Sunday, March 16, 2014

Further thoughts on MH370

You know, it's quite amazing when acting Transport Minister has to declare that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and his co-pilot Fariq Ab Hamid did not request to fly together, meaning that there have been suspicions that the two could have been conspiring to hijack the plane together - yes, even the pilot of a plane if intending to illegally commandeer an airline aircraft would be termed a hijacker.

These queries on and indeed doubts as to the innocence of the two pilots of MH370 have taken the inquiry into new territory, what with the IGP stating that police investigations are now focusing on four possibilities, namely, hijacking, sabotage, psychological and personal problems, ...

... the last two possibilities being directed at the two pilots or at least one of them, while the former two possibilities, hijacking and sabotage, have not excluded their (or his) possible involvement.

It's fortunate the investigators didn't mention anything about Captain Azaharie being a strong supporter of Anwar Ibrahim because to link the missing flight with Mr Manmanlai, much as it might be a wet dream for some UMNO people wakakaka, it's a ludicrous notion.

But it's a salutary lesson for some Pakatan supporters not to moronically attribute the missing MH370 to divine retribution for the conviction of Anwar for sodomy. Remember the lesson of the revolving door frog in Bota, Perak and how that PKR boast bounced back to hurt Pakatan in Perak. Now that's retribution, whether divine or otherwise, wakakaka.

Anyway, as we have heard, even if the two pilots were not involved, there was nonetheless a person or persons who knew how to operate a B777 involved in its hijacking (let's call it that in the meantime until we know more) because of the 'expert' way in which the flight was flown away to the west along established air routes..

But I'm not all that convinced that two or one MH370 pilot were/was involved or that there was a third person, someone who knew how to operate a B777.


Let's return to one of my earlier posts on the MH370 saga, namely, Where is MH370, or where MH370 is? in which I wrote (relevant extracts):

Let's recapitulate what we have learned from Rodzali's statement: "Based on military radar readings from its station in Butterworth, MH370 may have turned west after Kota Bahru and flew past the east coast and Kedah", and that "The last time the plane was detected was near Pulau Perak, in the Straits of Malacca, at 2.40am".

  • There was a turn back.
  • not in above statement but in another Rodzali's briefing, that MH370 changed level to a lower one (am not sure by one thousand metres or one thousand feet). Though a report said that Singapore ATC also recorded data from MH370 indicating a change of level, that report suggested the aircraft climbed to a higher one. I'll ignore the report about Singapore ATC (though it won't make any difference to what I want to say) and accept the earlier one by the RMAF that MH370 descended to a lower level - I'll come back to this later.

The above two points are very significant because they denote that MH370 was still being flown by a professional pilot, whether he was in full consciousness or partially physically impaired, more likely the latter.

Then, I was not aware of the full information in the turn back of MH370 because the RMAF did not reveal all of them other than its tentative information of the aircraft's radical directional change to the west.

Based on that limited information I had then believed the remaining semi-conscious pilot (in a severe state of hypoxia due to suspected slow depressurization) in his desperate turn back had also made an instinctive professional attempt to comply with the appropriate cruising level required by Instrument Flight Rules, to fly at EVEN thousands of feet (32,000 or 34,000 feet) to KL instead of the ODD thousands of feet it had earlier cruised at to Beijing (35,000 ft).

Let's re-examine what I wrote in the 2nd dot-point of extract above, to wit (underlining below are mine):

  • ... in another Rodzali's briefing, that MH370 changed level to a lower one (am not sure by one thousand metres or one thousand feet). Though a report said that Singapore ATC also recorded data from MH370 indicating a change of level, that report suggested the aircraft climbed to a higher one. I'll ignore the report about Singapore ATC (though it won't make any difference to what I want to say) and accept the earlier one by the RMAF that MH370 descended to a lower level ...

Actually both RMAF and Singapore radar (civilian or military?) were right!

How, you may ask?

Three days after I had written Where is MH370, or where MH370 is?, that was on 15 March 2014 (yesterday), the Malay Mail Online published Radar data shows MH370 flew erratically, NYT reports in which it stated (underlining below are mine):

Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 climbed to 45,000 feet ― above the Boeing 777’s approved operating altitude ― in the moments after its transponders stopped communicating, according to raw military radar data released by Malaysia.

MH370 then fell sporadically before reaching 23,000 feet ― well below the 35,000 feet cruising altitude — as it flew over Penang, the New York Times reported yesterday citing US government officials and sources familiar with the investigation. [...]

One aviation specialist told the NYT that the erratic changes in altitude suggested it was pilot-induced rather than mechanical. [...]

Others said it may be due to MH370 being flown manually after autopilot was disengaged by the plane veering off its pre-programmed flight path to Beijing.

Thus the Sing radar saw MH370 zooming up to 45,000 feet or FL450 while the RMAF radar saw it dropping down to 23,000 feet (and not 32,000 feet as was published by the media earlier).

In these, we can see how both Singapore and Malaysian radar authorities were initially reluctant to fully 'tell' what they had seen, probably because of fear of comprising their true defence capabilities inasmuch as China was initially reluctant to release their satellite photos, and then only did so because of mounting Chinese public anger and, as alleged by western defence analysts, after deliberately degrading the quality of those photos to mask their true satellite intelligence gathering capabilities - see my post MH370 shows Chinese government as S.N.A.G.

Be that as it had been, that MH370 zoomed up to FL450 and then dropped to FL230 would be termed as very very violent air manoeuvres.

Therein in those violent air manoeuvres lies my lack of conviction in the current official belief that one or two of the MH370 pilots or a third party who's an expert in or at least very familiar with B777 operations and systems had made the turn back and flown the flight towards the west.

Why would such very violent manoeuvres be required in the turn back and amended direction if MH370 was operated by one (or both) of the pilots or a 3rd party B777 expert?

All the person in control would need to do was to re-program the aircraft FMS (flight management system) including modifying the flight plan for the aircraft to take up a new flight level and a new flight route. This could be conveniently done by selecting that route from a saved library of routes used by MAS in the FMS or by manually programming the required new waypoints into the FMS, all with push buttons technology and not by manually flying the aircraft.

Thus there could be two possibilities for those very violent manoeuvres, namely:

(a) there was a fight or struggle over the aircraft controls, or 

(b) a severely hypoxic-affected pilot had in his impaired state attempted to change level but erratically muddled that manoeuvre, first yanking the control stick backwards (thus zooming the aircraft to way above the B777 maximum operating altitude, meaning the hypoxic conditions for the crew and passengers would have worsened or even if there was no depressurization already, took the cabin altitude to above 10,000 feet but why would he do that if he was not suffering from hypoxia?) and ...

... subsequently in attempting to correct that initial error, shove the controls forward to descend the aircraft violently, losing more than 20,000 feet to reach FL230, before he became unconscious and the aircraft FMS then took over to re-stabilize the aircraft at the programmed flight level. 

Let's examine each possibility respectively:

(a) why should there be a violent struggle when a 3rd party (if he had entered the cockpit cabin to seize command of the flight) could have easily knock the two pilots out with a heavy weapon (butt of a gun?) or shot them, dragged them aside and assumed the pilot seat, or ...

... if it had been one of the pilots, used some pretext to render the other pilot unconscious (stood behind his colleague and knocked him unconscious) or even sent him to the back on some fabricated reason and then locked him out of the cockpit cabin!

And if the two pilots were collaborating, then where was the problem or reason for those very violent manoeuvres?

With the aircraft in such violent manoeuvrings, with drinks and whatnot on cabin tables flying all over the show, why hadn't the cabin crew or passengers reacted, say, by phoning their relatives or someone on the ground? Perhaps they were all unconscious!

Thus I'm not in the least convinced, principally because of those inexplicably very very violent manoeuvres.

Okay, the police has seized Captain Azaharie's home made flight simulator to investigate for possible links to any untoward plans for Flight MH370.

Look, I could be wrong about Captain Azaharie but he has been not only a very experienced B777 pilot but also a DCA appointed pilot examiner for the B777 - do you believe he needed that home made simulator to plan a hijack? Hey, perhaps to simulate (rehearse) a turn from a north-easterly direction to a south westerly one? I find that notion quite ridiculous and laughable.

(b) Okay then, how did the flight then assume a flight track via new waypoints on a new air route (airways)?

I can't answer that. Anyone out there can help with this one, like for example, could a hypoxic-affected pilot, already suffering from severe euphoria (in an equivalent of a drunken state due to lack of oxygen, and not by an abundance of alcohol in his blood system), in attempting to re-program the FMS back to KL inadvertently re-program it to take Flight MH370 on its new path (by mistakenly selecting one of the stored MAS flight plan programs to the west via the northern route?).

I admit I have some doubts on this inadvertent flight plan amendment to the west, but look I am wildly speculating, because I cannot explain the violent manoeuvres of the flight zooming up to FL450 and them plummeting down to FL230 unless it was carried out by a severely hypoxic-affected pilot or, ...

... by a violent struggle in the cockpit which I had already explained away.

Oh, by the by, before I end this post, one full of questions rather than explanations, for those of you who believe that MH370 escaped radar detection by flying low, remember what I had said, that 'how both Singapore and Malaysian radar authorities were reluctant to 'tell' what they had seen, because of fear of comprising their defence capabilities just as China was initially reluctant to release their satellite photos .....' etc etc.

Yessiree, they might have seen and known but nosiree won't tell!

Besides, a low flying jet, assuming that was even true, won't fly very far because jet engines at low altitudes drink up fuel the way the way fish drink (a la the saying 'he drinks like a fish').

No way that presumed low flying B777 could have reach the shores of India, let alone Kazakhstan - perhaps at the most, somewhere in Myanmar or eastern Bangladesh!


  1. MH370 continued to make multiple turns after the first turn back. Granted the first Turnback by itself is inconclusive, yes, it may even be made by a half-concious pilot.

    The 2nd and 3rd turns made at standard navigational waypoints are definitely not consistent with a half-unconcious pilot.

    Inmarsat geosynchronous satellite continued to receive pings from the passive on-standby ACARS up to 8.15 am Saturday Malaysian time .
    The possible arcs of MH370's last satellite ping were either drawn up based on signal strength or time stamp of the signals. Quite likely time stamps, since modern aircraft and geosynchronous satellites have extremely accurate clocks for navigational signal management purposes.

    The evidence is definitely inconsistent with a crash somewhere still in the South-East Asian neighbourhood.

    1. The multi turns could be explained by the FMS flying the aircraft onto a new (re-programmed) air route via its route database, though as I have written I can't explain how the new route had been re-programmed.

    2. I think the intention of multi turns is just to mask the flight path.

      What is important here is Flight MH370 had landed on land safely somewhere - Malaysian time 8.15am and the local time can we say -1hr or -2hrs. It would be still dark.

      - hasan

    3. FR24 listed flight MH370 as having landed at 6.10am local time. Thus, if assuming FR24 is reliable, the the time difference is about -2hrs.

      - hasan

  2. Key essence of the scientific method is How Well does the Hypothesis fit the facts ?
    Almost all the technology and scientific knowledge we see around us has been created based applying this method.

    The explanation you have made is not impossible, but would take many coincidences to fit together to have been the true incident.
    And also totally contradicts the pilot's training on how to react to a depressurisation.

    The most likely outcome of hypoxia is an inability to think and act, until too late, like the Helios airline case.

    A pilot still active enough to to turn off the transponder, turn the plane around , reprogram the Autopilot (it is deliberately designed to require a multi-step procedure, to prevent accidental rekeyin), disable the autopilot and later reengage it should first of all have been active enough to carry out Rule Number 1 - dive for the deck, to 10,000 feet as fast as possible. Worry about getting about other matters like the next airport later.

    The danger of that maneuver is both the pilots become unconcious before that, and the plane ends up as a near-supersonic missile hitting the ground. Pilots understand that from their training, but that is still Rule Number 1 for loss of pressure. Early in January this year, a Singapore Airlines SQ 317 did exactly that.

    The other data which sticks out like a sore thumb is that the ACARS data feed to Subang was stopped, but the hardware was still functioning , still sending out pings to Inmarsat. Turning off ACARS requires keyboard data entry, unlikely a semi-conscious pilot can carry out.

    So the Satellite antenna and the rest of the system was definitely still functioning , least until 8.15 am Saturday morning. The best fit for this data point is deliberate turn off.

    A deliberate diversion of the plane is a much more direct and simpler fit for all the data which have emerged. Doesn't guarantee it is true, but that is the most accurate fit.

    Who and why is a different matter, and we may never know or not know for a long time unless the Black boxes are recovered.

    1. you're absolutely right about a pilot's training to react to depressurization, but what if the depressurization was slow (as per the AD warning which also tore off the transponder aerial) with the depressurization alarm failing, and the pilot was too affected by hypoxia to react logically and correctly as per his training, a la the AVIATE, NAVIGATE, COMMUNICATE order of priority?

      But yes, I can't explain how the pilot would be able to re-program the FMS to fly along the new westward route (FMS short-circuited into haywire ops??? wakakaka)

      But then how to explain the very violent manoeuvre of the aircraft zooming up by 10,000 feet then plummeting down by more than 20,000 feet, other than a pilot struggling with the controls? Why, what, how???

    2. The plane's erratic altitude movements would be well explained by a struggle in the cockpit over the aircraft controls, possibly a physical fight once one of them realises the other has wrongfully diverted the plane.

      In the Egyptair 990 case, black box data recovered showed extremely violent movements in the plane's rudder, aelerons and elevators as the two crew struggled - working with opposite objectives - to take control the plane. This was 30 minutes into the Egyptair flight.

      In that case, by the time the Captain had rushed back from the toilet and realised the plane had gone into an unexplained dive, it was far too late to recover..

    3. There r aviation experts querying this scenario of climbing to FL450, the dropping to FL230, very early on when this news was breaking out.

      This infos COULD be wrong - either equipment mis-reading or human mis-interpretation or worst deliberately distorting the REAL infos!

    4. I remember MH653 - the one which crashed in Tanjung Kupang in 1977 - also went through a series of rapid climb up and downs - which the Cockpit Voice Recorder later revealed to be a desperate struggle in the cockpit between the aircrew and hijacker.

      Shots were heard, probably killing both pilots and then the plane went into a near vertical dive.

      In the MH370 case , rapid altitude changes just after the turn around could be the signs of a struggle in the cockpit, but with the "hijacker" - whoever took over the aircraft direction - being ultimately successful.

      Like I thought, the saga of MH370 is likely to become the stuff for Hollywood blockbusters, but the Americans are going to claim to be the heroes.....just watch and see...

  3. Kaytee,with over a dozen countries out looking for the missing commercial jetliner,some with the most advanced sophisticated radar aviation equipments,and yet are unable to even pinpoint the location of the missing jetliner.It is indeed baffling,and yes,maybe the VIP bomoh is the only other choice or tool to be able to locate this missing jetliner.

    1. my village kee-tong (Chinese medium) is also willing to help

    2. U r giving a lot of credit to the ability of the military surveillance radars. In fact there r thousands of reports about poor & non-existence air-space surveillance capability among the countries u mentioned.

      The US, downplay this issue so as NOT to raise unnecessary alarm.

      One scenario about MH370 avoiding Indian military radar is tail-gating either SQ68 or KL856 on P628 at cursing altitude, then drops to land-marking height along the Himalaya range.

      No need bomoh or any spiritual medium. The US has done that all the time & the Indians remain tak tau!

    3. but aren't U also giving a lot of credit to the ability of whoever was in control of MH370 to tail-gate etc ete to deceive Indian military radar?

    4. That credibility comes with a LOT of long hour trainings, perhaps on Flight Simulator!


      That also accounted for those incredible aeronautical manoeuvrings from Igari to Vampi to Gival & Igrex.

      These r NOT air manoeuvrings THAT could perform by a pilot under a severe state of hypoxia!!!!

      Well, the Yankee jet fighter pilots had done that during the Afghan war. & is still doing that NOW for secret surveillance of NW China!

    5. I am not saying it's not probable but it'd be an extremely good feat.....Wow, we must have such training for all pilots......can turn everybody into a top gun pilot......

    6. KT read this;

      This guy shares my thought about tail-gating SQ68!

      The hypothesis is sound & backed by timing, waypoints selected & P628.

    7. he is a hobby pilot and aviation enthusiast, not an aviation expert

    8. BTW, if this latest source is right, expect something BIG about MH370 to be disclosed/discovered in the next 72 hrs Max.

      - US reconnaissance space satellites have located the image of MH370?

      - at Iran? At Kazastan?

      - content of the 'unaccounted for' MH370 ULD identified?

      Any of the above would get someone losing his Job within 24 hr!!!!!

  4. Becoming increasingly likely the pilot was a PKR Mirmydon of the most extreme kind.

    1. a bit farfetched for a grandfather to throw everything away to support manmanlai

  5. Pakistan has come out and denied that the missing jetliner had landed there.So maybe Iran?

    1. not possible to fly across India without being detected

    2. Over the Indian continent, the opposite concerns have been raised.
      The two sides , India and Pakistan are at such hair-trigger point, that an innocent civilian plane with transducers down for some reason, or accidentally veering off planned path could be shot down as a hostile.

    3. My best friends are Who, What, When, Why, Where and How9:46 am, March 17, 2014

      What exactly is/was RMAF's SOP where an unidentified aircraft crosses Malaysian airspace ?
      What is the escalation procedure ?
      Who was supposed to be woken up, even if it was way past midnight ?
      Why wasn't the data given to the investigation team immediately on Saturday ?
      Why was it revealed to the world only on Wednesday ?
      When did the team seriously start working on turn-back track ?
      If Malaysia lacks the expertise and the gadgets needed for the analysis, When did they start asking NTSB help on the turn-back analysis, and when did they provide the data ?

    4. Kaytee's alter ego, CLF has mentioned it clearly how this would happen besides kaytee's commentary on countries not sharing radar capabilities. I humbly quote

      "Okay. At the material time the plane was changing over from Subang to HCMC ATC. That starts at Igari way-point. This is called the ‘Boundary Effect’ which is never instantaneous and is where Fogs’ lie. The Pilot or whoever was in control of the Flight knew that, this is a black spot. I thought i’d already mentioned that several days go in this blog.

      The subsequent events were tracked by Mil Radar, which does not identify the plane and was approaching westward at 23 k m at the boundary of Thailand-Malaysia at something like 450 knots.

      Now, supposing if i were a SPM dropout TUDM prebet who was wide awake and stupid enough (cuz we are not at war with anybody else, except ourselves) to be watching the ‘pings’ on the primary radar at Kota Baru or Butterworth – i would say there’s a Bogey or UFO, but most probably a commercial flight flying from Igari-Vampi or whatnot – overflying the Isthmus. Idiots sometimes think too..

      Would i pass it up to my boss – who’s either watching his soccer/WWF/soap/doremi program on TV or while he was surfing Porn? And who would certainly screw me upside down for disturbing him with useless things? Absolutely Not! So i’d pretend i didn’t see anything – cuz they say i’m dumb-shit anyway. Actually, i sleep alot. Gaji Buta mah.."

      Look under C.L. Familiaris, another malaysian lang just like kaytee staying in aussie land

    5. KT has already given his expert assessment on this issue in replies to comments in his previous posting. Something along the lines that opinions expecting fighter jet response shows one's ignorance, and that Malaysia is not at war, so that unidentified blip is not a threat, tidak-apa lah, go back to sleep it's 2 am in the morning ...

    6. Ok, since you say it shows ignorance, kindly please tell your name. Nickname also can. That half malaysian half aussie lang is also quite distinguish in his technical field........

      I wonder when I am going to have a celebrity deathmatch.........

      Unwilling to reveal radar capabilities?????? Huh????? Ask CLF for his opinions laaaa........
      By the way, can you say that the former taiwan air force cheif is also an idiot? Hahahaha!

      They were experience pilots lei.....Come on......

  6. This makes sense...

  7. Once you lose credibility, anything you say after that, even if it happens to be backed by solid data, becomes suspect in the eyes of the international community.

    That is what's happening to Malaysia, after the comical perfomances by Hisham, the DCA guy, the IGP and various other clowns, and , ah, yes the Bomoh

  8. Pakistanis is just syok-sendiri' like the Indian.

    In fact, MH370 is getting more likely to be at Iran, due to

    1)available runway & hangar

    2)political expectancy

    1. this time and for this incident, we're lucky "someone" is not blaming the Malaysian Chinese wakakaka

    2. A matter of time, a matter of time.

      The PKR angle has already discovered, even getting "exclusive scoop" status in the UK Mirror.
      A matter of time before a DAP Chinese angle will be highlighted..

      We can only stop politicking any issue for about 5 seconds.

  9. A little something to fuel some good old conspiracy theories. On a serious note, I wonder how much is the US military base in central Indian Ocean, Diego Garcia, sharing crucial radar info?

    1. that's a forum tiopic, not a news media article per se

    2. True. It seems no media went out on a limb to publish this and then attribute it to 'unnamed sources'. Wakakaka


    3. Come to think of it, they mentioned the two possible corridors of Flight MH370 i.e. - the northern corridor from northern Thailand to the borders of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, and the southern corridor from Indonesia to the South Indian Ocean off Australia. But they did not include the corridor that Flight MH370 gave its last pinged. Why? Did they miss it?

      - hasan

    4. HH,
      Who is deep throat for watergate scandal? Hahahahaha! I rest my case

  10. From the available information so far, suggest that the incident is a well-planned political motivated event. Most likely the missing aircraft is in Indonesian now.

  11. Nah, its somewhere in Central Asia, intact, waiting to be refuelled to be utilised for "other purposes".
    Passengers ? An Inconvenience and such groups don't tolerate inconveniences for long.

  12. A Malacca Chinese kee-tong (medium) last week predicted important relevant information would come out on the 7th Day ( it did) but it will take 1 month to find the plane (remains to be seen).

    He also said something is preventing the plane from being found. That explanation was a bit cryptic, I couldn't understand the specifics of the actual statement.

    Seems some power, either of this earth (some government or group ?) or not of this earth (take your guess) doesn't want the plane to be found.

    1. A chinese ship just picked up the black bx signal. Your tong ki hit the jackpot! Good night SPIRITUAL!


    China, increasingly frustrated, I think wants to be actively involved in the investigation.

    So far Chinese assistance have been requested in the search operations, but the actual Investigation has been mainly Malaysia, the Americans via NTSB and FAA and the British Air Accidents Investigation Branch. The FBI and CIA are probably also in it somewhere.
    I think Malaysia wants to keep it that way given the very sensitive nature of some of the information being handled.

    Shoe Bomber Hijacker ?


    The Australians are very good at doing this kind of search.
    But I fear, there is no hope of any survivors if the plane came down in the southern Indian Ocean. It might as well be the back of the moon, that's how lonely the place is.

  16. Its taken more than a week for my memory to Click, and realise aha...that's the guy.
    The Co-Pilot of MH370.
    I've met him before, a few times. He lives a racy life, far more than what the First Officer pay grade can afford him. He may wll have other generous sources of income , because I didn't think he was in debt.

    Its just a fact I know, not saying anything about what he may or may not have done.

    The lifestyle, finances, and emotional condition of the flight crew are factors the authorities definitely need to investigate.

    Malaysia missed a one and only chance to intercept the wayward MH370.

    Now it is either lost in a whole big ocean, or lost amid some of the highest and roughest terrain in the world.

    If the plane ran out of fuel at sea, there would have been a very slim but possible chance for some survivors.
    Many, many aircraft were lost at sea in World War II, even discounting the cases where crew parachuted safely out. The probability of survival from ditching at sea was slim, but NOT Zero.
    That is why to this day, airliners are required by law to carry enough inflatable life rafts to accommodate a full passenger load (the inflatable emergency chutes double up as rafts), survival gear and life jackets.

    With each passing day, the probability of survival dwindles down to Zero.


    MH370 Briefing for BN MPs only.
    It was only a matter of time before Keris-Hisap-puting bared his true colours.

    Who is toxifying the countries politics ?

    The Malaysian Government has a responsibility and accountability to brief Members of Parliament, who represent their constituencies on the crisis.

    My Dewan Rakyat representative is Bayan Baru MP Sim Tze Tzin who is from PKR. He has not been invited. The Malaysian government is effectively disrespecting all the constituents who voted in MPs who happen not to be from BN.

  19. Kaytee,
    What more I can say about BN government?

    Unlike the hijack of Air France consisting of mostly JEWs to Entebbe, the leader of the opposition is consulted & even joined in the emergency cabinet meetings


    Vietnamese airman have gone back to play Vietnamese Mahjong,
    Indian sailors have gone back to play Carrom as Malaysia vacillates on what to do next.

    1. we can fly kites? wakakaka

    2. No urgency. Perhaps, the Indians already know where the plane is. SAR operation is very expensive. The Vietnamese said it costs them about a million dollars a day. I guess, they should narrow down the search area - not widening it.

      - hasan

  21. It seemed it was confirmed that it was the co-pilot's voice that was last heard saying..."all right, good night".

    How about this 'theory' then ( courtesy of a 'member' of the newly-formed 377 Kopitam )

    While the young co-pilot was preoccupied with handling the communication stuff, the pilot, who had been waiting for this moment ( all part of his very meticulous plan ), quietly put on his oxygen mask and made the simultaneous first turn around and immediately brought up the plane to 45,000 feet and then plunge the plane down to a much lower level, effectively knocking out all on board ( passengers and the rest of the crew ) with the exception of himself and his accomplice that Uigher Professor, who was sitting among the passengers. That would explain how some fishermen saw the plane flying so low over at Kota Bahru, they said the plane was so low that they described the lights were as big as coconuts. By now the plane would be in Pakistan. These jihadists brotherhood wanted to teach China a lesson.

    1. Most of the aviation experts/Boeing engineers disagree that B777-200ER can climb to the theoretical design limit of FL450.

      One needs to deploy the afterburner of the jet turbo engine to scale that height.The structure of the plane cant stand a long mechanical stress at that altitude with the enormous engine thrust.

      With a full load, that makes achieving FL450 a remove possibility!

      Thus many had termed this reading of 45000 ft - a plausible mistake, either human/equipment, intentional/unintentional!!!!!

    2. The 777 was not certified to operate at 45,000 feet, but that does not mean that it cannot momentarily hit that height, or that it would suffer mechanical or structural failure. It would have been about 15% higher than the common operating altitude of the 777 . Boeing does not release any data , but it would probably be within the 777 design limits.

      Unlikely to have caused depressurisation due to that, though Ktemoc's theory on depressurisation being the underlying cause of MH370's loss cannot be simply dismissed.

      The tops of cumulo-nimbus thunderheads can extend higher than 45,000 feet, and a pilot can get into big trouble near them if they are not careful.

      There is at least one recorded case of a 747 inadvertently hitting 45,000 due to a combination of weather turbulence and pilot control error. No damage found, and the plane flew for many more years until retired.

  22. How about this theory that the pilot tried landing in Langkawi? I know nothing about planes-you seem to so maybe it will make sense or nonsense to you.