Friday, December 02, 2016

Campaign with threats instead of persuasion

In the runup to any election, especially a political election like a general or state election, the candidates would normally offer their party manifestos, policies, promises, pork barrelling (sorry, I mean 'sausage' barrelling, wakakaka) and sundry bullshit to entice your votes.

We have seen such manmanlai snake-oil sales talk for decades on ends ever since we have had our first general election in 1955, two years prior to Merdeka and the formation of our nation as a unified sovereign state.

But there's a new ball game in town. UMNO Youth Deputy Chief Khairul Azwan decided that, rather than persuade or sweet-talk voters, he would resort to an UMNO Youth time-honoured tactic of threats, to wit, threatening Chinese Malaysian voters, perhaps a la Mussolini, wakakaka.

Khairul Azwan must be aware, as most Malaysians are, that the majority of Chinese Malaysian voters (with the definite exceptions of Liow Tiong Lai, Mah Siew Keong and Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, wakakaka) have flocked to the Pakatan banner, mainly DAP, so he warned Chinese voters of a possible backlash if they continued to shun BN.

FMT reported: Khairul said this might result in Putrajaya being pressured to give less attention to Chinese vernacular schools or abolish such institutions completely.

Abolishing Chinese vernacular schools has recently become one of the most strident calls of UMNO Youth and other ultra Malay conservative groups.

They didn't realize that Chinese vernacular schools become popular and now virtually a central pillar of Chinese Malaysian culture and probably in some Chinese minds, their last hope for their children to escape poverty and educational discrimination, precisely because of UMNO ministers' f**kup for the last 50 years of playing intra-party political football with our once-mighty education system, a shining beacon to students from neighbouring countries like Thailand and Indonesia.

UMNO Education Ministers ranging from Maddy, Manmanlai, Ah Jib Gor etc, but especially the educational ministers in the earlier 30 years, messed around with a once-great education system to such an extent our educational standards were so drastically lowered it drove/compelled Chinese parents to send their children to the only safe alternative for those children's education, the Chinese vernacular schools.

Anyway, without delving into and dwelling on a topic which I have already blogged on many times, UMNO Youth Deputy Chief Khairul Azwan has now threatened Chinese voters with the abolishment of Chinese vernacular education, without realizing Ah Jib Gor has just pledged his support for Chinese schools to be maintained at the 63rd MCA general meeting.

So Leong Kim Soon, Khairul's counterpart in MCA Youth. has been hopping mad at Khairul's intimidating words, more because his task of winning back some Chinese support will now be made difficult.

But this is the peril of BN coalition politics where sections of UMNO would frequently ignore the ethnic and cultural sensitivities of MCA and MIC to issue statements and/or policies to promote themselves but which militate against Chinese or Indian interests, and then those so-called moronic UMNO allies wonder why the MCA and MICs are not supporting UMNO 101%, wakakaka.

I wonder whether Pakatan coalition politics would ever become the same, as in the terrible example of PKR obdurately supporting PAS for its own interests but against the wishes of DAP and Amanah?


  1. wow, pkr mahu kawan siapa pun kena ikut keinginan atau arahan dap kah, no wonder rpk claim thia is a dap lead pakatan, so umno, so dictatorial n so arrogant.

    1. bukan ikut tetapi pilih dengan jujur dan terbuka. kalau pkr nak jadi saudara berikat dgn pas, silakan saja tetapi jangan kata isnya juga dalam pakatan. pakatan tidak boleh terima ular berkepala dua, wakakaka

    2. aduh pas mahupun taasub tapi masih ada unsur democratic, orang pas hormati hadi tapi bukan semua suara sehala dengan presien pas tu, tak semacam dap dimana keluarga lim saja bermaharajalela. pkr patut teruskan usaha mengembalikan puak pas ke jalan yg betul dan main peranan yg look at the big picture, jangan terikut cara dap yg hanya pentingkan diri dan undi cina, ada paham kah?

  2. your good buddy who is living comfortably in a kafir country is playing with the Malay phyche in the run-up to the next election
    according to him the Malays are fractured into five parties and it's detrimental to their cause but he wilfully forgot to mention that the four other malay parties are united in a common cause of getting rid of the most corrupted political party to give the country a chance to heal

  3. Lets get out of this "You are either with us or you are against us" mentality, which UMNO and DAP are both guilty of.

    It is not true the PKR is supporting PAS 's agenda. For example, PKR is on the record as opposing the Hadi Hudud Bill.
    Azmin, for his own political reasons has chosen not to cut ties with PAS. That is for him to explain.

    1. in malaysian politics and in malaysian first-past-the-post elections, pkr must make up its mind whether to be allied with pas, umno or pakatan. it cannot be in both as pas has already swore its enmity with dap

  4. The battle chant of abolishing Chinese vernacular education system has been an old trick concocted by the old generation of the ketuanan freaks to frighten/threaten the Chinese M'sians into submission for political supports.

    Along the way, there were Nons chow-kows collaborating with umno to the eventual detriment of their parties.

    Till today, these chow-kows still crying papa-mama asking for 2nd chance of political survival by playing spurious defenders of vernacular education system.

    These political pygmies have not learnt anything. Especially in thinking that the Nons r like those meme-ed weaklings - mudah lupa in combination with an occasional syok-sendiri verbal diarrhoea of give-&-take.

    Meanwhile, the next generation of the umno weaklings r growing more arrogant due to years of hollow pop-ups in superficial skill sets - big title with empty content!

    Thus, the old trick has to be repeated - as if they r been trapped in a time-loop under their syok-sendiri tempurung.

    It serves them righ&proper. The decay has set in. It's a matter of time ONLY.

    The proliferation of the radicalised/twisted islamic teachings helps to hasten this regression.

    No lost for M'sia but the pity blur sotong class!

  5. umno youth deputy chief & his counterpart in mca? let's see the bn org chart;

    chairman of bn is the president of umno baru
    deputy chairman of bn is the deputy president of umno baru
    chief of bn's wanita wing is the chief of wanita umno baru
    captain of the bn's youth wing is the chief of pemuda umno baru
    bn's puteri chief is the chief of puteri umno baru
    sec-gen of bn is the sec-gen of umno baru
    bn's treasurer is the treasure of umno baru. semua umno baru wor!

    ling liong sik was the acting chairman of bn for 5 minutes before the admission of umno baru which is one of the youngest members of the coalition. the umno baru blokes should be grateful to bapak penswastaan for retaining the deceased name. ada muka mahu celebrate 70th anniversary lagi. so, kim soon ada sikit bawah dari khairul.