Thursday, December 29, 2016

Halal certification big business

MM Online on Macca verboten to non-halal-certified cakes:

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 29 — McDonald’s Malaysia today confirmed a policy restricting customers from bringing cakes that are not halal-certified into its restaurants.

In a statement to Malay Mail Online, the fast food chain explained that the measure was necessary to safeguard its own halal status.

Malay Mail Online had contacted the firm to verify a notice posted at one of its restaurants that said birthday cakes that are brought in must have an accompanying halal certification or logo.

“This is in line with fulfilling requirements of our halal certification,” it said.

Poor Makcik's kueh will now be verboten for entry into Maccas as she has never bothered to obtain a halal certification from JAKIM, so there goes bringing into Macca lovely kueh such as kueh lompang, kueh talam, pulut inti, kueh ketayap and my fave onde onde.

It's my misfortune to like kueh-mueh with santan, coconut shavings and gula melaka. These are difficult ingredients for halal certification as the three are suspiciously and coincidentally coconut-based, which we know also grow in non-Muslim plantations.

Anyway, halal certification is bloody BIG business and also bloody expensive, and I heard JAKIM's halal certification department is doing roaring business so much so there is quite a long backlog, so early application is advisable.

Now butter, cheese, milk, chocolates (made up of, would you believe, milk, sugar, eggs and cocoa beans) and dairy products (milk, sugar, eggs) have to be certified to give assurance to easily-confused Muslims, to confirm that pig's milk has not been used.

new sign at door? 

Foreign chocs like Toblerone and Daim should not blame JAKIM for being vigilant as their products have to be strenuously scrutinized kau kau for porcine DNA as Cadbury choc once were, just in case porky milk had been used.

Next may be beras, water and then air (who knows what they contain?), but nonetheless those have to be carefully checked and halal-certified or JAKIM may suddenly and certainly run out of business, and we just cannot allow that.

Thank God that JAKIM has a captive followership.

hope the chooks were sembelih mercifully 

Oh, BTW, did I mention chilies and ulam as well?


  1. As a person who runs a number of businesses, I have to sympathise with McDonalds.
    One of the important regulations to preserve a Halal certified business is they must take steps to prevent their Halal status from being nullified by non-Halal food or ingredients being brought into their premises.

    That is not a problem with McDonalds normally, because they don't allow outside food being consumed in their restaurants.

    However, McDonalds has a significant business hosting children's birthday parties, and they don't produce their own cakes, so birthday cakes are an important exception they allow to the "No Outside Food" rule.

    Its simply an iteration of a many years standing rule - McDonalds was not making any new rules.

    As for Jakim's Halal certification body being a roaring profit center. Najib is in dire need of more funds.
    Next year's 2017 Government Budget is in deep trouble.

    As you may not realise , you good friend Najib has driven Malaysia's Finances into the ground, external debt RM 865 BILLION as of September 30th , 2016. When Mahathir retired in 2003, Malaysia's external debt was RM 8 BILLION. 1/100 the amount. All the growth in external debt has been under Najib.

    The collapse of the Ringgit in the last 2 months has been because foreign currency traders have assessed that Malaysia will soon face trouble repaying it short term (next 3 months) debt obligations.

  2. For the majority of Muslims, the Halal status of the food that they consume is an important matter.

    So confidence in the integrity of Halal certification is a matter of importance.

    You have a problem with that ?

    1. pray tell me, how did your forefathers cope?

    2. Wakakaka .......... I would like to "corner/monopolize" all the clothing and garments business in Malaysia ....... anyone like to join me?

      And then we start lobbying for compulsory "certification"..... , after the "order" being given, we can start pondering for fun whether to apply for certification or not ........ wakakakakaka

    3. In the old days, most people bought their food fresh and cooked it themselves. The chicken came from your own backyard or from someone you knew.
      The kueh you bought from someone you were familiar with. So Halal status was not an issue.

      In this commercialised world where the source of the ingredients and the conditions under which the food is prepared is totally unknown to the buyer, there is definitely a need for formal, official assurance that the food is Halal.

    4. Rubbish!!!!

      In the day of forgotten time, Melayus were more conscious about SUBSTANCE than FORM.

      This intelligence was reflected in all walks of their lives.

      Tau ke baju kerbaya? Haram sekarang!

      Tau ke Mak Yong? Haram sekarang!

      Dulu orang kampung makan semeja sama orang luar dengan makananx2 yang berbilang. Haram ke, halal ke, semua ada. Mereka bijak menilih dengan makanan yang halal.

      Sekarang, makanan yang Haram tak bolih di letak semeja! Apa pulang tu??

      Otak sudah tukar? Atau otak tak berfunsi, macam zombie!

      Mukin FORM libih penting dengan SUBSTANCE PADA Melayus sekarang.

      Islam asks the followers to READ - hence understand & adapt.

      Instead, the current zombie tribe terbalik nak jadi Neanderthal!

      Know the fate of the Neanderthal?

      They r history. Gone.

      Soon the chant of tak akan hilang didunia will be an echo from vinyl - mark it!!!

  3. i dun understand how tis work, the halal is to certify the food or restaurant? how a cake could impact the halal food from mcd? actually the muslim life is much affected by all this halal thing, i pity them. i notice they could only get their way of life back when they r at overseas.