Friday, December 16, 2016

Is JAWI buried perpetually in salacious matters?

MM Online - JAWI urges cheaper dowries, wedding gifts to stem rising 'immorality' (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 16 — Muslim families should consider reducing the quantum of dowry and wedding gifts, or “hantaran”, in order to facilitate marriages between couples, Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) said today.

In its Friday sermon, the religious agency suggested that the difficulty in getting married may have contributed towards the cases of rape, adultery and baby dumping.


In Malay-Muslim culture, the groom provides two types of payments: with the mandatory mahr or “mas kahwin” kept by the bride and the amount set by state religious authorities.

Meanwhile, the “hantaran” agreed upon by both families consists of gifts exchanged between the couple, and usually an amount of cash that can either be kept by the bride or used by her family to pay for the matrimonial ceremony.

Jawi also warned that young Muslims nowadays have greater lust and desire since they have easier access to “indecent materials”.

There are so many issues to write on JAWI's proscriptions, but I will discuss only two.

Firstly, on the title of the news article reflecting JAWI's salacious argument that the difficulty in getting married may have contributed towards the cases of rape, adultery and baby dumping.

Many of my friends and I have been bachelors for year because we choose not to marry or we haven't met Ms Right yet, but that doesn't mean we have been raping woman or dumping babies borned out of wedlock. JAWI is truly moronic or maybe JAWI officers behave like so?

And even more moronic than above, why would difficulties in getting married lead to adultery when the word 'adultery' involves married man or married woman.

I have never heard of anything so stupid except from PAS' Ustaz Haji Nasrudin bin Hassan Tantawi, which in 2013 we elected as MP for Temerloh by kicking out a good man like Saifuddin Abdullah (UMNO, now PKR).

Nasrudin was both reckless and irresponsible with his mouth, when in 2010 as PAS Youth Chief he made stupid statements, that babies abandoned through illicit births had been the result of Valentine's Day and New Year's Day celebrations.

Incidentally, both events are non-Muslim celebrations on which he should have kept his wild intrusive irresponsible opinions to his f**king self.

Malaysiakini reported in 2010 in its Valentine's Day blamed for baby dumping that Nasrudin Hassan blamed the non-Muslim festivity celebrations on those two days as encouraging free sex that led to ... yadda yadda yadda ... culminating in baby dumping.

Nasrudin unbelievably claimed: "It's an indication that the 'mating season' occurred during the New Year's Day celebrations."

And apart from his bullsh*t, it's an indication of those religious clerics obsessions with sex, sex and sex.

My dear Yang Amat Alim, New Year's Days and Valentine’s Days have been celebrated all over the world for centuries, yet we haven't seen Malaysia's kind of baby dumping in those foreign countries.


Tell you a bloody secret Ustaz ..... because their societies are far more humane, compassionate, caring, supportive and most important of all, less misogynistic, and fortunately without people like you and some of your mates in PAS, where you people want to increase flogging from 6 strokes to 100..

Misogynistic? Please read my 2006 post Wives not satisfying husbands are abusive!

That's who we'll get with a PAS government.

And incidentally Nasrudin, what about those numerous cases of incest which occurred more frequently in Kelantan and Terengganu than any other states?

Anyway, back to our moronic JAWI - the organization seems perpetually buried in their salacious filth, where the word 'salacious' is defined as 'having or conveying undue or indecent interest in sexual matters'.

And on what basis has JAWI to assert that young Muslims nowadays have greater lust and desire since they have easier access to “indecent materials”.

That has been an insult to every young Muslim.

As mentioned, JAWI is still locked in their pertually filthy obscene imagination.

As for 'immorality', there is no one more immoral than JAWI, except perhaps JAIS, wakakaka.

Wasn't it immoral when JAWI behave badly when raiding the Zouk nightclub in 2005.

Recall the JAIS shame to Islam then which prompted the BBC to report:

... allegations have surfaced about misconduct by Malaysia's religious police during a raid on a top Kuala Lumpur nightclub last month.

More than 100 plainclothes officers from the Federal Territories Islamic Department (JAWI) detained young Muslims at the Zouk nightclub.

Female detainees complained of sexual harassment by officers and the incident has led to a heated debate about the department's future.

Eyewitnesses have now told the BBC that officers assaulted and severely beat members of the club's staff.

The sources also said that non-Muslim patrons, including tourists, who were outside the officers' jurisdiction, also reported being threatened with violence.

"Up to 150 of them came in," one witness said. "They didn't identify themselves, they didn't show any ID cards. They just forced their way in and started pushing people around."

In the days after the raid it emerged that dozens of young women were held for up to 10 hours without access to a toilet, long after male detainees had been released.

A number of women said religious officers ordered them to pose in their nightclub outfits while others were asked lewd questions about their genitalia. 


Others, including SI Azhar, were angered by the officers' alleged behaviour.

"If the reports were true, the officers [who] committed those acts were no better than hypocrites, trying to uphold good values of Islam but themselves never follow[ing] it. You have ashamed us fellow Malays and Muslims.

Just tell me, how can we encourage non-Muslims to embrace Islam with this kind of attitude?"

As for JAWI's keen competitor on salacious behaviour, JAIS, in 2006 we read in NST (not Malaysiakini) about the lustful leery lascivious behaviour of a JAS officer who caught an unfortunate woman for khalwat.

The poor sweetie had gone to JAIS office in Gombak the day after her embarrassing encounter with the Islamic organization, in a vain hope to 'settle' the case amicably. However, she claimed she got more than she bargained for.

She was molested and forced to perform oral sex on said Jais officer as an inducement to let her off the hook. She also alleged the officer used criminal force to outrage her modesty by caressing her breasts and kissing her on the lips.

So much for these 'warriors' of Islam

Wait, I haven't finished yet with JAWI.

JAWI hounded (persecuted, not just prosecuted) Nik Raina in one of the worst case of misusing the name of religion to intimidate a woman.

JAWI obviously wanted to punish Borders KL for Borders selling banned books, but because JAWI could not prosecute Borders it chose to prosecute Nik Raini, then the store manager of Borders and through its relentless legal hounding of Nik Raini through the civil and syariah courts, persecuted and tormented the poor woman for years.

And on top of JAWI's relentless prosecution and persecution of Nik Raini, there was NO official-JAWI prohibition on the sale of the subsequently-banned books because the JAWI prohibition was only issued 6 days AFTER they had raided Borders and charged Nik Raini.

Thus who the fuck knew the books were banned, certainly not sweetie. Maybe they had expected sweetie to see into the future, using Raja Bomoh's twin-kelapa crystal ball.

And JAWI raided Borders without justification because at the time of the raid, there was NO official-JAWI prohibition.

Look at its immoral bullying arrogance - that's what 'immorality' had been. 

Both the civil and syariah court had the sense to dismiss the charges against Nik Raini, though I questioned the syariah court's dismissal as 'qualified' that it did not amount to an acquittal, despite and in spite of the sequence of events which led to the stupid charge was evidently clear she was totally innocent.

Wait, there's more. FMT reported on another sin of the syariah court prosecutor, in personally serving notice of appeal directly to her in what was seen as a further act of intimidation.

Nik Raina, 38, broke down and wept in her office after she received the notice of appeal, which had been served on her instead of through her lawyer.

JAWI aim seemed to be to intimidate her even if that required breach of legal procedures - such was their arrogance. They didn't seem to care about the law unless the law allowed them to bully their targeted victims.

Yes, the aim would seem to be that, frightened the sh*t out of women, hopefully punished them to terrify the rest of the public into obeying, complying and stuff far worse, and not about legal justice where the courts had already ruled Nik Raina was innocent.

Besides Nik Raini, JAWI also prosecuted and persecuted Kassim Ahmad, Malaysia's foremost intellectual.

The MM Online published JAWI’s detention, arrest of Kassim Ahmad was illegal, court rules in which the Court of Appeal found the religious body's actions against Kassim Ahmad including a cross-border arrest and a detention exceeding 24 hours to be illegal.

JAWI's and indeed JAIS' social and legal sins have been far too often to be dismissed as a mere one-off bureaucratic mistake.

Some people just cannot handle power, especially so-called Islamic clerics who have behaved badly and brutally arrogant.

Give unbridled power to bullies, endow them with the teflonized mantle of religious authority, and those brutes would feel an overriding compulsive and sometimes addictive need to exercise that power.

Thus we should not and must not give such power to JAWI, JAIS and similar religious organization, and political organizations like PAS and its RUU355.

Secondly (back to Malay weddings), may I ask whether dowries are a Malay cultural practice or a Muslim prescription. If it is the former, a Malay cultural practice, then JAWI should shut the f**k up.


  1. True morally upright celibacy is really not very common in this world.

    From my observation, the majority of men who remain unmarried decades into adulthood are either borderline sexual predators (dumping one girl/woman after another) or homosexuals.

    The old advice for adult men and women to get married and settle down as soon as is practical was always a sensible idea.

    1. wakakaka, you agree with JAWI that unmarried men have contributed towards the cases of rape, adultery and baby dumping. But you are far better, even positing they could be homos, wakakaka

    2. i think there is one more, the narcissistic type, here in tis blog we call it the wakakakaist, i believe even jawi have no cure.

    3. Perhaps, Hadi have a cure, wakakaka.

    4. gulp, 100 lashes or forced sunat?

  2. Allow me to add to your statement about men who remain single (meaning unmarried in the 'orthodox' sense). Some of them, like me, have no sexual interest in the opposite sex :)