Saturday, December 24, 2016

Jakim and chocolates

MM Online on warning on chocs by JAKIM:

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 23 ― The Islamic Development Department (Jakim) cautioned Muslims today against consuming the Toblerone and Daim chocolates as the two brands were not certified to be halal.

In a posting on its Facebook page this afternoon, the federal Islamic authority’s halal hub division said both the Swiss and Swedish chocolates have not received halal certification from Jakim or other international certified bodies.

“Therefore, be a smart consumer by purchasing products that have the Malaysian halal logo or foreign halal logo that is approved by Jakim,” the posting read.

It is unclear if both brands of chocolates had applied for halal certification previously and had failed or otherwise as Jakim did not explain the reason for this sudden announcement.

Now that we have sorted out the hot-'sausages' affair, JAKIM has anther halal warning for Muslims. They must watch out for Toblerone and Daim.

No, Daim has nothing to do with Maddy's billionaire sidekick. Both brands mentioned by JAKIM are chocolates, respectively from Switzerland and Sweden.

As we know, chocs are ways those Westerners might/may slip into the product the most haram ingredient such as porcine bits and piece, as was once suspected of Cadbury.

Thank goodness for JAKIM.

However, if Toblerone and Daim seek market in Malaysia for their products (and we Malaysians love choc) I would advise those companies to cough up the halal certification fees to JAKIM, obtain the necessary certification, and all will be kow-tim.

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