Saturday, March 22, 2014

The dilemma of Dr Wan Azizah

Hafiz Noor Shams has written a very good article in the Malay Mail Online titled The Kajang Farce. I won't say anything about it save encourage you to read his views.

Let's put that aside for now though we shall concur with Hafiz that Dr Wan Azizah, despite her recent show of disloyalty to Captain Azaharie, will win the by-election partly because of the sympathy votes for Anwar, and where (in Hafiz's words) MCA’s Chew Mei Fun's candidacy is but "an exercise in futility" as her party is "a spent force", and must have sent her out to be slaughtered just to assess "how unpopular MCA is", wakakaka.

So let's consider Dr Wan Azizah's ADUN-ship is virtually in her gloved hands.

But we all know three things about her, namely:

  • she is a reluctant politician who has come out twice to pick up the pieces and mess her husband has caused,
  • she supports Khalid Ibrahim rather than the Dökkálfar Dwarf, wakakaka (and we needn't go into the why's and wherefore's of this), and
  • she's the perfect Muslim wife, totally devoted to her husband and family - this is both her strength and her weakness, the former (strength) being her utter devotion to Anwar even to the over-indulgent extent of describing him as God's gift to the people, wakakaka, and the latter (her weakness) being demonstrated by her over-earnestness to protect Anwar, even at the expense of her Islamic values and sense of loyalty to a family member, in fibbing so as to disassociate and distance Anwar from Captain Azaharie because there were then insinuations (totally unjustified) of the pilot being terrorist-linked or ideologically deviant. 

Be that as it may, I wonder how would above 2nd and 3rd dot-points work out for her as the new ADUN for N25-Kajang as they conflict with each other - knowing how loyal Anwar is to Azmin, hence the excuse for PKR's Kajang Betrayal and also how she detests Azmin hence (probably so?) her support for Khalid.

On her instinct and personal preference I would say she would continue backing Khalid as MB. But let's not forget Pakatan's OTHER parties, wakakaka, namely PAS and DAP.

We know PAS hasn't been enchanted with both the Dökkálfar Dwarf and Anwar, while DAP, leery of the Dwarf, would have supported Anwar.

But now that Anwar is (theoretically) out of the DUN, it may well be that DAP, though somewhat disenchanted with Khalid and his lonesome (or wayward) way as a MB, may well stick with the current MB because the Dwarf-ish alternative is not palatable, wakakaka, ...

... unless of course Dr Wan Azizah throws her tudung (or hat) into the MB ring.

Yet we know she's a reluctant politician who wants to retire as she has openly declared, only coming back reluctantly into active politics, as usual to pick up hubby's mess.

But then, according to TMI, she says she’s in the dark over talks of a new Selangor menteri besar, wakakaka.

Everyone in Malaysia knows what PKR's Kajang Betrayal has been for, and by telling us she is in the dark about a new MB for Selangor, she seems to be the ONLY person who doesn't, wakakaka - and that's what's probably sweet about her, the reluctant politician. 

But in the "unlikelihood" she tries for MB, I am confident DAP will support her while I am afraid PAS won't. That's something we'll have to see.

Now, why have I even supposed the "unlikelihood" of her throwing her hat-tudung into the ring for the MB position when she obviously has no such ambitions or thoughts about the MB position, other than to be the compromise candidate to replace hubby in Kajang?

Because the most powerful faction in the weakest Pakatan link, having in the first place engineered the Kajang Betrayal, is hardly likely to give up.

Besides, they will whisper in Anwar's ears, and of course Anwar will then have to whispers in Dr Wan's ears, wakakaka, and therein we will see how Dr Wan deals with her coming dilemma - loyalty to her own instinct or loyalty to hubby even if against her instinct?

I can of course guess, having seen how she had sadly disowned a family relative and party supporter, Captain Azaharie Shah, for what she believed to be in hubby's interests.

Oh, incidentally before I forget, Mr Henny-Penny may wish to know that despite Anwar Ibrahim not standing as a candidate in, and thus not winning the Kajang by-election, the sky has NOT fallen down at all, wakakaka.


  1. What dilemma ?
    Azizah wins.
    Pakatan becomes stronger !
    To KT"s disappointment !

  2. Kaytee,Wan Azizah will win the Kajang by-elections,but by not such a big margin than if her daughter,PKR princess Nurul would.That is if she was standing in place of mummy.

    But that would not go down well with the dwarf and his protege Rafizi.That would have put an immature end to the dwarf's wet dreams of becoming an MB.But the most important thing is that the sooner the dwarf gets it into his head that he is of no MB material,the better it will be for him and everybody else.If he was of MB material he would have been the Selangor MB in 2008.Even his master have doubts about his ability,that was why he was bypassed by Khalid.As soon as he have the guts to admit or realise that he is of no leadership qualities, he can stop having red eyes and stop going out to be a problem and trouble maker.Just look at his protege Rafizi.Rafizi,a smart young professional accountant,with huge potentials of being a good politician and leader.Under his tutelage,Rafizi has become more like a bar bouncer or street fighter,always going out of his way looking for a fight with his own party's MB.Now he looks more like a circus clown as the circus has finally come to Kajang town.

    Now the problem is not with Wan Azizah winning by a bigger majority,being MB or Mei Fun losing her deposit.First of all I do not think that Wan Azizah is interested in the MB'ship.She is there,maybe as an exco to keep the dwarf in his place.To make sure he will be delegated to a foot soldier in the near future.Or better still to re-migrate back to Umno,just like his eseless buddy Ezam.

    After the Kajang by-election comes the PKR party internal elections.If new young leadership is not elected into the top leadership,with the dwarf still in either of the top two spots,PKR will soon eventually self implode.Believe it or not,time will tell.And we will not have long to wait.A leader of no MB.ship material being the potential PM or deputy PM?That is if PR were to sweep into power come GE14.

    1. Bruno,
      I don't think Nurul would win big majority if she stands. In fact, she may even get less than what Wan Azizah may expect to get. Anyway, the whole thing about so called Kajang fuck is kinda bs.....Especially the same thing happened in Balingian & kaytee practices elegant silence.......I rest my case la

  3. Looes74,
    Why I said that Nurul will win by a bigger majority than her mummy.

    Nurul is one of the up coming young leaders in PKR.She is smart,talented,likable and a willing politician.Mummy is also very smart,or else how can she be an eye doctor.But Wan Azizah is not so much interested in politics anymore as her daughter is.

    PKR needs young talented leaders desperately to take over from Wan Azizah.Anwar,forget about him.I always said he has no leadership qualities,way way back and years ago before GE13.He cannot even keep his blue eyed boy or dwarf as Kaytee's new nickname for him under leash.Fumbling from Sabah back to the Peninsular.In coporate lingo,both would have been given the pink slip or on the unemployment line long time ago.

    Khalid although well know as a stupid politician is actually not that stupid as can be seen now.When pushed and cornered into a tight corner,he has shown that he can be a real nasty politician.Always held at the end of the stick by Azmin,Khalid has now gone way out to minimise the dwarf's influence in Selangor politics.

    Looking back at GE13 when Umno/BN was at it's weakest.PKR,with Azmin as its election's director placed all his useless unqualified cronies as candidates.The end results,PKR lost and gave back seats to Umno instead of gaining more.With Azmin,PKR cannot even win a single kampung seat.Do the PKR need new young and talented leaders to take over for the march towards Putrajaya?It sure do.

    1. Bruno,
      Hehehe! If you look at lembah pantai result, Nurul may even lose to Nong Chik. Anyway, there are plenty up coming politicians besides nurul. Perhaps, kaytee's sister may be a much better candidate. Hahahaha!
      As expected, kaytee has blogged about the china folks REFUSED to come up in droves to vote BECAUSE OF KAJANG FUCKUP. As opined by Kaytee aka Malaysia Merlin. Hahahaha! Hence, I say in order chew mei fun to lose deposit, just put Teresa Kok there. Hehehehe.
      Ok, I got one adun from DAP that should stand in Kajang. Zairil Khir Johari.......Hahahaha!

  4. Nurul has the talents,smarts and time on her side.Her rise up the party ranks and the name of Nurul Izzah will have the base energized.She has the potential and capabilities to be PM stuff.Not Anwar or Azmin.The public has got it all wrong.A Khalid/Nurul team will lead the PR into Putrajaya.Anwar or Azmin?Forget about it.Wait till the cows come home and have great great grandbabies.

    1. Tsk tsk bruno..used to be such an anwarista. What happened bro? Hehehe.

  5. the new kampung man6:17 am, March 23, 2014

    A few more hours and the doors will be open for the voters to cast their votes in Kajang.Who will be the winner? Chew Mei Fun or Wan Azizah?The smart money is on the PKR president.Will Mei Fun lower the winner's majority.Maybe and maybe not.Tonight by 10 pm we should know the results.Stay cool.

  6. The right choice is so simple.
    Support Barisan Nasional !

  7. Why did Azizah lie? If she can lie about Captain Azharie, she can also lie about her husband.

    My last check with Kajang voters: 55% of Malays will vote for PR. 50% of Indians will vote for BN. Now, it is up to the Sungai Chua and Kajang Town electorates – 20% said they don’t care to vote but if race is their main consideration then MCA will have the majority votes. Nevertheless, it would appear to be a reduced majority win for Azizah.

    However, if the voters’ turn out is low it could be a bye-bye election for PR. Today is voting day and UMNO is still recovering from ‘Yahana Na’ hangover at Putrajaya (21.03.14) and Pagoh Muar (22.03.14).

    On Flight MH370, was it possibly a heist? Was MH370 carrying an unknown 20-tons valuable cargo? Has MAS done a cargo manifest?

    - hasan

    1. It's a known fact that, due to claimed breakdown of the x-ray inspection machines at KLIA, most of the cargo ULD were uploaded without proper inspection.

      There were 3/4 tons of msngosteen, said MAS chief.

      Then, on further probed by foreign press, there were small lithium ion battery packs, which according to ICAO, were considered fire hazard. The volume/packages MUST be strictly controlled & governed by safety rules.

      If the plane crash is indeed caused by the lithium ion fire, MAS would be facing expensive legal litigations that would cost millions. A possible liquidation of a once proud airliner!!!

      Then, out of the 14 ULD, one wasn't accounted for! Meaning - its content wasnt listed. Could this be the one the the 'pirates' were after?

      All said - again it points to the tidak-apa security attitude &/or lousy maintenance.

      Same like the DCA staffs who were tasked to monitor the flight & escalated any abnormality promptly with standard crisis SOP. They waited for whatever reasons until it's TOO LATE. Ditto RMAF!

      More surprises would emerge, u just have a sure bet as far as incompetency goes.

  8. I was going to keep politics out of the MH370 issue out of respect for the grieving families , as well as the need to focus on the search and investigation as the No. 1 National Priority right now.

    What the Fuck....since Ktemoc has decided its the right time to re-start excoriating Anwar Ibrahim, I might as well start as well.

    As National Geographic's award-winning Air Crash Investigation series opening theme says..."Disasters don't just happen, They're the result of a sequence of events, locked together in time".

    Malaysia's incompetence and plain lack of grey matter exposed for all the world to see in this crisis is the end result of decades standing UMNO-BN policy of appointing and promoting people to the topmost positions on the basis of Skin Colour "Kulitfication" and Know-Who , specifically people from or acceptable to the UMNO elite.
    Add to that the culture of secrecy, lack of accountability , and intolerance of alternative views (again cultivated by UMNO-BN) led to precious days being lost in the 1st week of the search . The best experts around the world were not consulted or kept in the dark. Nobody was watching radar scopes in the RMAF (effectively, even if some low-level techie actually was)

    By the 2nd week , large pieces of the plane which may have been floating, have probably sunk into 13,000 feet deep water.

    Thank you BN-UMNO.
    Malaysia Boleh.

    1. actually you're right that "Disasters don't just happen, They're the result of a sequence of events".

      Accident specialist call it systemic errors or as Professor James Reason put it, "most accidents can be traced to one or more of four levels of failure: Organizational influences, unsafe supervision, preconditions for unsafe acts, and the unsafe acts themselves. In this model, an organization's defences against failure are modelled as a series of barriers, with individual weaknesses in individual parts of the system, and are continually varying in size and position. The system as a whole produces failures when all individual barrier weaknesses align, permitting "a trajectory of accident opportunity", so that a hazard passes through all of the holes in all of the defenses, leading to a failure. The model includes, in the causal sequence of human failures that leads to an accident or an error, both active failures and latent failures."

    2. That includes those people who are manning the radar.....Kindly stop bullshit about Malaysia refused to share radar data due to the need to conceal Malaysia capability.

      So long that the countries doesn't have the ability to modify the radar specification. I am absolute sure that Malaysia can't.....Its radar capability known by anybody including singapore

      Don't need me to tell you why I say so

  9. the gaffe guy who know's11:48 am, March 23, 2014

    One thing I do know.If Liow Tiong Lai were to run in Kajang today instead of Ms Mei Fun,he will surely and definitely lose his deposit.


    This definitely needs further investigation.

    Not jumping to any conclusions about this case, but it is known that people whose work takes them away from home a great deal - aircrew, seamen, long-distance truck drivers, travelling executives, National politicians (ahem !) - sometimes have double lives which would surprise or even shock their family members and usual circle of friends.
    It can be as simple as having a girlfriend or boyfriend on the side somewhere, and , sometimes, far more insiduous activity.

    1. Agus,
      I bet with my cock hair that kaytee insisted that certain people especially the chinese are fed up with PKR & hence low turnout.....HAHAHAHA!

  11. Tokio rain,

    Haha long time no see or hear from you man,gone hibernating lah buddy,I was never an Anwarista,and never will.If you follow my comments long time ago way before GE13,I always said that Anwar should retire from politics permanently.He and his blue eyed boy are the problems the Umno is still in Putrajaya.I support the PR,whether it is PKR,PAS or DAP.Good try,my man.Hehe.