Friday, December 02, 2016

KL Mayor a Pontius Pilate?

From MM Online on DOSH in the shits again:

DBKL is only in charge of planning approval and nothing more

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 1 — Kuala Lumpur Mayor Datuk Seri Mhd Amin Noordin Abd Aziz has disavowed responsibility for technical or safety issues related to the collapse of a bridge at the KL Eco City yesterday.

He said such matters came under the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) and the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), and not the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL).

Mhd Amin said DBKL is only in charge of planning approval and nothing more.

“No, it will depend on the technical department from DOSH and CIDB,” he said when asked about DBKL’s role in assessing the safety of the project.

He also said DBKL was not involved with the bridge that he categorised as a corporate social responsibility project of developer SP Setia.

blame Najib for it, wakakaka 

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Last month I had asked for the immediate sacking of DOSH Director-general Datuk Ir. Mohtar Musri. Has that been done?

No, don't answer. 'Ni Malaysia Boleh.

In my previous post on DOSH poor watch-sausaging, wakakaka, my blog visitor HY believes it's all due to PM Najib's fault, where in HY's words [unedited] "thats [sic] the problem when one support [sic] a murderer, thief n robber to lead the country".

And that's because HY is (has been) a true blue PKR-ista where the blame on any f**king thing (including Trump's presidential victory and the recent shooting in Penang) always falls on whoever is the archfoe of his idol Anwar Ibrahim, which effectively means this time Maddy is off the DOSH-f**kup hook, wakakaka.


  1. In bolihland, the process for fools & empty vessels to reach a position of authority can be shortened if one is of the right colour & faith.

    Maddy is NOT off the blame for the current messy state of idiots holding courts of responsibility.

    He invented/allowed the speeding 'Ford-liken factory' process to mass produce professions of devious skills using substandard people.

    There were some self-conscious stocks achieving some merits of responsibility among the trades they engaged in.

    Unfortunately, majority r just lalang, gaining qualifications via markah buta & jadoh standard without REAL skills.

    All Maddy wanted then was the umbrella effect where a small number of achievers can bootstrapping the laggard community into better socio-economic levels. While at the same time creating models for the younger generation.

    Bootstrapping?? Tak ada!!! Macam BBMB, Makuwasa dll.

    Even pnb is a hiding chest for the 5% of the well-to-dos, holding 98% of the billion RM assets.

    Models??? Ada!!! Macam halim said, samsuddin dan the current crop of invertebrate, high paying & known podek administrators throughout the country.

    That's the legacy of Maddy & it's out of Maddy's control NOW.

    So what were the subsequent PM's done to this policy?

    They improved on it till now yr idol (wify, more correctly) has mastered the art to perfection.

    Now u have a laundromat ag, a lawlessness igp, a manipulative ksn that resembled that mamak bendahara of old Malacca plus many more, including that DOSH Director-general.

    Jadi, jangan tembak hal/orang lama. Apa pula dengan ahjibgor sekarang?

    Hello there.. past events were done with. Spilled milk - tau tak?

    Current shortfalls can be altered & remedied.

    Yet, u pretend to be blind solid to yr idol's high-handedness & do/say NOTHING!!

    Ohhhh...cukup lah. Yr poker has been broken lamax2.

  2. like this where can? umno najib make dap the enemy no 1, u dap fanboy no ball to counter the attack, or humiliation to be precise, now make use of my statement to vent yr anger, very woman la (rpk said u orang mo chun doi wakaka)