Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Deadly JAIS

From Star Online on how a policeman died and another seriously injured by & from fear of JAIS raids:

KUALA LUMPUR: A policeman died while another was seriously injured after they attempted to evade detection during early morning anti-vice raids in two separate locations.

During the first incident, several Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) officers raided a fourth-floor apartment unit in Pandan Perdana at about 3am Tuesday and discovered a woman alone in one of the rooms with the window opened.

Upon looking out the window, the officers discovered a man, lying facedown on the ground floor of the apartment.

It is believed that the woman confessed that the man was her lover and he had opted to jump out the window to escape being caught by the Jais officers for khalwat (close proximity).

The policeman was rushed to the Ampang Hospital but died at about 6.45am while receiving treatment.

In the second incident, another policeman, suffered injuries after he too jumped out of an apartment unit in Taman Puchong Perdana and he is in critical condition.

When contacted, Jais director Datuk Haris Kasim confirmed the incidents.

Such had been the fear of being caught and suffer social embarrassment, public humiliation and possibly loss of jobs, etc, that the two policemen foolishly took dangerous paths in attempts to escape the morality 'police' but alas, both were sadly and fatally unsuccessful.


  1. These Jais goons are a nuisance.This department should be close down,or else many more people will get killed.These Jais officers,enjoyed the work they are doing.They get all exited when seeing the couples caught naked,and these officers themselves 'shioking sendiri' there in real time too.

  2. Many of the Jais officers have been getting freebies from their female catch.Who is going to go after these animals,who prey on the innocent women?Their wives?

  3. Based on the information from the news reports, there is no evidence anyone from JAIS touched either man or threatened him in any way.

    The man's death , unfortunate as it is, would legally amount to "Death by Misadventure". It is a legal term where the death was accidental, due to person voluntarily taking on a dangerous risk.

    Its not that far different from a person dying from a self-administered heroin overdose, or drowning by purposely swimming in a flooded river or a Mat Rempit killing himself while performing a motor-cycle stunt - all 3 have frequently occurred before.

    1. there's a big difference between your 2nd para and & the 3rd one. the latter is 'sendiri bikin' while the former 'lu fikir sendiri'

    2. Wakakakaka....good one!!!!!

      There is still hope!!!