Wednesday, March 19, 2014

MH370- Good night or Goodbye?

Let's start off with the Malay Mail Online's Non-Malays more accepting of child rape, says deputy home minister.

Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi has hit the jack pot ... of shit ... when he opined that there are more reports of statutory rapes among Malays ONLY because, as have been interpreted, the nons are more tolerant of bonking young sweeties or bonking among young kids, take your pick.

trust me, I'm UMNO

Note that I described him making that statement as 'opined', meaning he didn't and doesn't have any credible studies to back his idiotic and very racist statement.

Ambiga Sreenevasan could only respond to Wan Junaidi's moronic statement with these three simple but very telling words, "I am speechless".

You wonder why he would make such a birdbrained statement opinion?

Two reasons: one, as an UMNO minister he didn't have a clue on how to answer an embarrassing question and thus to avoid his embarrassment at Malay incidents of statutory rapes comprising 80% of such cases in 2012, he tembak kau kau - shot off from his hips which naturally resulted in him shooting his own foot; two, he is prejudiced, and must have been in order to make such a racist comment without any credible research to back his words.


Many Americans and indeed generally westerners do have their prejudice as well, which brings us to MH370.

Both MH370 pilots fit the criteria that westerners have feared since 9/11, namely, being Muslims and flying big airline aeroplanes.

Truly missed, truly Malaysian

Thus there is this insistent persistent consistent push to put the two pilots nicely in a square little box that Miss Pandora opened eons ago, and then lock the two gremlins up. Mystery of missing B777 thus solved! 'Twas those Muslim pilots!

Everyone and no doubt Boeing will heave a big sigh of relief.

So much so that there has been much ado about the four words that MH copilot Fariq Abdul Hamid last said, to wit, "All right, good night".

The four words have been dissected, bisected, inspected and analysed in their numerous permutations with such discerning, detailed and demanding fashion that would have turned the staff at the Oxford Dictionary Department green with envy.

Were they (the words) indicative of 'goodbye' or 'good riddance'?

Or worse, could they be 'All night, goodbye', a portent of what was about to happen next?

As many airline pilots would have told you easily, such greetings, salutations, compliments, sign off such as "Good morning", "Good night", "Good day", etc, are normal exchanges between them and ATC controllers.

Mind you, some military fighter pilots frown on such non-standard casual ta-ta in the way that Fariq had signed off with KL Air Traffic Control, and would sneer at the 'non professionalism' of such non-standard R/T (radio telecommunication).

But then, military fighter pilots are known to be an unsocial bunch, made so in some ways by others shunning them such as air traffic controllers (whenever possible) and even their own military counterparts in Transport, Maritime and Helicopter forces.

The latter would sneer at the so-called air force elite, where it's said that in Singapore they are paid more than those in the transport, maritime and helicopter units, while in other air forces as well they would be the ones likely to be promoted to become the air force No: 1.

Hmmm, perhaps there's an element of jealousy in the 'shunning' of the fighter mob, wakakaka.

My uncle told me that years ago, the RMAF fighter pilots were jokingly (and sneeringly) referred to, but in a derogatory way, by their transport and helicopter mates as the '7-Up Gang' who flew lil' machines with 'constant speed and variable noise', wakakaka.

Anyway, back to the "All right, good night", the point is if we want to read something into those four words by Fariq, without the necessity of resorting to the Bomoh's Manual for reading tea leaves or coffee dregs or the offal of kambing tersembelih, then we could say that Fariq said those words because it was 'eight bells and all's well' (everything okay) on board MH370 at that time - and without attempting to link those words to the precise moment (before or after) when the transponder and respectively the ACARS went off.

In fact, just in from TMI, an article titled Could MH370 have flown on autopilot after pilots passed out? is now saying what I had earlier said in:

(a) Where is MH370, or where MH370 is?

(b) Futher thoughts on MH370

Look, Fariq was preparing to marry his sweetheart in the way Teoh Beng Hock was too, so how could such people with happy plans be thinking of committing suicide?

But alas for Fariq, he's a Muslim and worse, also a pilot who attends mosque prayers regularly. OTOH, attending church services regularly is good and an indication of one's fine character, but regular mosque attendance ... hmmm? And some Americans might not have comforting thoughts about those criteria and behaviour. Besides, there hasn't been any other cause or clues to suggest differently to what their prejudice have been shouting out aloud.

Yessir, there have been snide insinuations too about Azaharie Ahmad Shah, the captain of MH370, and his home-made flight simulator with software for runway approaches at several airports in India and also Diego Garcia, the latter a British possession in the South Indian Ocean but in reality an American strategic air force base - do you know what's available at a USAF strategic base?

Then there's the attempt to link him with a humongous radical revolutionary revengeful disappointment over Anwar Ibrahim's recent conviction for sodomy. A la wag the dog?

Be that as it may, shall we then assume that Azaharie was prescient (could see into the future) and foresaw way way back months or even years ago about the recent (2014) conviction of Anwar Ibrahim and also his own associated disappointment, thus motivating him to build the flight simulator and buy those (probably US-made) software on runway approaches around the Indian Ocean, in anticipation of Anwar's trial and conviction, and of course also in anticipation of his own hijacking cum terrorism deviation?

Based on the above myth or now urban legend about Azaharie I might even dare bet he can now be found at the USAF Diego Garcia airport, probably distributing PKR leaflets to vote for Dr Wan Azizah.

USAF base at Diego Garcia

But sadly, Dr Wan Azizah has been a disappointing relative to Azaharie. According to a Malaysiakini report, Dr Wan Azizah has recently lied to disown Azaharie so as to distance Anwar Ibrahim from poor him - how heart broken would Azaharie be if he returns safely home to read about Dr Wan Azizah's betrayal of their relationship.

Azaharie has been a man who has led a happy life, playing around with his man's toys like aircraft models and the flight simulator, and making happy YouTube videos on how to repair aircon etc - he obviously had enjoyed doing all what he has done, making him one who is blessed with a joie de vivre (cheerful enjoyment of life; an exultation of spirit).

He has been a granddad but one who also enjoys politics in a passionate way, and an ardent follower of Anwar Ibrahim. He's liked and respected by his friends, including Indians and Chinese.

with best friend Peter Chong (gasp, a Chinese?)

Why would a person like him want to do something silly and radical like committing suicide or hijacking a MAS aircraft? If anything, I'm convinced he wants to campaign even harder and dedicatedly for Anwar Ibrahim, where there's still so much to be done.

Well, as I had said for Fariq, I'll say the same for Azaharie - he too is a Muslim and worse, another pilot flying a big airline aircraft - and some westerners especially Americans might not have comforting thoughts about him possessing these criteria.

When in defensive or clueless mode as our remarkable Deputy Home Minister had been, it's all too easy to manifest one's prejudice into some biased comments, without any substantial evidence to back up those comments a la wagging the dog.


  1. As usual everything is politicised.
    I'm just taking a analog with my family.
    My wife comes from a big family - 7 uncles from her side.
    I'm sure my parents have not met, and couldn't recall off hand All of my wife's uncles.

    But granted, if a crisis like this arose, just about everyone in the extended family , direct or related by marriage would know very quickly.

  2. I agree on the extended family bit - we have such a large family over 5 generations, I sure as hell do not know most of the people when it comes to external extended family members!

  3. The black box will tell all !

  4. The deputy minister may be wrong, but he's being honest !

    1. "honest" in his prejudiced tembak-ing? That's actually called "bullshitting"

  5. Aircraft. Pilot. Muslim.

    The 3 words together scare the hell out of some Western travellers, rightly or wrongly. Many will simply not take an airline from a Muslim country, unless simply unavoidable - they Need to travel there , and there is only one airline which flies there


    Really eerie thought of MH370 flying along for hours "normally" , controlled by the Autopilot, with all the crew and passengers in their seats unconscious or dead.

    1. have happened before - two cases as I wrote about in 'Msytery of MH370' - see


      also Helios Airways Flight 522 on 14 August 2005 - all 6 crew and 115 passengers died when the depressurized and therefore un-piloted aircraft ran out of fuel and crashed. In this case, the sad part was a flight attendant by the name of Andreas Prodromou who actually held a British commercial pilot licence was not unconscious presumably because he must have been using the oxygen mask, and was seen by the Greek Air Force F-16 pilot who flew alongside entering the cockpit to take over the pilot's control. But due to his inexperience and also total lack of experience on the B737, and the engines failing at that time (no more fuel) he couldn't save the flight. He died as well.

    2. The Beechcraft King Air case in Australia involved a small light plane, hard to say about their safety practices.
      The Payne Stewart case, the operator Sunjet Aviation had a history of maintenance problems with the Learjet, as well as broader engineering issues and maintenance violations.

      Private aviation operators tend to be less heavily regulated and disciplined by the FAA, compared to scheduled common carrier airlines which sell tickets to the general public.

      In the Helios air incident, the investigating authorities severely criticised Helios Air maintenance procedures as well as poor air crew training.
      In at least the last two cases, they could be said to be accidents waiting to happen, sooner or later.

      MAS is well respected in the airline industry in terms of engineering and safety. Whatever problems MAS has have to do with commercial acumen and business strategy.
      I have hardly heard any airline industry sources suggesting airline safety standards as a possible concern over the MH370 incident.
      Of course, accidents can still happen...

    3. Right! That's why I am reluctant to have that so called slow depressurisation on my list. It's easy to blame the pilots. It's extremely easy to blame the maintenance team. Kaytee has never worked in that field & hence more likely to pursue on his theory. And he has been wrong before on many issues.......Perhaps, not surprise to include this one

  7. "Based on the above myth or now urban legend about Azaharie I might even dare bet he can now be found at the USAF Diego Garcia".

    Dear KT....

    I have that notion too - because the satellite data suggests that the last 'ping' received from Flight MH370 was somewhere close to the Maldives and Diego Garcia. But Maldives/Diego Garcia/Chagos Islands are not included as one of the search corridor.

    The more I read and research on this case, it looks like electronic hijacking. But the motive is still hazy to me. The cargo industry did mention about something unknown and dangerous. I won't be surprised they will put the blame on the jihadist/extremist because of the Muslim pilots, as you have rightly indicated.

    - hasan

  8. Just a frank personal question, Ktemoc, since you are a "Cina".
    Are you and your relatives "more tolerant" of incest ?

    1. Generally, Chinese won't even want to marry someone with the same surname let alone commit incest. That socio-cultural has been governed by several thousands of years of indoctrination. Some Chinese with surnames Liu, Guan and Zhang won't even intermarry because their ancestors had become sworn brothers around 170 AD, two thousand years ago. For people with these surnames to intermarry would (in their belief) be akin to incestuous relationships.

    2. OK. Another question, since "Cina" are also implicated by the news report.

      Are you and your relatives "more tolerant" of Underaged Sex as alleged by the Right Honourable Deputy Minister ?

    3. I doubt any Asian society is

    4. BTW, in Indonesia 'Cina' is considered an insulting word.

      So what's yr intention of using Cina in an English question?

    5. Among some Malay circles (not all) "Cina" is also an insult.
      Just giving you a general flavour of the situation.

      What do you think Wan Junaidi was doing ?

      He was Deputy Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat, mind you.

    6. Which religion allows underaged sex ?

    7. Islam allows girls who have reached puberty to be married. That can go down a very tender age.
      There is evidence to suggest social mores allowing very young marriage may tend to encourage consideration of minors as sex objects, indirectly encouraging underage sex.

    8. among Asian countries, Bangladesh has the highest record of marriages (and therefore sex) for girls below 15

      meanwhile in Indonesia, 12% of girls were married below 15. It was also noted that many Indon Muslim clerics had multiple marriages of underage girls, many of whom were below 12. In Aceh, it's said that many underage girls were married even before puberty.

      Indonesian prosecutors tried to stop this practice (of underage girls being married) by demanding severe punishments for the clerics but the courts usually handed out light sentences.

      You have to decide for yourself what would be their religions

    9. Itu deputy menteri ahh....dia sendiri sudah malu dengan report itu about 80% from Melayu lash out lah.....and what could be easier than to pick on the minorities again. What is he going to say about buang bayi, bohsia, drug addicts, snatch thieves/road wayside robberies....all these would mean, according to him, the minorities have more tolerance too ? If these ministers still continue on merrily with their racial though competing with that Mamak king and his perkosa it any wonder why the Chinese will continue to vote for the Opposition ?

      If the Chinese were to say the same to the Malays....that Awang Tak Selamat from Utoosan will come out with guns blazing...jangan hina Melayu, jangan insult Melayu, Agama dan Raja, blah blah blah. Already that Jasin fella have said the Chinese are not dying enough for the country re the Lahad Datu Sulu incursion... And they said Melayu are such a gentle and sopan race. Porrrdahh !

    10. KT 6.00 is a good reference for Junaidi !

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I deleted this comment because I feel it should be the minister we can criticize, but not one of his family members

  10. Why not use the case of the statutory rape by a sitting CM of Malacca on an underage Malay schoolgirl as a comparision.Hehe,

  11. I think it is just a normal ‘good night’ which also to mean that I am leaving the Malaysia Air Space/ATC and now entering the Vietnamese Air Space/ATC.

    However, thinking maliciously that the pilots are involved and responsible for this mystery and linking it to the Muslim jihadists or extremists or hijackers – they must be damn bloody good because so far the employment of the best brains and the best assets with the best technology have failed to locate them. I am speechless too – don’t know whether to be worried scared or proud of the pilot(s)encyclopedic knowledge.

    - hasan

    1. IF the pilot (s) are truly involved.....yes, one could really say hats off to their prowess to evade detection. But then Malaysia is doomed....we don't need more of such Muslims from our country to further smear our already shaky reputation as a safe nest/transit point for terrorists/hijackers/human traffickers.

      In the beginning, I am more inclined to KT's hypoxia theory and the fire accident put forward by one Chris Goodfellow.....but as the days progressed with more and more country coming forward willing to divulge 'sensitive' information ( but alas, ever so untimely ), one is inclined to believe this whole mysterious disappearance of a huge machine with over 200 people in it is not merely an accident in the air. The pilot/s may not be involved ( meaning culpable ) but more and more, it is pointing towards a deliberate action.

    2. I would like to hold on to this piece of news here:

      From my research and from my heart, I can confirm that MAS and the pilots and the crew had got nothing to do with this mystery. If I am wrong I promise myself that I would never ever fly MAS or perhaps any Muslim Airlines again.

      - hasan

  12. Kaytee,
    Are you in the aussie parliament? Tony Abbott's revert in parliament on MH370

    Meanwhile in Malaysia

    1. Sorry Looes, I do not think it is MH370’s wreckage. BTW the satellite photo was dated 16 March 2014.

      Please read this below:


      UNITED NATIONS, March 17 -- A UN-backed nuke watchdog confirmed that it has not detected an explosion or crash linked to the disappearance of the Malaysian plane, a UN spokesman told reporters here on Monday.

      "Regarding the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), based in Vienna, confirmed over the weekend that neither an explosion nor a plane crash on land or on water had been detected so far," said Stephane Dujarric, spokesperson for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, at the daily briefing.

      Flight MH 370, with 239 people on board, vanished early March 8 on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The search for the missing aircraft has now been expanded deep into the northern and southern hemispheres.

      Adopted by the UN General Assembly on Sept. 10, 1996, the CTBTO is an international organization designed to promote the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, which bans nuclear test explosions. The organization operates a worldwide monitoring system to collect acoustic and seismic signals.

      Therefore, airplane accidents, if there is any, may be detected by the CTBTO's International Monitoring System, said Dujarric. " This verification system has been put in place to detect nuclear explosions but is also able to detect the explosion of a larger aircraft, as well as its impact on the ground or on water."

      The spokesperson noted that the Executive Secretary of the CTBTO, Lassina Zerbo, had mentioned this possibility, saying that he will put the sensors of the organization at work.

      "He also encouraged all scientists from member states to carefully study the available data," Dujarric added.

      In the past, CTBTO stations have detected some plane accidents, including the crash of a plane at Narita airport in Japan in March 2009.


      - hasan

    2. Did I say that's affimative that is the wreckage of MH370? I am merely focusing on the need of PM to address MH370 issues in parliament. The fact that Hisham is only willing to brief BN MPs & later talk cock about willing to brief pakatan mps if they are willing demonstrate the fact that the one who is really politicing is.......BN......Hehehehe

    3. You got me Looes. Your point escaped me. I need an espresso. Anyway, my take is I do not agree with Abbott or Hisham or LKS. It is not the time yet to brief the MPs or to discuss this issue in parliament. It looks like someone is trying to gain some political mileage. – hasan

    4. With due respect Hasan, Hisham aka the acting PM decided to have a close door briefing with BN MPs. Huh? I tak faham! You mean that Kinabatangan fellow is more knowledgeable than any pakatan mps.

      Time for Hasan to advise that MP how to be a good MP......That Kinabatangan fella with a new wife