Friday, December 23, 2016

Expect unexpected surprises in Pribumi's choice of PM

Mahathir admits that his Pribumi's loose alliance with Pakatan will suffer from quarrels if the alliance names a PM now.

But that is also akin to admitting he may spring a surprise on everyone in Pakatan on his choice of PM (who BTW must report to him on any new cabinet policies for approval), and it's not as if he is the leader of Pakatan.

DAP has been upfront that it wants Anwar Ibrahim as PM, and for Wan Azizah to serve as interim PM.

Mahathir is effectively admitting that the DAP choice of Anwar might not be satisfactory to his Pribumi group. Hardly surprising when you realize how much he detests Anwar and Kit Siang.

Does Pribumi, full of unexpected surprises especially on who will be its PM, deserve to be elected?

I won't be voting for Pribumi, that's for sure.


  1. "I won't be voting for Pribumi, that's for sure." - Ktemorph

    That's basically an information-free statement because there is zero possibility Pribumi will be contesting in Air Putih.

    However, if that is a statement about voter choice, aren't you engaging in just a different form of ABU, that you heavily condemn ? Or is it ABU is only objectionable because of your soft spot for Najib and his party ?

    1. ABU is incorrectly discriminately because of politicians like Saifuddin Abdullah.

      Who in Pribumi is worth voting for - all are ultra melayu who dislike Chinese so why should I ever vote for such a racist group