Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ulama tak bersyukur?

Malaysiakini - PAS eyes Wan Azizah's Permatang Pauh seat for GE14:

I'll hand over my fan to whoever becomes President of PKR 

PAS is eyeing to contest in PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail's seat of Permatang Pauh, as well as the three state seats under the parliamentary constituency, according to a Sinar Harian report.

"We have a right to place candidates in all three state seats as well as the parliamentary seat as we no longer have relations with Pakatan Harapan in Penang," Permatang Pauh PAS information chief Jamsari Samad is quoted as saying.

Omigish, PKR has always buka paha2 kangkang untuk PAS despite the ulama party breaking off with Pakatan Rakyat and in spite of PAS' repetitive avowals never to work with the DAP.

I suspect PKR did so with much glee as it deliberately snubs the feelings of the DAP because it resents (jealous of) the superior status of the Rocket Party in the coalition.

Yet for all PKR wantonness towards PAS, wakakaka, the Islamic Party is now turning ugly towards the Mother of PKR.

Of course we could argue that PAS being now aligned to UMNO may be considered as part of the BN covert force (of one, wakakaka, maybe 2 if we were to include Twinkle Twinkle) and thus has a right and indeed an obligation to wallop PKR in GE14.

But then, what about PKR always sucking up to the ulamas? Ulama PAS mudah lupa? Or ulama PAS tak bersyukur?

But is that it?

I believe there's more to PAS' action (to contest in Permatang Pauh) than meets the eye, wakakaka.

Who in PKR is closest to PAS? And who may want Wan Azizah kow-tim?

Wakakaka again.

can't we at least shake hands, I'm wearing a gauntlet

only if you give me your fan 


  1. of course pas pick a seat that have significant impact n representative of the entire ph as their bargaining chip, or u expect them to choose bukit bintang kah? dun jealous pas still acknowledge who is the leader in ph. however dun worry, dap will still be the no 1 enemy, that's y they have to kiss mahathir ass, take turn, dad first then next son.

    1. normally DAP doesn't have to rely on PKR or PAS for seats as they have their own constituencies, which has been what made PKR green with envy, wakakaka

      but DAP in playing footsie tootsie with Pribumi may possibly lost a couple of seats - LKS then has to take responsibility for those possibel losses

    2. wrong. read the chinese paper op-ed, many already hinting not to put all eggs in one basket, dap already sense a turn of sentiment, we dun know whether pas supporters will give their vote to mca or gerakan, what if they do? some chinese start to worry seeing the red thug, didn't u see raja petra nowadays talk abt revolution, 513, blood non-stop, he is not less thuggish than jamal. dap can continue to assert their chineseness n chinese vote, but whats the point shd they r the only one left in the end? n how many seats which chinese is more than 50%? dap rely solely on chinese vote, so spare me yr childish rant about dap "own" constituency.

      mahathir is helping lks / dap to consolidate their chinese vote seeing what happen in umno agm, if chinese can accept anwar, how mahathir make a diff to them, dun forget it is the chinese that support mahathir, again n again when mahathir was the racist pm, the problem with chinese is they r pragmatic rather than principle, they will return to mca when realise lks / dap is just a horde of selfish rabble rouser who can't work with almost any malay (u r the typical role model).

  2. if my memory serves me right, which have gone cryptic of late, she had been holding fort even before becoming pp mp, assuming she lose pp (sounds a wee crude but it'll do) which is highly unlikely, she'll still keep her day time job, the only person that can take that away is your manmanlai
    i think towel heads are gonna play hell, that is three corners in penang state irrespective, i'd say stop wasting time courting those who are on a face saving mission, time would be better spent on evaluating prime candidates for the inevitable 3 corners

  3. Do not under estimate PAS strength in Permatang Pauh.Three corner fights in Permatang Pauh,and Umno walks away,laughing all the way to the bank.

  4. It takes more than an army to knock down the old tiger,Dr Mahathir.Just ask RPK.For months and months,he had attacked the Tun non stop.Then he brought in his own daughter Sara,to assist him,in hounding the old man.And the old man is still standing tall.What next for the "botak"?Recruit samseng Ikan Bakar Jamal and his ten thousand goons to harass the old man?