a group of people who followed the monotheism of the Abrahamic faiths.

      Perhaps it's the transient but indoctrinated trace of these followers.

      KT would be able to enlighten you about many of these 'consensual incests', as mentioned in their respective 'holy' books.

      Many of others has since changed/discarded this practices, with the glaringly exception of the zombie tribe, who is still blindly walking the road of death!

      Oooop... sodomite is equally prevalent in these faiths, especially amongs the Pak unta till today! Zombies r known died-hard Pak unta copycat, right?

      'So, please pray tell why to the nons incest is different from sodomy?'

      For a start - why should Nons care anything about the indoctrinated weirdoes of the zombie tribe?

      So keep yr chuckles, about the Nons, best within the zombie tribe under the tempurung. Then, no one ELSE would be laughing their heads off (a sure sign of terminating the menacing zombie)!

    3. Wakakaka.. whoa... how true a Chinese proverb is - "no matter how fierce a tiger, it won't eat its own son". Wakakaka again.

    4. Ehhh...Hp6, there is a 2nd part of that proverb which translates into - 'those who know no shame in commiting atrocities, shall be terminated by all'.

      Keep that somewhere in yr zombie gray matter. & hopefully it would come in handy one day!!!

  2. most of the ministers have turned fuzzy logic into an art form instead of science, Dr Zadeh is not amused....
    if one is reluctant or refuse to accept the truth for whatever reason, shame or stigma perhaps, how can we trust ourselves to find a solution, insinuating certainly won't help