Sunday, March 23, 2014

What's going on in Kajang

Malay Mail Online - Kajang by-election turnout at 47pc says Election Commission

Alamak, the EC reported that only 17,977 voters comprising 47.24% the Kajang electoral roll had cast their votes by 1 pm. This was accompanied by the following Malaysiakini news snapshot report:

2 pm: Turnout is 53.71 percent. The turnout at close of polls in the 2013 general election was 87 percent. Pundits say that lower turnout will hurt PKR.

On Twitter, Anwar retweets urgent calls for voters to turn up to vote.

20 minutes later PKR communications director Fahmi Fadzil claimed on Twitter that Anwar Ibrahim was almost punched at an incident in Sungai Sekamat.

But Malaysiakini reported that while there was a scuffle it was nowhere near Anwar.

Aiyoh Fahmi, why have you resorted to such tweetering?

Anyway, it seems the following has been happening, wakakaka.

Mah Hwa = Mah Jom ... ooops ... I mean Mahjung, wakakaka

Chew Mei Fun and MCA aren't expecting to win but will be most rapt if she can secure just 25% of the votes, which will be an increase from its 2013 miserable 18%. That will be cause for humongous celebrations, wakakaka.

Aiyoyo, MCA has certainly lowered its expectation to a more realistic level.


  1. the mean machine5:06 pm, March 23, 2014

    Well,we all know that it is not easy to win big against the Umno/BN in a by-election,even in one's own backyard.The Umno/BN have all the firepower and can concentrate it all at once This is a big mis-calculated blunder by the smart asses of PKR again.Kajang move,Kajang satay or Kajang circus?

  2. Ha ! Ha !
    Mei Fun triumphs when she loses ?
    Celebrate with KT ?

  3. It could be a win to CMF with a majority of about 1000 votes.

    - hasan

    1. You really need to see a psychologist.
      There are some pretty good ones I can recommend to you.

  4. Kaytee,the unofficial results are out.The winning majority is around 6k,less than in 2013.

  5. This is another PENANG LANG talking......Yeah, he's a catholic.....And he's very much into environmental & transport issue where ANIL NETTO WHACKED LGE kaw kaw

    One interesting note

    Support for PR has increased from 56.8% to 59.7%. So what the cibai fuck kaytee going to say if those who refused to vote, had turned up in normal circumstances.........See, how bullshiting kaytee has become

    It seems kaytee can't get over with his sister's cat kenna screwed by Anwar

    Watch "suit" kaytee

    Don't be a louis litt la dey......hehehehe

    1. looes, do you know I used to date your niece wakakaka, BTW, has the sky fallen down yet? wakakaka

    2. " I used to date your niece wakakaka" - KT -
      she's been borderline suicidal ever since... wakakaka

    3. hehehehe! Did I say that? I thought you are referring to Tony Pua. Anyway, your alter ego, CLF just call you a gila man.......hahahaha

      By the way, get over with it......It's just your sister's cat.......hahahaha

      Watch that episode in Suit......An eye opener man

  6. Wow! Chew Mei Fun managed to give WanAzizah and PKR a scare !
    Bravo to MCA and Barisan Nasional

  7. dear kaytee

    Helen is a rabid DAP hater and BN supporter. Please see her open letter to Dr. MI still need to know what caused this. I know you cannot tell us directly but any pointers would be great.

    Best wishes

    1. she .......... boat ....... captain ........... wakakaka


    The Return of MCA.

    The Star, MCA-owned paper is almost delirious with the hype.
    How's Ktemoc ?

  9. How many beers did Kaytee down on Sunday night celebrating ....kakakakaka ?
    It must feel good to win a moral victory , right ?

    1. champagne very cheap in Oz wakakaka

    2. Yeah especially when chew mei fun went to the press & say that Wan Azizah won because of sympathy votes......This is a problem of not putting Teresa Kok as the candidate. Teresa would have chew for breakfast

      Teresa is a catholic.....Hahahaha! Teresa did lost in election before........hahahahha!

  10. Right Decision by Kajang Folks
    Vote for Kak potential to be PM -maybe a Upside potential. In this Bolehland anything can happen.
    Vote for CMF nothing will change - just for MCA to last a little bit longer


    Ridhuan Tee says....lesson for MAS MH370.

    Don't serve alcohol
    Stewardesses must cover up...

  12. Earth to PKR.....No More "Kajang Moves"

    We don't like being treated as laboratory test objects

  13. Chew Mei Fun...Wan Azizah.....not a lot of difference to ordinary folks.
    Politicians always over-exaggerate what they can actually get done.

    However, what a government does with a country's education system , socio-economic structure over many years does have a big impact on people's lives.
    That is the case for BN, however, often in a negative ways , re: declining education standards, corrupt political system, etc.

  14. @ Anonymous10:37 pm, March 23, 2014

    "You really need to see a psychologist.
    There are some pretty good ones I can recommend to you."

    Want of accuracy is not a lie.

    But those who lie and as well as those who support those people of lie are untruthful people, and, Yes Mr. Anonymous! , they need and should go and seek the help of the psychologists.

    - hasan

    Tee Keat: Face it MCA, Kajang a severe defeat

    A deeper analysis of Kajang results.
    Wan Azizah's majority reduced, mainly because the overall voter turnout was low.
    We won't know why more than 50% of voters didn't turn up - maybe they were sick of politics, maybe they had mahjong games going on, maybe the weather was too hot.
    We DO know the intentions of those who turned up.

    Chew Mei Fun lost in 14 out of 16 voting districts. That's a big loss by any measure.