Monday, December 19, 2016

Ambiga mudah lupa?

MM Online on Ambiga querying writing of "new" history of Malaysia (extracts):

PETALING JAYA, Oct 2 — Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan accused Putrajaya last night of rewriting history purportedly to justify its race-based policies and to strengthen its hold on power by driving wedges between the country’s different racial communities.

The renowned lawyer and activist told a forum last night that to achieve this end, Putrajaya has been drilling falsehoods into the minds of school kids through history textbooks.

“They (government) are trying to discount our true cultural and historical background because by doing that, they are trying to make parts of our rewritten history relevant for their own good,” she said when met after a forum titled “Stemming The Tide of Racism in Our Nations” here yesterday.

Perjuangan Melayu belum selesai 

In her speech at the forum, Ambiga accused Putrajaya of indulging in an effort to maintain power, and justifying its Malay-supremacy policies.

She described the education system as one where “the Malays are told and are made to understand that they are better and that others are ‘pendatangs’ (a derogatory Malay word for immigrant)”.


“Rewriting our history books must stop, as you are narrowing their (children) minds..they will never be able to compete abroad as they don’t have the required broad-mindedness, and you are doing them a terrible service,” she added.

Ambiga also alleged that the so-called racism in government policies has created rifts between the country’s different racial communities and an atmosphere or “first class” and “second class” citizens.

“Is that what our constitution (Federal Constitution) intended? The constitution does not have two classes of citizenship, and there is nothing there that divides us as citizens.

Mahathir warned us of DAP 

I wonder who started it first, this creative writing or re-writing of Malaysian history?

Maybe Ambiga can tell us, PLEASE.

In Malaysia there is no department specializing in the re-writing and fabrication of creative "ketuanan history" than the Biro Tatanegara (BTN).

Not only does BTN re-write "ketuanan history" it also specializes in lecturing and indoctrinating Malays into, among many things, believing they are Malaysians different to Chinese and Indian Malaysians.

BTN was formed in 1974 but was originally a section of the Youth Ministry called Youth Research Unit (Unit Penyelidikan Belia). It was at that time still okay.

But "someone", wakakaka became PM in 1981 - guess who, my dear Ambiga, wakakaka again - and transferred the Unit Penyelidikan Belia over to the PM's Department, renamed it Biro Tatanegara and the rest is history.

22 years plus a baker's dozen (13) would not be that long as for you, my dear Ambia, to forget the original culprit for his evil role in creating the concept of ketuanan Melayu and making our fellow citizens, the Malays, into our tuan.

Mahathir as patron of Perkasa 


  1. I have been consistently suspicious of and opposed to Mahathir for the last 30 years, but I can't say that about Ktemoc, who appears to be easily duped. I remember back in 2006, Ktemorph was quite pro-Mahathir.

    By the way, The Hudud Act 355 Amendment has transformed into a Government legislation for the 2nd Reading. Now it is the Najib Hudud Act.
    It will be interesting to Watch how Chinese Running Dogs like MCA and Ktemorph pivot on this.
    I don't think Ktemorph is hypocritical enough to Transform into a Hudud supporter, but watch how he lapses into complete silence over Hudud. Silence is consent...

    Dedak tastes good, yah ?

    1. On 11 Dec 2016 in my post "Praising Mahathir" {}, I wrote:

      Now, while I might not have particularly like Mahathir because of his regular public antagonism against Chinese Malaysians - I'm convinced he dislikes Chinese Malaysians not only for political mileage but in earnest - I had once respected him as a long-serving PM.

      But I lost my respect for him when he kept buggering AAB when the latter took over as PM. As a former UMNO man and BN PM, he was so consumed by his hatred of AAB, all because AAB has his own policies as PM and refused to be his political marionette, that he campaigned strenuously against his successor until poor AAB lost a considerable number of seats to Pakatan Harapan in 2008, losing for BN its 2/3 majority, all thanks to Mahathir.

      While I was happy for BN to lose its 2/3, because my once-upon-a-time-idol LKS had achieved one of his decades-long dream, I realized Mahathir was an extremely selfish and self-centred man who was prepared to even destroy his own party just to merajuk and get his way.

      Don't be mistaken Mahathir's campaign against AAB had anything to do with 'scorched earth' tactics because that would have been noble and for a good cause. Mahathir's behaviour then against AAB could be described as an Iago in Shakespeare's Othello.

      Yes, Monsterball has been correct that I once respected Mahathir, but not now - he's just a bloody minded selfish person

    2. and my posts have always been against hudud in Malaysia

    3. As a Muslim I shall always support hudud. Whether hudud is implemented or not in Malaysia is secondary. For Muslims hudud is not a choice. However, to commit a sinful act is a choice.

    4. Ummat Islam claims that the Quran is & should be the ultimate reference of all ummat.

      There r also some deviationists who would like to include 'man-made' hadiths of prophet to strengthen their cravings for spurious power to control the blurx2 followers.

      Whatsoever the storylines, the very first word of Quran is "READ" - undeniable!

      Thus, all Muslims MUST be able to read & understand all issues facing them within that temporal guidelines.

      Including, of course those 'educated' but not learnt - who r aplenty in bolihland now.

      In order to understand, one must have an open mind to accept new ideas & knowledge - outside the realm of one's immediate locality & time period.

      That means one must be ABLE to change & adapt to suit the changing norms. Discarding the olds & the irrelevances that have failed with the coming of new era.

      Change is the only constant dictated in nature.

      To the TRUE believers, it's also the unrendering display of that omipresent being.

      & If one truly submits to the omipotent Allah as commanded by the doctrine, then one MUST change!

      Hence - "READ"

      The religious zombies fail this very 1st test.

      They want to cling on to the olds & familiars - disregarding the ever evolving place, time & human decency.

      They claim that the Quran is complete - & yet keep ignoring the VERY 1st command "READ" as demanded in Quran!

      They r munafik who r not following the words of their god. Instead they try VERY hard to reinterpret & to twist the teachings of their god.

      Thus these religious zombies r NO true Muslims, bcoz they DONT have open minds. They r been meme-ed with single desire of destructive instinct.

      Hudud & hukum syariah r past indulgences that r limited on their justification due to bygone localised tribalistic practices.

      It doesn't sync with modern time & human decency. It doesn't meet the pre-requisite of change.

      Only the religious zombies WOULD insist to implement the archaic & dead-locked hudud & hukum syariah.

      The demand of that very 1st word "READ" has, thus, lost!

      Pick & choose, ye?

      Not a choice?

      There r a lot of choices in Quran if one opens the heart & mind!

    5. As late as 2006, Ktemorph was a Mahathir supporter.
      Therefore , I have to conclude that policies and programs that Mahathir upheld back in 1981 were acceptable, or at least not considered deplorable by Ktemorph as of 2006.

      Now, its OK for Ktemorph to Transform his stand on Mahathir based on things he did in the intervening years after 2006, just as I welcomed the change in Anwar Ibrahim's politics after the life-altering experiences he has been through after 1998.

      But it is highly hypocritical of Ktemorph to now lambast Ambiga by throwing at her what Mahathir carried out in 1981.

    6. what a bullshitter you have turned into. Desperado lah to only win, typical of a PKR-ista!

      While I respect Mahathir as a long serving PM, draconian as he was, I only saluted him as an elder statesman but I had never ever voted for BN (save once, on a family connection in Penang, wakakaka)

  2. Mahathir destroyed everything. All Malaysian were living peacefully prior to 1981.

    1. 'All Malaysian were living peacefully prior to 1981.'????

      What's that darkest period known infamously as the battle chant of bigoted umno?

      When did it happened??

      So, bolih ingat May13 of 1969 ke??

      Or is it before yr time? 64 ye!!!

      Did that mamak start it?

      Go & re-read the bolihland history lah.

      Make double sure that it's not been written by BTN or any ketuanan outfits - for true accuracy. Add those of wordsmiths - paid or otherwise!

      The truth is that the legacy of racial conflicts has been inbred within the inferiority complex of the Melayu mindset ever since there were 'pendatang'(Melayu included) in the Golden Chersonese. It's always present, just waiting for a right spark to ignite this long-dried-weed of siege-mentality.

      Mahathir is an later opportunist who ulitised that spark to secure his power grip.

      The razak worked with the Jap to inflict torturous hardships for the Cinapek during the WWII bcoz of this buta-sombongness. He, then, used it to 'dethroned' tunku. He is the papa meme-lisation of the Melayu weaklingness that initiate the way of the ketuanan freaks.

      Do u read any of these in the sanitarized bolihland history?

      Would KT, & or his sifu, be written anything about these pasted but most fouled records of the razak family?

      Why just targetted that mamak when his idol's family had done equally worst?

      These scams r messagers! They deserve to be cursed for generations.

      But then, unlike the udang of KT, WHY shoot the messagers?

      It's at most a diversion, way off the target.

      The bullseye is so clear & yet so delusive (for the want of political-correctness) that a twisted blaming game becomes the livinghood of wordsmith.

      Meanwhile the blur-sotongness of the 'educated-but-not-learnt' bleeding hearts try to vent their 2sen worth of impulsive feel-good historical understanding!

      Where's hope.... sigh..???

    2. CK, Read this article which written by RPK which explains your posting above.

    3. What's yr point of quoting a fraudulent megalomaniac??

      Doesn't the issue raised apply to that chameleon which is feeding on dedak now??

      Besides just bcoz someone quoted Jesus, who might not even have said any such words, ALL is forgiven??

      Since there is NO infallible saint in this world, then we all SHOULD keep quiet & mind our own business.

      Let the pestilence prevails - it's the wish of the almighty. No further action, right?

      Then, u r condoning evils just bcoz of yr own intended/careless 'mischievous' behaviours & over-indulgences!

      Some historical FACTS for yr bedtime readings:

      Abraham Lincoln was a known racist during his early political haydays in the Kentucky senate. These could be fished out from the senate's Hansard. That didn't stop him to see the big picture in the advantage of liberating the African American to his political career, & subsequently to USofA as a whole.

      Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi had shown bigoted bias towards the African Ghanaians in his earlier legal career. Many old Ghanaian records shown complete facts. That didn't stop him to start the non-violent anti-colonial movement to oust the British from further plundering India.

      So, 'let-he-who-has-not-sinned-cast-the-first-stone' is just a gimmicky show of political-correctness!

      A tool for the crook/wordsmith to find diversion for excuses!!!

      Keep living in a dream world of yr own making, mannnnn??? U WILL BE ALRIGHT!!!

    4. CK, do you have PROOF that RPK was given DEDAK?????

  3. Mahathir autocrat leadership with divide and rule let him rule this country for 22 years and now he is coming with formula on how long a PM should rule???...What a hypocrite???...He divide the Malays, he also divide the Chinese and the Indians as well. And the rakyat taken for ride. Sigh...