Friday, March 28, 2014

Bipartisanship on The Reviled & The Revered?

At last there seems to be Malay Unity, indeed a sense of bipartisanship in Malay politics.

Both PM Najib Razak and Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim have been DEAFENINGLY silent on Jawi's arrest and detention of Kassim Ahmad.

the MOST dangerous man in Malaysia??

Kassim was arrested for his alleged controversial remarks on the Hadith or Islamic prophetic traditions, Utusan reported that the arrest was made after the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) issued a warrant of arrest against him for an offence under Section 9 of the Syariah Criminal Offences (Federal Territories) Act 1997 of contempt or defiance of religious authorities.

Jawi is to be commended for its insightful selection of the correct section of the syariah law because ..... wait .... in easier to understand laymen's language, Kassim had made remarks which Jawi sees as containing an intrinsic threat to the position of those 'priestly caste' which of course includes Jawi and all the JA-organizations plus the mullahs, muftis and members of the Islamic clergy.

I suspect that's the real reason for Jawi to move against 81-year old Kassim Ahmad with such alacrity, for nothing motivates a person especially a cleric more than a threat to his position, perks and power.

And such has been his threat to their status that the syariah prosecutor even objected to bail for this presumably 'most dangerous' old man of Malaysia, wanting to detain him for ONE WEEK, as angrily voiced by Sisters-in-Islam

So ..... what did I tell you about the perils for democracy in implementing syariah laws in my post PAS - from Progressive to Pythonic in which I wrote:

Just remember, a Malaysia under Islamic syariah laws (inclusive of its hudud) as envisaged and intended by PAS will in all likelihood not have an option for political belakang pusing for non-Muslims and even Muslims.

Democracy and its institutions will automatically come under the control of a supreme, non-questionable, non-challengeable (a la the fatwas of Kedah PAS MB), and totally dictatorial religious Majlis, FOREVER MORE, ...

... and as mentioned by RPK in his post Friday prayers are NOT compulsory, said the Mufti, the process in an Islamic environment is not democratic and not questionable even by logic, reason, precedent or rules.

Thus one cannot, in Manglish (Malaysian English), 'simply play play' with our voting in the coming election and then believe we can still vote PAS out in a following election if we don't like its policies.

There may or may not well be any following election once the religious Majlis has been established, for it will be all powerful, absolute in its command, control and governing of national politics and indeed everything, and frighteningly unchallengeable. It is unlikely to put itself in a position of losing its power. Thus it will likely be that all election candidates may have to be approved by the Majlis.

The pythonic demon will by then have wrapped its sinister coils around you kau kau, where there will be no escape.

And Jawi in its draconian treatment of frail 81-year old Kassim Ahmad, even interrogating him until the wee hours of 4 a.m (as reported by Marina Mahathir in Malaysiakini's Marina Mahathir choked up over Kassim's case) gives you a very brief indication of what to expect from the mullahs if syariah laws were to be implemented.

how dangerous is this old man?
how much of compassionate Islam is practiced by our Malaysian religious organizations?

As if Kassim's arrest and detention was not cruel enough, the Syariah Court judge Umammuddin Yunus set a condition that bail must be posted by a resident of the Federal Territories. Why?

It makes life difficult for Kassim Ahmad as most of his friends are residents in Selangor ..... but wait ..... isn't Nurul Izzah the MP for Lembah Pantai in the FT? Surely she could have posted bail for the poor old man ... but alas, she was not there at the Syariah Court to do so.

Maybe she avoids such issues for reasons I had blogged in 3 sweeties, only 1 real Princess Reformasi, wakakaka.

sorry Pak Kassim, she's busy practicing her guitar lessons & not available

Anyway, we know Najib is silent because ..... well ..... he is Najib, and after all, most if not all of you have been condemning him for avoiding speaking out on a number of difficult issues, so I suppose we can expect his manmanlai, though most certainly should frown upon his unacceptable silence.

But what about 'God's Gift to the People', wakakaka, a description of Anwar Ibrahim by his adoring wife, Wan Azizah?

We know Anwar Ibrahim suffers from verbal diarrhea of the political kind, wakakaka, and thus is a favourite of the western press. His 'ability' wakakaka has been abundantly demonstrated in his recent hi-falutin comments about the Malaysian ATC radar system (based on what he knows as the DOM in the 1990's, wakakaka).

Why is he now so silent on Jawi's terrible treatment of a frail 81-year old man, noted as Malaysia's foremost intellectual?

Looks like it's left to only Marina Mahthir and the Sisters-in-Islam to speak out on this totally un-compassionate aspect of Islam, one which Allah swt certainly won't approve of.

Ah, bipartisan support - let's move on from Kassim Ahmad the Reviled to another member of the priestly caste (wakakaka), one who is a member of the Revered, our dear Raja Bomoh, Ibrahim Mat Zain, wakakaka.

Bipartisan support again, with both Najib and Anwar diam diam?

UPDATE: thanks to visitor Kassim Ali, I've been apprised of Malay Mail Online article Anwar: Use of witch doctors to locate MH370 made Malaysia look ‘stupid’ which I had missed. I apologize for unwarranted comments in this post against Anwar Ibrahim that he failed to comment on the silliness of the Raja Bomoh case.

Only KJ and Anwar Ibrahim had spoken out against this man, and bravo to young Khairy and Anwar.

I see water water everywhere
but not a drop to drink

Raja Bomoh's antics are good for a laugh locally but have been embarrassing to Malaysia internationally, especially when he's allowed to have his unrestricted ways, unlike poor but MOST DANGEROUS frail old Kassim Ahmad.

He has just performed a ritual in Pulau Sembilan, Perak a ritual to raise the bodies (presumably of the people in MH370) from the sea.

In this ritual he has been particularly offensive to the families of the missing people in MH370. But why is the ├╝ber right wing mufti of Perak also silent?

Zan Azlee of TMI wrote:

Yeah, that Raja Bomoh guy (Ibrahim Mat Zin) who says he can see where the missing MH370 plane is at currently by using a method he claims is Islamic.

Acting out a scene involving coconuts, bamboo, a mat and incessant chanting of the word 'Allah', he and followers attracted a lot of attention at KLIA.

Rather than looking like anything spiritual, it was more like a scene out of acomedy movie. A P. Ramlee comedy movie "Laksamana Do Re Mi", to be exact.

First of all, I don't think I need to even begin to explain how what this Raja Lawak (oops ... slip of the tongue) is doing contradicts so much the teachings of Islam. [...]

Second, he is insulting all the family members and friends of the passengers of the ill-fated flight MH370 who are facing such a hard time right now trying to come to terms with what has happened.

So I call upon all the ultra-Malay political parties and NGOs to protest aggressively what the Raja Bomoh and his group are doing. Stand up for the Malays, as you so passionately claim to want to do.

And to the authorities, don't just sit quietly and ignore this. Haul them up for investigation and drag them to court for 
insulting the word "Allah".

Michael row the boat ashore, Hallelujah

Raja Bomoh could be authentic because it seems all the JA-organizations have been bomoh-ed into ball-less silence, just like Najib and Anwar Ibrahim and Harussani.

What a contrast in treatment for the Reviled and the Revered!



    Anwar was not silent on the Bomoh issue.
    "Kassim Ahmad: Anwar patut dihukum gantung"

    Ktemoc may fully agree with Kassim Ahmad above, but I doubt Nurul is going to post bail for a man who has called for her father to be executed as a "traitor to the nation".

    I certainly wouldn't.

    1. thanks for article, in which case I apologize to AI for overlooking the article and incorrectly saying he remained silent on the Raja Bomoh stupidity. I thus withdraw my comments on him not commenting on the bomoh

  2. Political debates and arguments are normal. However, there are boundaries , especially personal attacks, attacks on the person himself, not issues, which if crossed, basically burn the bridges with the person involved.

    Its human nature - if you cross certain boundaries, I'm very unlikely to speak up if you get into trouble. If you ask for help, maybe, but you won't find me volunteering.

    Frankly , If Ktemoc gets into big trouble in future, I doubt if any PKR figures or supporters will be speaking in his defence, after the daily dose of attacks in his blog.

    1. I don't expect PKR to defend me wakakaka

    2. just one additional point, regardless of what Kassim Ahmad might have said of Anwar Ibrahim, I believe PKR and indeed Anwar himself should be gracious and comment in compassion on Kassim's draconian arrest, but of course given Kassim's adverse remarks about Anwar that's ultimately up to Anwar's discretion

  3. The bomoh calls upon the supernatural to help locate the plane.
    Others pray for the safe return of all onboard.
    To whom do they pray?

  4. Even the muted criticism of The Bomoh from the Malay community does not deny the fact that reliance on Bomohs exerts a powerful influence on the Malay community.
    Even "modern" or "Islamic" Malays will run to the nearest "powerful" Bomoh when faced with difficult problems which normal approaches or Modern medicine (in the case of illness) do not seem to resolve.

    There are strong parallels in the Chinese community consulting "mediums", so the Chinese need not put on superior airs on this issue.

    Basically just scratch the average Malaysian under the skin, and you'll find a deep, rich belief in supernatural practices.

    1. "There are strong parallels in the Chinese community consulting "mediums", so the Chinese need not put on superior airs on this issue."

      RPK also took a swipe at the Chinese in one of his recent articles on the antics of the effect saying that even though the Malays can't discard their animistic practice, the Chinese too have their own superstitious beliefs and practice. But both Anon 3:34 pm and RPK seemed to miss this point : the Chinese do NOT go around shouting who is kafir dan kotor, whose god is most superior and is the ONLY one, and that those who don't believe in Islam will burn in eternal hell forever.

    2. the issue here is not who believes or not in bomoh-ism or about Malay and Chinese folklore beliefs or traditional spiritual practices - many Chinese in my village do patronize bomohs (there was one Chinese in my village who was a bomoh in teh Malay tradition) as well as Chinese and Indian mediums. The issue is why we as a society (religious or otherwise) and a government are allowing this Raja Bomoh and gang to embarrass us in the eyes of the international press at a time of national distress over the MH370 saga

  5. I am not going to comment about the freedom of speech or freedom of expression or about no compulsion in religion.

    I just want to write about the ‘Syahadah’ or ‘The Muslim Statement of Faith’. The ‘Syahadah’ is the first of the five pillars of Islam. A Muslim is expected to recite the ‘Syahadah’, which is "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His messenger."

    A Muslim is expected to recite this statement out loud, with sincerity and understanding of what it means. Anyone who cannot recite this ‘Syahadah’ wholeheartedly or questioned/rejected any part of the ‘Syahadah’ is considered to be NOT a Muslim.

    When a Muslim accepts Muhammad as Allah’s messenger, then he/she should also acknowledge/accept the sayings (hadith) and the practices (sunnah) of Muhammad.

    On the shamans, Muslims should seek help from the ‘para auliya’: NOT ‘bomoh’, which is considered as a non-Islamic practice.

    BTW KT, the song reminds me of my camping days and the wonderful campfires. Yet I am a Muslim still. Thanks eh.

    - hasan

    1. So says Bomoh Hasan....wakakakakak

    2. Anon... you should wait for Dr Hassan Ali (JATI) to say something on this issue first. Then only you 'wakakakakak' !

      - hasan

  6. My village Bomoh is back at work at KLIA, behind closed doors.
    I'm told the information on MH370 he provided to authorities has been accurate and credible.
    Of course, the PM had to quote Inmarsat and AAIB in front of the world press, my village Bomoh already knew.
    Once the wreckage is confirmed, he will likely be going to Perth as well to assist the hunt for the Black Boxes.
    Who can say the bloody Yankee technology is any better than my Village Bomoh ?

    It seems my village Bomoh earns as much money as senior Corporate executive....not surprisingly. You can consider him a top-drawer consultant.

  7. the new kampung man8:34 am, March 29, 2014

    Politicians will always be politicians.Playing politics and fooling the people are part and parcel of the game.Even when tragedy like the missing jetliner hits,Mr Opposition,Manmanlai is making foreign capital out of this.

    Manmanlai,who is KT's buddy and punching bag is a man of low morals.Trying to capitalised on a major tragedy for his own political gains.And this useless butt loving sodomist,enroute to the jailhouse still wants to run for the post of president in this coming PKR's party elections.What a real shameless low down politician.

  8. the mean machine8:47 am, March 29, 2014

    When Flt MH 370 went missing Anwar was attacking and screaming till his lungs burst,at Najib and Umno.Now he is MIA when an eighty years old senior citizen is being hauled hundreds of miles into the interrogation room till early dawn.Being the opposition leader,it is his job to go missing when needed.What a fucking creepy useless creep.


      Kassim Ah mad : Anwar should be hanged for treason.

      Who is the creep here ?

  9. the mean machine8:49 am, March 29, 2014

    CSL has more guts than Anwar.He has the balls to owned up.Real very big balls.And a very big stick too.

  10. the gaffe guy who know's9:54 am, March 29, 2014

    The mean machine,

    Anwar only know's how to riled up the crowd.Just like in his younger student years and after,rowdy and unruly demonstrations are what he only knows.That is the reason Mahathir took him under his folds.For him not to be a pain in the Dr's ass.


    Bai steps aside pending final appeal.

    When is Nuar going to do the same ?

  12. U, CB commetators r all blind as bats!

    Why must ONLY PKR comes to the defense of Kassim Ahmad?

    What happens to those in the BN?

    A true bi-partisan politic or if-u-r-not-with-me-then-u-r-against-me strictly business?

    Save yr CPU time, & do something useful like praying for miracle in MH370!

  13. Kassim Ahmad is a self-declared enemy of Anwar Ibrahim and he is on record expressing some very extreme views on Anwar.

    I deplore the high-handed and totally unnecessary way the authorities have handled his case.

    However, given the circumstances, I can hardly blame Anwar if he choses to stay silent on Kassim Ahmad.

  14. Excerpts from the Malaysiakini interview with Kassim Ahmad:
    .... At the mere mention of his [Anwar] name, the controversial author’s tone hardened. He repeatedly expressed his desire to “spit”, “hang”, “behead” and “slap” the de facto" PKR leader.

    “As I have said, I am willing to hang Anwar to death. Even now I am willing to shoot him.

    “He is evil,” said Kassim (left in photo) while defending Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak on the Altantuya Shaariibuu issue..."


    "... Kassim’s ‘cold war’ with Anwar may have begun even earlier in 1986, when he believed that Anwar was behind the banning of his controversial book Hadis: Satu Penilaian Semula (Hadith: A Re-evaluation)..."

    Like one commentator said above, why pick on Anwar only?
    Are we being led here?
    How about Mahathir's comments?

  15. i recall i dabated kassim ahmad in the hypo-din blog on democracy. i cannot agree with many of his incoherent view, i find his writes has many contradiction, though profound and deep but i hardly understand his viewpoint. however i think he is one of the rare intellectual among malaysian. only a lancau cb govt would do shit do such a great 80 years old.

    and the funny part is now we have a so call civil movement anglo, and his cohort, criticize pr especially anwar on what the lancau cb govt did to the old man. lawak kan?