Monday, December 05, 2016

Bangladeshis metamorphose into Cinapeks

MM Online - Mahathir warned 700,000 yellow peril voters 'imported' in GE-14:

JOHOR BARU, Dec 4 — The accusation by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that more than 700,000 Chinese nationals will be brought into Forest City does not make sense, said Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin. 

He said it was made only as a provocation to scare Johoreans and as a tactic to see Johor fail to achieve its aspirations.

Mohamed Khaled said the Forest City project would take about 30 years and among the attractions of investment to Johor were the low cost of doing business and living compared to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

“After 30 years, maybe there will be 700,000 foreigners in Johor but it is unlikely all of them will be Chinese nationals,” he told reporters after closing the 2016 Goodwill Games of Air Biru Rukun Tetangga here today.

Dr Mahathir had claimed that the Chinese citizens would be given identity cards to enable them to vote in the coming general election.

I'ii be voting for dahleeeng kaytee


What a flabbergasting scare mongerer. And the hypocrisy of this old man is breathtaking, just having become a "friend(?)" of Lim Kit Siang, and now scaring the shits out of Malays that 700,000 Chinese will evolved from the '40,000 Bangladeshis' lurking in someone's pocket somewhere in Bamboo River to vote against Pribumi.

But why will those 700,000 Cinapeks, beautiful as some may be, vote against Pribumi when Maddy is already a "friend(?)" of LKS? Is kaytee responsible? Wakakaka.

Maybe it gave Maddy a chance to say his favourite saying "Apa Cina mahu lagi", wakakaka.

His dislike of Cinapeks seems to have re-emerged.


  1. the mainland chinese dun know who is lks, a banana that speak poor mandarin, instead they know najib well, who even send his son to learn putonghua in beijing. hence the reciprocal gesture from mainlanders is a great possibility.

    40k bangla story i heard it with my own ear from dap teresa kok, she even asked us to lock our maid at home during voting day, what a stupid n scornful speech from one dap mp.

    1. you believe Mahathir when he said that 700,000 Chinese citizens would be given identity cards to enable them to vote in the coming general election? Wakakaka, what a devoted PKR-ista

    2. i am answering yr question on y the 'chinese' dun give their vote to pribumi since lks is a friend. it seem u r one that believe mahathir 700k since u asked who they ie the 700k would give their vote. u r like rpk, cannot understand simple logic, inference n comprehension.


    The objective information so far is...
    a. China developers are building the Forrest City project in Johore. Two artificial islands which will house some 700,000 inhabitants.
    b. Most of the buyers are expected to be China nationals.
    c. Planeloads of them arrive on "Property Guided Tours".
    d. Air Asia now has direct flights from Guangzhou to Johor Bahru.
    e. Among the incentives being discussed between the Developer, Johor State Government and Federal Immigration authorities are Special Immigration Identification "Smart Cards" which will allow eligible residents & families unrestricted freedom of movement between their Home City in China and Johor, free of any visa application requirements or visa expiry dates.

    f. All other ordinary China national travellers are required to pre-apply for visitor visas. The most that is being currently considered for China tourists is visa upon arrival.

    The Malaysia Federal Government is very, very sensitive about controlling entry of anyone from China and ensuring they do not overstay.

    g. Mahathir is obviously going overboard with hyperbole in saying these China nationals will have the right to vote.

    However, those immigration incentives, which are currently under serious official consideration, would amount to Super-Permanent Residence Status for 700,000 China nationals, without the onerous conditions and obstacles which any China national would normally face in applying Malaysian Permanent Resident status


    The "moderate" PM Najib has been playing the anti-Chinese Race Card against the Malaysian Chinese last week.

    In fact the Forrest City controversy highlights the sheer hypocrisy of the Najib Administration.

    On the one hand demonising the Malaysian Chinese for UMNO political gain, at the same time , planning to allow free entry of an army of China nationals for the purpose of commercial gain.

    Najib's allies, of course, have their grubby fingers in the Forrest City project.

    Such racial demonising are not without consequences for the minority community that they attack.
    It is often taken as permission for extremist groups such as Jamal Ikan Bakar and Ali Tinju to perpetrate acts of violence.