Monday, March 10, 2014

MH370 - claim of responsibility by Chinese terrorist group a hoax?

From WantChinaTimes, a Taiwanese news media (extract only):

Chinese anti terrorist force

A group that calls itself the Chinese Martyrs' Brigade has claimed responsibility for crashing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which has remained missing after losing contact with ground control at 1:20am on Saturday.

The previously unheard-of group sent a PDF statement to various journalists in China on March 9, saying, "You kill one of our clan, we will kill 100 of you as pay back."

The majority of Chinese media outlets have expressed skepticism over the statement or dismissed it outright, suggesting it is likely a hoax made up by opportunists looking to inflame ethnic tensions following a series of attacks by separatists in northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region and a mass stabbing in the Yunnan capital of Kunming this month that left at least 33 people dead.

Analysts say the credibility of the statement is dubious as the group claiming responsibility for flight MH370 did not divulge any details as to how it crashed the plane. The PDF statement was also sent via the encrypted Hushmail anonymous remailer service which cannot be replied to or easily traced.

Chinese authorities have not responded to the statement or its claims.

I'm also skeptical as how would this unknown group know that the majority of MH370's passengers were Chinese? Even a terrorist organization needs reliable intelligence to strike at their foe, the Chinese government.


  1. Probably just a bunch of provocateurs, not much different from the Internet trolls who have making all kinds of wild accusations online.
    Many confirmed terrorist acts against aircraft never have the true perpetrators claiming responsibility or being traced. Such groups often want to send a deadly message without attracting any light on themselves.

    Nobody actually owned up to blowing up Pan Am 103. The Libyan intelligence agents were charged after years of meticulous detective work, even then there is controversy and doubt until today.
    The loss of Air India 182 was traced to a Canadian-based Sikh militant group, but nobody actually claimed responsibility at the time.
    UTA 772 blew up over Chad 46 minutes into its flight at 35,000 feet (sounds familiar ?)
    without anyone admitting responsibility, until today.
    In the cases of Pan Am 103 and UTA 772, the wreckage all fell on land, and investigators were able to find incontravertable evidence of the planes being bombed.

    With every passing day, it becomes more difficult to find what ended the flight of MH 370.

  2. "Missing MH370: Fake reports caused by immature Malaysians, says expert". Read the full article in The Star. True, some Malaysians act stupid but expert says expectation "high" and answers sometimes take months if not years... We were talking about the first 24 hours, 48 hours and so on....

    So, give up searching now?

    How about foreign minister now slapping home affair minister by saying two persons do not have Asian looks? Hey, we are not interested whether they are Western looking or what not... who are they?

    The latest train station attack in Kunming only carried out by 6 persons (maybe more) that killed over 30 persons and injured 150 persons within half an hour. Tactical team was on ground 20 minutes from first attack and immediately liquidated targets. No one has taken responsibility to date but by their nationalities, government knows who is behind attack.

    So maybe who ever is trying to teach China is trying to up the ante and Malaysia didn't think we will be collateral damage. Just speculating...

  3. The search for MH370 is getting stranger by the hour.
    The aeroplane may be mostly metal, but there lots and lots of items in the plane which can float - everything from life rafts , electrical insulation, foam, soundproofing, as well as many tons of aviation fuel this early in the plane's flight to Bejing.

    An aeroplane crashing and breaking up will release all this floatsam. There is no way a big 777 can "disappear" just like that.

    I'm more and more convinced they are looking in the wrong place. Could it have gone down on land ? or beyond Vietnam ?
    Once the transponder was off (for whatever reason) if the plane was still flying, civilian radar cannot track it.
    Military air defence radars can - so we really need Vietnam's help on this.

  4. Did DCA engage respective countries in using their satellites in detecting the debris? I hope that they did. Sad to say time is really running out. Not just for the survivors but also things such as aircraft fuels can be dissipated much easier.....Making it harder to recover

    1. From TMI

      ***Also raising doubts about the possibility of an attack, the United States extensively reviewed imagery taken by spy satellites for evidence of a mid-air explosion, but saw none, a US government source said. The source described US satellite coverage of the region as thorough***

    2. looes they must have heard you - read

  5. the mean machine8:42 pm, March 10, 2014

    These so called wannabe terrorists have brains like pariahs.

  6. I am getting really dissapointed by the sick articles coming out of Malaysia Chronicle.

  7. Finally, after 3 days, entering 4th day.. DCA says two criminals look like Mario Balotelli (since he is also Italian) and willing to release photos. Folks, if photos was release earlier, global community could have contributed on who they are. Tuan Syed of Outsyed says they are not Africans from insider info but news says they enter Msia illegally.

    Now Pattaya travel agent says Iranian did booking for them but third party paid. After 3 days, we finally tortured travel agent to tell truth. Iranian? Third party payment? Any clue on how to torture the Iranian for info?

    Finally, foreign affairs minister receives letter from alleged terrorist claiming responsibility but does not know how to interpret letter.

    Malaysia Megah!!

  8. Latest DCA DG's declaration - strongly says no security breach. But earlier says, two passport holder look like famous soccer scorers. Masuk goal. Wakakaka...

    Tak suka pendapat, boleh belah Malaysia. Orang asing menyoal, takpe jangan ikut MAS, terbang Air China... wakakakaka..

    Pray for the victims and families that the sotongs will not hinder finding the plane.

  9. I don't know whether kaytee would dare to condemn such people especially those who claimed to have connection with top authorities to perform......hehehehehe.....OMG! WHAT THE CIBAI FUCK MAN! Now I wonder what the fuck kaytee going to do.......Condemn such folks......

    "Ibrahim, who is known as Raja Bomoh Sedunia Nujum VIP, arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) today, claiming to be invited by one of the country's top leaders, to help locate the missing plane using a spiritual method and prayer."

    Bernama carries out this piece of SHIT!

  10. the mean machine5:39 am, March 11, 2014

    At times like this,there are people making comments with minds of brainess maniacs.

  11. There is no strewing debris. Logically, it means that the plane did not disintegrate. The plane must have gone under the sea in one piece. It is not easy to locate the plane if it has gone underwater in one piece. Moreover, the South China Sea is quite wide and deep.

    But logically, it is unlikely. From 35,000 feet above, the pilots should have more than enough time to transmit out any distress messages. Why didn’t they? Even with all engines flameout and all generators failure, at least one radio should work on standby batteries.

    Logically, it is not possible for the plane to escape the radar. The Vietnamese and Chinese airspace are well controlled and radar covered. Moreover, Vietnam and China are friendly countries to Malaysia. There is no way of escaping the Vietnamese and Chinese radar, unless of course the terrorists/hijackers are experienced pilots and have very good planning,

    Apocryphally, there are several evidences suggesting the possibility of MAS Flight MH370 might have been hijacked. If so, apocryphally again of course, the terrorist/hijackers must be pretty good pilots, well trained in stealth technology to escape radar detection.

    I pray, the terrorists/hijackers have landed the plane safely somewhere remote and camouflage the plane from public attention. I’ll wait, hope, and pray for the safety of the passengers and crew. Please help them God/Allah/Yahweh/Jehovah.

    1. in the absence of any hard evidence such as aircraft debris or/and other pieces of wreckage, etc your hypothesis, apocryphal as it may be, is beginning to assume plausible shape

  12. PDRM often call in Bomohs when they get stuck conventional police methods, or more like they have reached the limit of their limited competence.
    Day 4, no clue....Time for MAS and DCA to call in Bomohs , I think.


    This is getting into bullshit territory.

    We know the limitations of civilian air traffic control radar, which are dependent on tracking the aircraft transponder signal. When that signal is lost, the plane "disappears". Not so for military air-defence radars.

    They are designed exactly to detect and track unknown contacts, which may someday turn out to be hostile. A 777 is much larger than the jet fighters that military radars need to guard for. Easy to track.
    Modern digital radar systems automatically assign IDs to every contact, recording their track , longitude, latitude until it disappears. The radar traces all get recorded on hard disks, so it can be replayed instantly.

    In case anyone doesn't know the history, the plane was lost in the direction from which the Japanese air-sea armada came to invade Malaya on Dec 7, 1941. Classic invasion route.
    That direction ought to be covered by the best air-defence radar hardware and software Malaysia can afford.
    Somebody may have been sleeping on the job, and I don't mean the radar operator.
    Or maybe the money got siphoned off somewhere else?

    Pray for all the souls on board MH370.
    And say a prayer for Malaysia as well. We need it.

  14. This is VERY true & someone should have followed up on this track! CNN/AlJazeera/BBC run for it - it's going to be a breakline news.

    '(modern) military air-defense radars...are designed exactly to detect and track unknown contacts, which may someday turn out to be hostile. A 777 is much larger than the jet fighters that military radars need to guard for. Easy to track.'

    Maybe we should ask the Vietnamese military, their air defense radar should have covered the air space under question.

    While the continuous absence of infos from the M'sian military intel means the best air-defense radar hardware and software Malaysia can afford r falling into either of these two;

    'Somebody may have been sleeping on the job, and I don't mean the radar operator.
    Or maybe the money got siphoned off somewhere else? '

    MH370 story should continue from the Vietnamese end. The official M'sian side is OFFICIALLY a death end mouse chase.

    BTW, I strongly sokong the 2nd prayer for M'sia, bcoz our air space surveillance is non-existence to say the least! Couple with the recent 'Sulu invasion' at Sabah, M'sian sovereign border defense & surveillance r a joke!!!!!

  15. It seems my village Bomoh, reputedly one of the most powerful in Perak, has been brought to KLIA to help in the hunt for MH370. Some "higher-ups" asked his help yesterday, and he was picked up last night in a big official government Mercedes.

    He will need used personal items from passengers on the plane, intimate items the most effective - underwear, toothbrush, comb, hair , - and a rough idea where the plane is (a bit dicey right now).

    He's pretty good.
    Some time ago he helped locate a missing boy when GOF, police, tracker dogs had all failed and nearly given up the boy as dead.

    Malays, Chinese, Indians, even one or two Orang Putih have come to him for help on various personal issues.

    Anyway, no harm in trying...

  16. HAHAHAHAHA! Kaytee would like to ask for toto number from your bomoh. By the way, where is your bomoh located? Is it in Bota? Hahahahaha!

    Meanwhile, it's getting more & more bullshit

    1. The Bomoh has said before his power comes indirectly from Allah, and only extends to helping people with genuine problems.

      Predicting Toto , 4-Digit, winning at Genting, isn't a "Problem", so he doesn't do them.

      And he doesn't do bad things. It not only will not work, he will lose all his power. I suppose "Bad Things" can be a bit subjective, depending on your point of view.

    2. I'm an Indian Muslim myself, but Reezal Naina Merican is one of those who give Indian Muslims a bad name. Same like Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim.

      Oh, I forgot, he's a "Malay" these days....but that doesn't change a thing.

    3. My apologies if I sound a bit insensitive. I do have issues especially one guy who wrote down as Indian in NUS registrar, now the patron of Perkasa. I really rest my case.

      Perak man,
      I strongly suggest that Bomoh should solve one royal who can't stay in the Palace in Kuala Kangsar because she is a commoner. Perhaps, that bomoh should help her instead. I believe you know who she is.


    1998 - Delta Airlines Flight 2416 loss all electrical power and communications. Luckily the plane was coming in to land, and the pilot could already see the runway. He landed the plane by eyesight, without any electronics to help him.

    As recently as 2005 on a modern 767 , complete loss of electrical power including total loss of communications has occurred. In this case, the pilot's superb skills flying the plane and landing it without any electronics saved the aircraft from a tragedy. It was day time, and that helped a lot.

    This may well be what happened to MH370, with much more tragic consequences.
    At night, over the sea, the pilot has almost zero chance of finding an airport to land safely, even though the engines are still running, and the plane still has plenty of fuel.

    1. There is an auxillary power but then again, it's really catastrophic if that one fails

  18. M'sia authorities have infos to hide?

    Read this;

    Take special note of

    1) unwilling to confirm the availability of the ACARS data transmission

    2) "The search area map now includes not only a wider area around the last publicly reported position of the aircraft, but also a new area in the Strait of Malacca, on the west side of Malaysia's peninsula.

    "That raises new questions about how much authorities know – but aren't telling the public," Christian Science Monitor said in the report, noting the Malaysian authorities have said military radar recordings had revealed the possibility that the aircraft had turned back from its scheduled flight path.

    So, did the M'sian authorities know something & yet not willing to disclose due to some 'reasons'?

    This is the case of either they know & trying to hide it & they dont know but also trying to hide it!

    Doing so, it makes the possibility of a pilot suicide becomes even more likely!!!!!

    BTW, top class crisis management that put a 'shame' to Walla's brilliant enactment at;

    1. your suspicion is correct - see my latest post

    2. Pilot suicide.....Hmmm......Time to watch SilkAir accident

    3. Yeah, the 1997 Silk Air 185 crash put a big dent in Singapore's image as a highly competent airline operator.
      The pilot was subsequently found to have Stock Market trading debts of over $ 1 Million and he had recently taken out a big life insurance policy before his death.
      The two black boxes stopped recording before the crash, likely manually deactivated....

      The published final accident report was "sanitised" , otherwise Silk Air could be have been exposed to massive lawsuits.

    4. Don't forget the faulty rudder is also part of the problem. Hmmm......SQ quickly say that's Silk Air not SQ. Kenna macam like MH may say that is firefly.....aiyaa......

      I still have yet to touch on SQ006.........But of course, taipei radar system sucks big time. Then they don't have ground radar to monitor planes on the ground.......ID also problem....Some more thunder storm.....aiyaaa.......I fly to Taipei every now & then by SQ.......Hahahahaha

      If you fly China Airlines & not Air China, ahem ahem........aiyaa......