Sunday, December 04, 2016

Lina Soo talking ayam

FMT - why the party president of S.T.A.R talks ayam:

in Sarawak 

in Peninsula 

KUCHING: The DAP is “stupid” to have made an enemy of PAS since it will likely result in Pakatan Harapan, the coalition to which they belong, losing seats that the Islamist party helped them win in previous general elections.

In an interview with FMT, state Reform party president Lina Soo said, “By going at loggerheads with PAS, Pakatan (Harapan) will lose seats where DAP had been dependent upon the goodwill of PAS members to win.”

She also said Umno was courting PAS because the ruling party knew it was the latter that could provide the “numerical support the Pakatan political machinery needed” to win

“This is why the opposition all along needed PAS to win Putrajaya. DAP is stupid to have made an enemy out of PAS.

By the way, S.T.A.R stands for State Reform Party, a Sarawak based party whose current president is Lina Soo.

No, it's not the DAP which had been stupid to break off for good with PAS. It's Lina Soo for saying so.

Obviously Lina Soo did not know what happened in 1999 to Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh, the two top DAP leaders and icons.

Both were booted out of their parliamentary constituencies by Chinese voters, yes booted out in the 1999 general elections, meaning both did NOT make it into federal parliament as MPs for the first time since 1969 and 1978 respectively.


Because the Chinese voters in their respective constituencies wanted to teach them a lesson kau kau for politically 'slutting' with a religiously fanatical PAS in a loose coalition called Barisan Alternatif, an Islamist Party which repulsed and terrified non-Muslims.

OK, in 2008 and 2013, the non-Muslim Chinese and Indian voters were so fed up with BN that they contained their intrinsic fear of PAS and tolerated the coalition Pakatan Rakyat which brought back PAS and DAP again, under Anwar Ibrahim's leadership.

Sadly, PAS mistook that for non-Muslim Chinese and Indians accepting the Islamic Party and its Middle-East fire and brimstone policy.

But precisely because of mistaking the Chinese/Indian acceptance of Pakatan Rakyat as equivalent to accepting PAS Islamic proclivities rather than realizing the truth of Pakatan being a better alternative to BN at that stage, PAS became so arrogant that it could not help reverting to its intrinsic instinct and to re-start its politico-religious intent for Malaysia.

Yes, it had become arrogant by its reasonably big victories (for itself) in 2008 and 2013 with unheard of non-Muslim Chinese support (with DAP's help and sponsorship), and that arrogance coupled with future futuristic forecast of huge wins in the 14th GE of some 60+ federal seats which have mixed ethnic ratios of approximate 65:35 Malay:Chinese voters (Mahathir's erstwhile fixed deposits but with DAP's sponsorship, assured wins for PAS), it thought it would be the primus inter pares in the Pakatan Rakyat government after GE-14, forgetting that all was contingent on continuing DAP's sponsorship of PAS candidates.

Thus it began to (politically) masturbate in anticipation of forming federal government probably with Pak Haji Hadi Awang as PM and then implementing full syariah laws complete with hudud to replace the secular civil legal system (which was why it had then begun questioning Anwar's suitability and character to be PM).

I recall 1999 when PAS hijacked the growing public support for Dr Wan Azizah because of spreading sympathy for a then heroic wife fighting for her incarcerated husband.

But PAS, as usual in its premature ejaculations when it wallowed in the deception of conditional-victory, revealed its true ugly self, all complete with fangs, claws and scales, and the losses for DAP were disastrously humongous, with the booting out of Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh, DAP icons they might have been.

Why would not such a painful experience for DAP teach the party a lesson that when PAS began to repulsed non-Muslim voters by its arrogance, it was time for the Rocket Party to say goodbye to the Islamists or to suffer again the same fate of 1999.

Lina Soo should learn her political history and stop talking ayam.


  1. i think yr view on chinese wrt pas hudud is out dated. if what u claim is correct that pas never change, so is dap, mean to say both not moving to the middle but choose to the extreme to preserve their traditional support base, this is to the disadvantage to dap knowing the fact that chinese is getting lesser. dap lack visionary leader, their fanboy is much worst with worldview that shared only by their grandmother. moreover unlike umno that master in politicking, dap lack the skill of neutralising, only wan power to buy more bangalooo.

    that said, pas masuk umno is the best thing that happen to opposition, i am glad mahathir is with us, everything is much clearer now, theocracy vs secular. i never believe umno appreciate islamic, they r digging their own grave.

    1. you have been as anti DAP as I've been anti Anwar, wakakaka

    2. sorry to day we r at vast diff. i anti umno/bn n their authoritarian cum one party state, u r not, u have no problem to support murderer, thief n robber. i call turncoat a turncoat, u could only wakakaing.

    3. you're right, because you're all talk and no evidence. show me proof of the murderer

    4. U want evidences???

      Then ask yr idol for an OPEN, FREE & TRANSPARENT investigation lah.

      Don't put dedak takers as road blockers lah.

      So, siapa tu yang cakap mulut sahja?

      Go & buy a mirror lah! I'm sure Oz has plenty.