Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Pribumi's 'sausage' in a poke

Pribumi wants to take us for a ride - if you don't understand what I mean, ask your friend, wakakaka.

OK, I'll tell you anyway, wakakaka - one of its leader Kamaruddin Md Nor wants us to buy a pig ... ooops sorry ... I mean ... 'sausage' in a poke.

Kamaruddin was reported as saying:

... that the focus of the party and its allies in Pakatan Harapan should first be on winning the next general election due before August 2018.

“We have to win the election first. Forming the government comes in second,” he said.

“Any suggestion on the pre-election Cabinet line-up is premature (and) akin to putting the cart before the horse.”

He was objecting to Lim Kit Siang proposing Pakatan Harapan's top cabinet line up, that of Anwar Ibrahim as the preferred PM but since Anwar is still in jail, Wan Azizah as the interim PM and Moody as the interim DPM.

Kamaruddin can of course object when after all, Pribumi is not in the Pakatan Harapan coalition and thus can do what it (Pribumi) likes as a sovereign political party.

Mind you, once I heard Maddy of Pribumi announcing Moody will be PM but must report to him (Maddy) before releasing any policies, not unlike Iran's President reporting to the Supreme Ayatollah and the Majlis of ayatollahs.

As mentioned, Pribumi can do what it likes and on that same tune, Pakatan Harapan in the person of Lim Kit Siang can likewise do what he likes. So f**k off Kamaruddin.

However, I have never heard of a party which wants us to vote for it but refuses to tell us who among its members or so-called allies will be PM. 

This is what an orang putih would say:

Jangan harap kita akan beli 'sosej' yang dalam beg tutup 

(buying a ... er ... 'sausage' in a poke)

... yang bermakna:

Jangan harap kita akan undi calon dari sebuah parti tanpa mengetahui siapa dari parti ini akan menjadi PM.


(DPM is not f**king important as it's a post where the most senior member of the cabinet can be coopted to serve in that role but preferably only when the PM is not available or out of the country - note: senator ta'boleh jadi PM).

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  1. In the United States , the Federal Cabinet is only formed after the President is elected. Appointed by the President, required to be confirmed by the Senate.

    Yes, I know we historically have a different system from the USA, but just to prove a point, there is no Only One Way to get things done, and done successfully in this world.