Friday, December 30, 2016

Choir Boys at M2D

Malaysia Today (M2D) is one of the top political blogs, if not the top political blog, in Malaysia. From its early days until now, Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) writes virtually non-stop, except when he was incarcerated.

But while I like his writings (some I admire very much while some I disagreed with), alas, I don't the comments of the 'choir boys' nesting there, wakakaka.

I had hoped to see intelligent value-added comments which I did from regulars like HT Low, Tunku Aziz and Syed Putra Jamalullil and on occasions by a rare few others. But I have hoped for more, to learn from.

What or who are 'choir boys'?

Lebanese Muslim women 

No, they are definitely NOT the fantastic Lebanese Muslim choir who recently attracted the world’s attention by singing by 'Silent Night' in Arabic in Beirut, though I did for one moment incorrectly suspect Mariam Mokhtar, Siti Kassim and my wonderful friend Marina Mahathir might be there, wakakaka. Just kaytee joking.

Those 'choir boys' over at M2D are overenthusiastic but quite dumb supporters, wakakaka again.

budak budak kecil, wakakaka 

But it's a democratic world so people are entitled to make whatever comments they want to, except inciting the killing or brutalizing of others. I have to admit however, that sometimes their comments have been bloody annoying silly 'echoes', wakakaka,

Mind, I might be accused of being one of the 'choir boys' too, wakakaka.

What I have done here is to collect a few of my comments (in bold italicised brown) I had left on some of his posts, and in one instant, also the comment of a visitor to M2D (light blue highlight) to which I responded with my comment. A sort of the year's roundup of my visits to M2D.



In politics there is no Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan, Murut, etc. There are delicious succulent yummy voters, to be voraciously eaten. Thus politicians woo or tipu the voters into casting their votes for them. If you as a voter voted for their bullshit, then you're an idiot whether you are a Malay camel, Chinese pig, Indian lembu, etc, wakakaka


Dr Kua has missed the target. The reason for Dr Wan being an interim PM is at her own wish as she wants the post reserved or hubby. She is a seat warmer for hubby precisely because she wants to. Dr Wan is essentially a reluctant politician.

However, Dr Kua has been correct that Pakatan seems unable to do without putative leader Anwar, but that's only because (1) non-Malays like LKS, LGE, Dr Rama, Gobind Deo, Kula cannot be PM, while (2) no one in Pakatan (DAP & PKR) wants to propose anyone from Amanah because it's an Islamic Party, (3) no one in DAP trusts Azmin Ali, (4) Nurul is too young, which by now leaves us with Dr Wan, who herself wants her hubby.

M2D post - BE AN HONOURABLE TEAM PLAYER by moi (wakakaka)

Irwan Faizal · Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I think it is such an irony for the leader of a party who bear the word democratic in its name tried to stiffle dissenting opinion.

Putting irony aside, I think the writer left out the part that a good team player also habe their own responsibility to voice out their expert opinion so that the leader can make an informed decision rather going with their guts.

Furthermore, as an effective leader, LGE should have utilise these duo respective expertise and experience so the project went efeecttive and efficient benefitting the islanders and hopefully cann be a good benchmark for others to follow behind.

Such a waste of an opportunity... Sigh

Kaytee Moc

1. advisors like Dr Lim and Mr Teoh could give advice and they did, but those were not taken on board for various practical reasons. Then they did the merajuk thingy and went public including writing DIRECTLY to Unesco, which were attacks on the state government
2. Public transportation is a federal government prerogative which will take donkeys years to come to fruition because the BN federal government is not amenable to a Pakatan state government, thus more roads have to be the state response which pissed off Roger Teoh who did not see the politics of the situation but only his academic pet theories.

As I quoted Michael J Marx, author of ‘Ethics & Risk Management for Christian Coaches’, in my letter to MKINI, Michael Marx said:

“Decision-making and problem-solving are not the same. To solve a problem, one needs to find a solution. To make a decision, one needs to make a choice.”

Dr Lim Mah Hui and Roger Teoh were problem solvers, but the state givernment is a decision maker and has to make a choice which sometimes, due to political restrictions, overruled academic solutions. Therein was the difference.

3. There is no surety that Dr Lim and Mr Teoh had been right or practical in their respective opinions/recommendations. They of course must have believed they were 100% right. But in the end the state government has to make decisions

4. Decision making takes over when a democratic process or consultation ends and can only be made by the person in charge or who has been given the responsibility and also the responsibility/accountability, as the state government wa/is by virtue of being voted in by Penangites. Dr Lim and Mr Teoh were not voted in thus they had no iota of authority to make the final decision. They were advisors but were displeased when the decision that came out did not tally with their recommendations

Don't misuse the term 'democracy' without understanding what it is about. Brandishing the word around freely to justify your arguments does not make you right but in fact rather silly because you showed you don't understand what is democarcy and what is decision making, and who does which.

4. Advice to state advisors - it's not pleasant nor ethical to merajuk. You were advisors, not decision makers so bear that in mind. Amen.


  1. the way u defend dap n lge show that u r no diff with the choir boys, gaze into a mirror, pls.

  2. Need to say this piece of write-up is the best 2016 finale from a wordsmith.

    Quote right, think right & write sensibly!

    U should forward this piece to yr sifu for a 2017 resolution so that whatever-induced trashes won't front his playground that often - not that I occasionally frequent his blog just to see his word-plays for past & present incidents.