Thursday, December 15, 2016

Intrigues in PKR

From Malaysiakini:

I am great but even then I can only suck up to one 

PKR Youth deputy chief Dr Afif Bahardin has proposed a merger between PKR and Parti Amanah Negara since the two parties share common values, including its view of moderate Islam.

He said the idea has been mooted in PKR's internal meetings and many were willing to explore the possibility.

"It is a potentially good idea as Amanah's approaches and views are compatible with PKR, and both are multiracial and multicultural.

Though Amanah has some good people, eg. Nizar Jamaluddin, Khalid Samad, Dzukefly Ahmad, Mohd Hanipa Maidin, I'm not sure about Amanah being multiracial, though it has one Indian, Gopalan K Papachan, and one Chinese, Hu Pang Chaw in its Central Committee.

BTW, Hu Pang Chaw contested in GE-13 under PAS and won 40% of the votes in the Ayer Hitam federal constituency which was won by BN's Wee Ka Siong. Not a bad performance for a first-timer against a BN minister, though I do wonder whether he has circumcised himself yet, wakakaka.

Amanah is like PKR, basically a Malay political party with multiracial window dressing.

Yes, both PAS and Amanah, and indeed PKR, are Malay parties though to be fair to Amanah, only PAS and PKR has responded respectively to UMNO's and Pribumi's Malay unity, which shows that probably to those two parties, especially PAS, ethnicity is far more important than being supranational adherents of god.

Dr Afif Bahardin continues:

"PKR and Amanah have many good leaders and both parties can work to strengthen not only their respective parties but the opposition block as a whole, especially in view of the coming 14th national polls," added the PKR Seberang Jaya assemblyperson.

If the merger happens, Afif said, Amanah will no longer be described as a splinter party of PAS, and its members will become equal partners with PKR.

During Amanah's national convention last weeekend, Youth chief Sany Hamzan asked that the Batu parliamentary seat - currently held by PKR's vice-president Tian Chua - be passed to Amanah.

This was after Tian Chua said he may not be able to defend his seat in the coming polls without assistance from PAS.

confused with party banner?
hmmm, might just be a Freudian slip

Be wary of Tian Chua's speak as he was probably just making a PKR political point, touting on the importance of a PKR partnership with PAS.

But alas for Dr Afif, PKR's top leadership shot down any suggestion to merge with Amanah, the bête noire of PAS.

How could PKR think of merging with Amanah when it's trying to woo PAS? Besides, PKR has only one mouth and it's currently sucking up to PAS.

Meanwhile, in Selangor there's bad news in SS1.

Star Online reported Shoddy work plagues SS1 in which it reported (extracts):

... some residents in the SS1 neighbourhood in Petaling Jaya have been putting up with since beautification works of a monsoon drain between Jalan SS1/21 and Jalan SS1/19 started in April 2014.

It has been more than two years now but the project, which was supposed to be completed in October 2014 and include a jogging track, remains incomplete with no information on its new completion date.

Residents in the area said the completion date had been postponed many times and it seemed like work on the project has stopped.

So far, contractors appointed by the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) have cleared, covered and transformed the monsoon drain into what is supposed to be a jogging path.

However, work is shoddy and the earlier proposed installation of lights, landscape features and security gates have yet to be done.

Compounding the problem is poor planning by MBPJ, which has now left more than 100 households along Jalan SS1/21, Jalan SS1/19 and Jalan SS1/23 with broken sewerage and drainage.

But if you think that was bad, the report tells us: Residents claim they had done everything they possibly could including lodging reports to the Mentri Besar’s office but to no avail.

But read the Star Online article Shoddy work plagues SS1 in full - it's a HORROR story, which occurs under the MB-ship of Azmin Ali.

Aiyoyo, if even the MB Azmin Ali can't do anything, then the contractor must be more powerful than him. 

Dei, Azmin, are you sleeping on the job or just tidak peduli those SS1 residents.

Another meanwhile, wakakaka, Hazlan Zakaria of Malaysiakini penned an interesting article titled
My problem with PKR being called Keadilan. He wrote (extracts in brief only):

I have always have had problems with Parti Keadilan Rakyat wanting to call itself Keadilan, as such I am happy that the housestyle at my place of employment is to name them PKR.


But back to why I don’t agree with naming PKR as Keadilan, my problem is largely because of the fact that the party tries to brand itself as the party that fights for universal justice.

However, it is no secret that their primary purpose is to fight for keadilan, or justice, for its de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim. They do fight for justice in other regards, but I personally think that is to a lesser extent.

However, for the record I have no issue with the necessity to fight for justice for Anwar.


It is only that I feel that politicians and political parties should be fighting for justice for the rakyat, and not the other way around.

And as Anwar’s family and loyalists who dominate the party have always exhorted, its members and supporters are fighting for justice for him.

It may be their choice but it sticks in my craw that they only sound the bell of justice when it is their de facto leader and do not really make as much ado for the general injustices per se.

Wakakaka, which has been why I have always described PKR as a single-issue party, that single-issue being the very person of Anwar Ibrahim.

And that PKR approach won't change when Azmin Ali is in charge.

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  1. u used to insinuate azmin is a ular close to his 'dad', now twist the slandering claiming pkr remain one issue even if azmin take over, how to link all yr bs ah? yr backstabing seem change not follow fact but more like according to yr mood kah?

    is that how dap, the fake multi racial party treat the malay? even many of dap naib pengerusi cannot escape, betui hypo criticise lain orang pula.