Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Kuda dah cabut-ed

By the by, have you heard of the proverb: "Close the stable door after the horse has bolted"?

The proverb is applicable in a number of events in Malaysia. You may wish to look up its meaning.

I will provide an example here, namely:

Following the bus crash in Johor, one of a number of such crashes occurring frequently in Malaysia where the latest of which killed 14 people, smartie cats are now emerging to talk about increasing pay for bus drivers as one measure to discourage them from operating in 'chop-chop' fashion to earn more commission through faster turnaround.

Don't tell that to the marines. Tell that to the families of the 14 victims.

But far worse, no government or quasi-government body or government assigned agency oversighting, licensing, or researching operations of the buses as a public transport (eg SPAD, JPJ, JKJR, MIROS, previously CVLB) has ever been blamed or any officers sacked, even though the periodic bus crashes in Malaysia have been scandalously frequent.

The Star Online reported that:

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health chairman, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, expressed his disappointment with the authorities over their failure to implement the 51 recommendations of an indepen­dent advisory panel to prevent fatal accidents involving buses.

“If only some if not all of the re­­commendations had been implemented, we would not have to continue reading stories of fatal bus accidents in the papers,” he said when contacted by The Star yesterday.

When will be the next one?


  1. This bugger Syed Hamid Apanama should be arrested and jailed for his own safety as he did to Teresa Kok.
    The accident ivestigation report is not even available, yet he is throwing out "solutions" as if he knows what happened, what is the root cause, etc etc vis-a-vis driver's pay, training,......
    If he is such a great administrator, things would not have been at a stage today, having to deal with one crash is one too few, not one crash is one too many.

  2. The commercial vehicle transport system in Malaysia has 3 main elements - goods lorry transport, urban commuter bus transport and inter-city buses. Its a mess, and only the urban commuter transport has had some attempt at redress by the authorities, because it had become a political hot potato.

    The rot started under Mahathir (I'm surprised you didn't pick that up as valid ammunition against Mahathir). The Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB) was set up to control all 3 key elements of land transport, and its objective was primarily political and race-charged.

    To restructure the industry by issuing licences to Politically connected Malays. Secondary objective to squeeze out the previous industry players many of whom were Chinese operators.

    Transport safety was never a consideration.
    So the transport operators repeatedly flout the law, with the clear understanding nothing of real consequence would happen to them.

    1. I don't exploit people's tragic death for political brownie points

    2. amend above to "I don't LIKE to exploit people's tragic death for political brownie points" because sometimes I had f**ked some people for needlessly causing the deaths of innocent people through sheer neglect