Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The face that sours a thousand litres of milk

Kong Fuzi who is better known in the English-speaking world as Confucius, said that "A picture is worth a thousand words", though within our Malaysian context, kaytee says "A picture such as above is guaranteed to sour the milk of a certain maid", wakakaka.

Poor dahleeeng, but please look at it as half a glass full rather half a glass empty ..... of stale milk of course, wakakaka.

But wait, gosh gawd omigosh, does this mean that Lim Guan Eng has, like kaytee, jumped over to the other side, the BN side ..... and no doubt as looes74 would accuse, is now pally chummy buddy with his lover boy Ah Jib Gor? Wakakaka.


  1. Yeah, kaytee......You have forgotten that Penang UMNO has boycotted the opening ceremony......hehehe, petty........HAHAHAHAHA!

  2. You have made similar conclusions from Anwar and Pak Lah being photographed having friendly discussions, and more recently, Anwar and Najib.
    Refer your Mothership article.

    What is good for the Goose should be good for the Gander as well ?

    1. Anwar ambushed AAB in Hulu SElangor whilst Lim GE was invited officially, wakakaka

    2. Lim GE was invited officially, is mamak's son also officially invited? wakakakak

    3. I woudl think so because of the historical Kedah connection with Penang

  3. Hmmm........Goose for the gander......Kaytee's midlife crisis.......HAHAHAHA!

  4. Najib and Guan Eng are both seasoned politicians and big boys too.One thing for sure.They sure know how to mix business with pleasure.Many red eyes and tongues wagging from the jilted spouses?

  5. the mean machine12:03 pm, March 05, 2014

    Kaytee,first Mr Manmanlai ambushed Miss Sweetie during Bersih.Then he ambushed Badawi.Since Manmanlai is so good at ambushing people,is it possible that he ambushed Saiful too?


  6. They move with the time
    Obama did the same thing
    Jump the wagon mate
    Let us celebrate with cheese!

    The smile we see
    Behind the specs something running
    The party different touch and go
    Tomorrow they will exchange words

    The mouth piece will say
    So many lawsuits and pay
    Yet the bruises they forget
    The dog and cat will chase

    And the Rajabrooke butterfly
    Spread its span of wings of colours
    The eyes watching the flow of sight
    Out of sight tomorrow a different shade of time

  7. Father shares some great moments with his son !

  8. There is no permanent enemies or friends in politics. So for some Greek sounding (definitely by definition not Christian but Cina) sweetie, this photo just added a few more white hairs. Since one must be paid to work, sweetie is trying hard to find a new angle to spin.

    But since the photo paints a 1000 words... what the hell is happening in Msia? Next? Tok Guru & Najib selfie? wakakaka...

    So it looks like PR units are scrambling to test waters white Tun & Daim are trying to sharpen the fork. Double wakakaka..

    All this just becos of satay.....

  9. DAP / UMNO alliance is a dream made in heaven....or a dream made in hell ?