Wednesday, March 05, 2014

MoU so WATERtight?

Malay Mail Online - Law prohibits disclosure of MoU, says Khalid

When a state MB spent near to RM10 billion of public money on a water agreement and claimed he couldn't reveal the details of that agreement (MoU), then by anyone's olfactory sense it smells, and mighty stinkingly too.

Where the f* is the transparency and accountability of his so-called C.A.T?

What? It's only water lah, what's the big deal?


  1. When governments sign legally binding contracts that involve expenditure of public funds, or affect public payments such as tolls, tarrifs, etc. they must be open to public scrutiny.
    The days when the public will accept mere statements such as "The Rakyat's welfare will be taken care of" are over. We want to know the terms and conditions.

    One of the reasons BN lost middle-class support after so many years is the accumulated stench of so many opaque deals with "connected" companies for Highway tolls, Independent Power Producers, MAS contractors etc., etc. etc.

    I don't care about the Anwar-Azmin-Khalid Ibrahim quarrels, but this opaque Selangor water deal makes me very nervous. This is UMNO-style bullshit.

    In the US, and increasingly in UK and EU, any business/ contracts which the Government does with commercial firms is subject to public scrutiny. If it is not appropriate to let the general public see the details, at a minimum, MPs or other Elected people's representatives must be briefed on the terms and allowed to query the government. The only exceptions would be vital national security secrets.

    In the US, the level of public exposure can be rather extreme. So much that some companies which value their privacy highly, prefer not to do government business if they can avoid it.
    Their names and the details of the deals could end up be dragged through the mud for political purposes in Congress, which is not worth the risk to their reputation.

    1. Wow. Compare with US. A country runs by big corporations. No need to talk about any values lah.
      Earmark project for example. Go and check.
      War head missiles missing from military installations and during delivery.
      Carlyle group!!!!
      Enron debacle!!!!
      And how those bailed out companies spent the monies given by Obama and Bush!!!

  2. Starting to see the picture & come to the real sense using yr long idled grey matter on real issue?

    More to come, when the MoU is been forced to be disclosed.

    Perhaps, u r right about the umno gene would never mutate! So get AI to help to remove umno from PutraJaya, then pension him off for his effort.

    Meanwhile rejuvenate the PR leadership with young turks of NO umno gene/meme linkages.

    Set criteria for max 2-term office bearer for ALL posts.

    Remove & sell off all govt involvement in non-national strategic commercial operations.

    Implement full & truth need-based policies at all levels.

    Establish The Truth and Reconciliation Commission under parliament, with full prosecuting power for MACC & ICAC.

    Set a REAL professional & independent body to run the education system, under the per-view of Agong.

    A bridge too far? Bettter than creating conspiracy theories on ALL subjects under the M'sian sun!!!!!

    1. MoU was in reaction to Anwar-Azmin wanting to kick him out.and that doesn't hide the fact that the by-election was totally unnecessary and a naughty move by the Anwar-Azmin-Rafizi clique

  3. Hmmm........So now why Anwar's move into Kajang is necessary

    1. looes, stop bullshitting - Anwar-Azmin didn't create the Kajang by-election because of the MoU - the MoU was in reaction to Anwar-Azmin wanting to kick him out.

    2. U, too, stop bullshitting!

      How do u know that the MoU wasnt part of the reason for Kajang Move?

      Still cant get over yr grandmother story of a naughty move by the Anwar-Azmin-Rafizi clique?

    3. What more we can say about this old fogey called KT MOCK who cringes whatever nostalgic memories even though I bet he never meet any royalty before. Hahahaha! FUCK LA! Guess why even people like hisham rais disliked the lies of kaytee & rpk.........hahahahaha!

  4. Royal Mentri Besar has full protection.
    The rest of us can talk only.
    We are fast getting into a situation where UMNO stinks and Pakatan stinks just as well......
    Vote for PSM....