Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Congratulations to 3rd Malay-Muslim Bloc

From MM Online:

SUNGAI BULOH, Dec 13 — PAS organised a joint ceramah last night with PKR and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia Malaysia (PPBM), despite a lack of formal cooperation between the Islamist party and the latter two parties. 

PAS organised a joint ceramah last night with PKR and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia Malaysia (PPBM)

Of course the DAP was not invited (thank goodness), but its so-called Pakatan ally PKR, who stabbed DAP in the back in Sarawak, naturally rushed there shamelessly to fulfil its kang-kang policy to please, pamper and prostrate to the DAP's Nemesis, PAS, whenever the Islamic Party beckons to it (PKR), even though everyone knows PAS is already in Ah Job Gor's pocket.

PAS will play a principal role in GE-14 which is indicatively just around the corner because the trial of Lim Guan Eng for alleged corruption is also around the corner - gnam gnam.

But isn't it ironical that LGE of all people will be trialled for alleged corruption whilst the Mother of ll corrupt people (sorry, amend that to the 'Mothers" of all corrupt people, wakakaka) walk around freely.

Oh, I have deviated again so back to what is PAS' "principal role" in GE-14?

It will be the spoiler in 3-corner fights as it did in Selangor state sea Kota Damansara. As I had written in Why lift your skirt to show your thighs wakakaka, in 2013, it sabotaged PKR in Kota Damansara which saw BN's Halimaton Saadiah Bohan won with 16,387 while PKR's Mohd Nasir Hashim (actually PSM but contesting under a PKR banner) secured 14,860 and the candidate of a sabotaging PAS, Ridzuan Ismail won 7,312.

If PAS had 
[the decency and like a gentleman (or man of god)] observed Pakatan Rakyat's coalition agreement, PSM Mohd Nasir Hashim (contesting under a PKR banner) would have won easily. But PAS was a treacherous bastard then, and I believe is still one today.

In 2013 it sabotaged Chegubard (Badrul Hisham Sharahim) in the Penang state seat of Sungai Acheh. The PAS created farce was so thuggish that it led to Edy Noor Reduan of Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM), telling us that members of PAS youth wing from Penang attempted to stop Badrul from filing his nomination papers in Nibong Tebal yesterday.

Wow, was that Tehran, Riyadh or Islamabad?

Edy was reported by FMT saying“The PAS youth members and their voluntary unit members tried to stop Badrul from entering the nomination centre yesterday morning."

“He was also assaulted by these people, his wife and children were shoved … all this so that he would not be able to submit his nomination papers.”

In the end, PAS achieved what it wanted to, playing dirty in a 3-corner fight by having its Mohd Yusni Mat Piah there as a candidate there and, as in most 3-corner contests, losing that seat to UMNO's Mahmud Zakaria by a mere 808 votes.

Of course there is a story behind why PKR kicked Chegubard out of Negri Sembilan, forcing him to seek a seat in Penang. But you have to ask Chegubard himself for the story, wakakaka.

Today PAS has just voiced its threat to participate in Wan Azizah's seat of Permatang Pauh, again posing a 3-corner fight there to enable BN to win in GE-14.

And that's why I described PKR as shameless, that despite being shagged repetitively by a treacherous PAS, it continues to grovel and play toady to the Islamic Party.

OTOH, PKR being so treacherous itself might perhaps have recognized its own kind, wakakaka, where vultures of the same feathers cling together.

Then again, PAS shagging Chegubard and threatening to do so to Wan Azizah  could well be precisely what some in PKR wants, wakakaka.

OK, it's now reported that PAS wants to form a 3rd Bloc with Pribumi (PPBM) and PKR, both PPBM and PKR being Mahathir's parties, to form a Malay-majority coalition in Selangor.

However (and naturally) its 'thorn in the ass' competitor, Amanah, was not invited.

If this new PAS-sponsored Malay-only coalition theoretically beats UMNO, then it will form the next Selangor government, with perhaps Mukhriz or Moody as the new MB.

DAP at most will get 15 (or even less) state seats and will likely become the main opposition if UMNO wins less than DAP.

OTOH, if UMNO's non-Malay allies can win a couple of seats in Selangor to boost the Keris Party, or UMNO itself wins more seats than DAP, then BN (actually UMNO) will be as the main opposition.

The main loser will be Dr Wan Azizah because PAS doesn't have time for a woman, Pribumi considers her hubby as a nuisance (in fact still Mahathir's enemy for all the sweet words uttered insincerely recently, wakakaka, and will drop him the moment Pribumi finds its own strength) and Azmin Ali will be rapt to get rid of her (especially if PAS wins in Permatang Pauh as threatened or as kowtim-ed by UMNO and PAS).

The next loser will be Tian Chua who will be relegated by Azmin somewhere because the new Malay-only Coalition is strictly for pribumi only, unless Tian Chua swears his birth in Malacca made him almost one, wakakaka. Alternatively, Tian Chua can join Huan Cheng Guan in Parti Cinta Malaysia, wakakaka.

So congratulations may be in place for Mahathir and Azmin for their vision for a new Malay-only state government in Selangor.

Congratulations too to PAS for the likewise vision, or alternatively, congratulations to PAS for cleverly driving a wedge nicely into Pakatan so as to lose Selangor to an UMNO/PAS covert coalition, not that PKR would have been a sincere ally of a dunggu DAP, once a brilliant party made dunggu by an obsessive old man who wants to beat Father Time to realize his 3rd dream of overthrowing UMNO

Note: his 1st dream of denying BN 2/3 majority in federal parliament has already been achieved and his 2nd dream of winning the state of Penang for DAP has been realized too.

There is another probability - UMNO (with PAS support) sapu Selangor to an extent it forms the next state government there, wakakaka.


  1. The way I see it,the opposition is in total disarray.On the way to self implosion.Two corner or three corner fights will not matter anymore in GE 14.In two corner fights,Umno/BN have a good chance of getting back to 2/3's majority.In three corner fights,Umno/BN will easily walk over the opposition.

    Why have these unholy(khalwat) bromances going on?Because the opposition is desperate and knows that it is going to get brutalize and decimated in GE14.You guys better believe it.

  2. Such a shame these ppl in PH just cant get their act together.
    Someone should buy them a mirror each...to hold it up & look closely at themselves....and hopefully come to some senses.

  3. pkr, from anwar to azmin, stress the importance of alliance, like what the famous strategist of vertical alliance suqin did. this is basically an improbable but not impossible task. it is therefore very disgusting to read the selfish viewpoint from the anti malay anti muslim dap fanboy that care only whether lks will lose his seat, n nothing else

    1. wah, when a PKR fanboy like HY runs out of intelligent discussion he resorts to calling me an "anti malay anti muslim dap fanboy that care only whether lks will lose his seat, n nothing else"

      and as for a political dwarf like azmin ali stressing on the importance of alliance, I get it that HY means with PAS, because he was stabbing DAP right in the back in Sarawak, wakakaka

    2. i merely parroting najib, y u being selective on who to rebut, i never see u said anything unintelligent on najib assertion abt dap?

      azmin 'dad' is now fren fren with yr 'dad', so u n petra conjecture abt azmin 2 ular is kind of slandering, petra is fine as everyone know he is a turncoat cum dedak eater, but u, as a dap supporter, seem have no shame to keep backstabing a coalition partner, is this dap culture?

    3. azmin, tian chua and pkr of their fraction are not sincere coalition partners of dap - more like musuh dalam selimut in Pakatan, wakakaka