Saturday, March 08, 2014

Who replaces Anwar in Kajang by-election?

Until the court's guilty verdict on Anwar Ibrahim yesterday, PKR had been experiencing increasing sporadic palpitations with each passing day as the voters' feedback were analysed. Anwar was no doubt still going to win but with very much reduced majority compared to Lee Chin Cheh's. That just would not do! In fact it would have been disastrous for his reputation.

Perhaps PKR heard that mahjung sets were already being readied for voting day, wakakaka. And who was to be blamed for Kajang voters gradually losing their interests?

'Twas none other than the clowns in the circus called PKR - they were character-assassinating themselves everyday to the dismay of their supporters and to the immense delight of BN people.

My visitor Abdul Rahman who had worked with Anwar Ibrahim before had forecast that Anwar, on seeing the major obstacles ahead in his hopeful trek towards the MB post, namely, a defiant Khalid Ibrahim, an unhappy PAS (Selangor) and possibly the Palace, might withdraw. Abdul Rahman's prediction has come true though not for the reasons he had forecast.

Back to PKR prior to Anwar's conviction - Some worried about the weakening support for Anwar and diminishing interests in the polls (though Anwar would have still won) must have beseeched the gods for good fortune. With the involuntary sembelih of Anwar Ibrahim at the judicial altar, their pleas have been answered.

Now it's believed that PKR will win in Kajang on 23 March 2014, and very comfortably!

But who is to be the new PKR candidate to be nominated on Tuesday?

Three names were offered, namely (i) Nurul Izzah, (ii) Rafizi Ramli and (iii) Nasution Saifuddin. Do you know of more? [This question doesn't have to be answered by looes74 who in his silly way is likely to propose DAP's Teresa Kok].

Now, before answering this question, just take a step backwards to review the true reason for The Kajang Betrayal - I believe and many others do as well, that PKR's high falutin' bullshit for creating an unnecessary by-election in Kajang were just what they were, bullshit! The true aim had been to move Khalid aside to make way for someone, not so much Anwar, though for DAP to support PKR's new MB, it has to be (at least on the surface) Anwar.

With this in mind, will Nurul Izzah serve that 'aim'? Of course not, so it's most likely there will be strong internal PKR objections to her nomination. Besides, she's only a tender chook in her sweet 30's, hardly a suitable candidate to be MB and one who may cause PAS to choke on their mi soto, wakakaka.

G is good but you still need other right chords

Saifuddin - if the original 'aim' is to be achieved, nah! Do you believe for a second that PAS and DAP will support him being MB? Besides, he was rejected by voters in Kulim, thus hardly a strong candidate.

Mind you, of the three proposed PKR candidates he's the only one without a MP or ADUN position - kesian saja, but to overcome his current political destitution, he must first mohon ampun from Dr Syed Husin for what he naughtily did at APCET II, and then mandi bunga, wakakaka.

Rafizi Ramli - a member of the PKR 'inner coterie' and one who may possibly achieve the original 'aim', BUT, yes a big BUT, will PAS accept this rather junior chap as MB? Unlikely though DAP may and I'll give my reason for this belief later.

PAS Selangor harbours both ambition to lead the state government and resentment at being placed second to PKR when it has more ADUNs than PKR.

Boy, would PAS have been insufferably arrogant if it had also won Kota Damasara which it thought it could, thus leading it to treacherously field Ridzuan Ismail against PSM's Nasir Hashim and UMNO's Halimaton Saadiah Boha, a sabotaging of PSM in a 3-corner contest which resulted in UMNO winning that seat - otherwise UMNO would have only 11 ADUNs, wakakaka.

And PAS would have provided obstacles to even Anwar's bid for the MB position if Manmanlai were to win Kajang.

You see, poor angry PAS (with 15 ADUNs) has been gritting its teeth and suffering in smothering silence as it sees Khalid Ibrahim gradually going about his lonesome solo self on such important state matters as the RM10 billion water agreement and god-knows-what's-next. Aiyah, if only DAP doesn't support PKR.

That Selangor PAS is being led by the ulama faction hasn't and won't endear it to DAP which, due to its own disqualification from the MB position, prefers a PKR Malay to be the MB,

..... which has been why I venture to say DAP would rather have a young Rafizi as the state MB rather than PAS Iskandar Abdul Samad. And DAP's 15 plus PKR's 14 is greater than PAS' 15 plus UMNO's 12, wakakaka.

So now how?

Don't forget Khalid Ibrahim is still around as The Most Royal-Loyal MB, wakakaka.

Though Khalid is now viewed with some suspicion by DAP, not so much because of the froggy rumours but more because Khalid is seen as a bloke who doesn't work as a member of a (Pakatan) team but all by his lonesome self, believing the state of Selangor is like his old Guthrie conglomerate - in short as a MB, he is a loose cannon in Pakatan who has been said not to consult his Pakatan partners on state issues.

Will DAP stick by him as the lesser of the two evils (loose cannon versus hudud cannon), or dump him for Rafizi or Nurul (both young as they may be) as the new MB, assuming of course that HRH agrees and approves? We're assuming one of them becomes the new candidate for Kajang.

Again as I say, DAP's 15 plus PKR's 14 is greater than PAS' 15 plus UMNO's 12, wakakaka so PAS can get stuff.

And for young Nurul as a compromise MB (assuming DAP abandons Khalid as too loose a cannon), it'll be good training for her as a future PM in say, about 15 years time.

But alas, if Nurul is the new Kajang-cum-MB candidate, I doubt all PKR's 14 will stand behind her for either Kajang or MB, wakakaka.

Whoa, wait a minute, did I miss out someone? Wakakaka. I believe he's not accepted by either PAS or DAP or even some of his PKR colleagues, wakakaka.

(L) the MP, (R) the ADUN


What about recalling a reluctant Dr Wan or a retired Dr Syed Husin?

Or, why not suggest Muhammad Muhammad, wakakaka. After all, Anwar thinks so highly of him, wakakaka, considering he (Mx2) had asserted that the real victim in the sodomy case against Anwar was Saiful Bukhari Azlan. Mx2 had said:

"But now it looks like someone else has become the victim and people do not care about Saiful and his family. We should defend him because he was the one who was assaulted."

a good Pakatan MB for Selangor?
though not fluent in English he's an ace with money matters


Interesting times for us, especially when it's a virtual shoo-in for the new PKR candidate.


  1. FUCK LA! Why not Teresa Kok? Why can't you think that it's actually DAP reputation is at stake......Hahahaha! Come to think of it, though kaytee's wishes seeing Anwar incarcerated has been answered......My sister's cat is vindicated.....HAHAHAHA!

    By the way, do you know that Rafizi's Azmin man.......HAHAHAHA! Aiyo....As for PAS Selangor, it's kinda split between 2 gangs. One belongs to Khalid Samad's gang & the other one is the Solar Powered group led now by Iskandar Abdul Samad.....Iskandar 's Hasan Ali beri good friend......Since kaytee FUCKING CIBAI CARE about Selangor, he didn't even bother about Penang......HAHAHA The world would stop spinning if that Iskandar comes into power......The only fella I respect in PAS Selangor that can take over MBship is Saari Sungip......Even that also kenna screwed by PAS own gang......Hahahaha

    Seriously, I am extremely tickled by kaytee's suggestion that time would fuckingly heal.....Time to summon the australia fucking constitutional crisis.....One fucking similar incident parallel with Nizar Jamaluddin's dismissal................Gough Whitlam was summarily dismissed by John Kerr, Governor General of Australia.....An appointed official by Her Majesty the Queen.......The whole highling stinking CIBAI BULLSHIT goes on for the next 2 years......Ended with Malcolm Fraser winning with a landslide

    KAYTEE, You wanna be screwed all the time by Najib & UMNO-BN BY ALL FUCKING MEANS.....Kindly leave us out of it

    Meanwhile, one MAS plane went missing this morning & now reported to be crashed in Vietnam waters........Prayers should be gone to them.....Hope that all would be saved.

    1. The Guy who knows2:52 pm, March 08, 2014

      The longest time Ktemoc has spent in Selangor in the past 10 years has probably been the transit area of KLIA in Sepang. And never been anywhere near Kajang.

      In reality Ktemoc knows fuck all , cares fuck all about Selangor.
      This blog is just a platform to attack Anwar.

    2. To be fair, you do not have to read Ktemoc's blog

  2. "If PKR now puts up a monkey for the by-election, I will vote for the monkey"
    - my Kajang friend's reaction to yesterday's verdict.

  3. Kaytee,
    Let's limit the subject to who is the candidate.First,the candidate need to be a resident in Selangor.Among the names mentioned I am not sure whether Saifuddin has changed his residency to Selangor.Otherwise,he is disqualified.

    Knowing state of mind of Pakatan leaders,whenever Anwar is indisposable the natural shoo-in in Dr Wan Azizah.Not so much as a candidate for Kajang but they need someone to take over the job of galvanizing Pakatan.Next to Anwar,Azizah is the person acceptable to everybody.Wan Azizah started to play that role today at the Pakatan Convention in Shah Alam.

    Finally,whoever the candidate for Kajang it does not threaten TS Khalid position as Selangor MB.Royal MB declared he will not resign and the palace wants him to stay on the job.

    Like it or not,Azmin will decide on the candidate.Who?

    1. Abdul Rahman,
      If Azmin is the one who do the decision, no need to guess.....Rafizi Ramli......Hahahaha! Wanna bet!
      Me still prefer Teresa Kok. Guarantee deposit hilang

  4. Rumour has it (wait that's a song by Adele) Azmin has been sending out feelers about his acceptance for Kajang and the results are not good. Background man will push someone else (Rafizi) into limelight. But this game of chess is now open to PAS. Time for M2 to offer himself?

  5. enough of this big talk (blow water, 吹水, chui-shui) from whatever rahman, raja anglo n u la, far worst than the fortune teller in lady street, no really that different with the idiotic looes.

    1. What HY........Okie, some singapore hokkien lessons......Penang hokkien to Taiwanese sounds like teochew.....Hahahaha!

      Lee Bee wah, melaka born singapore MP started all this hokkien talking in parliament

      I do hope that kaytee would never engage singaporeans & taiwanese in phonetic hokkien, I guarantee kaytee vomit blood & mampus

  6. So now Bhai doesn't need to lend a hand for sympathy votes. Whatever Rafizi was thinking for going satay seems stupid with Anwar's conviction. In photo opps at court, AA looks a worried man. Bad guy, lost opportunity to be Deputy MB, the reason for Selangor's woes & now benefactor going for holiday. Looks like even his push in PKR election is now a bridge too far. The long nomination period seems to be doing its work well... to make PR, especially PKR look stupid.

    For PKR, its better to cut their looes' early. Wakakaka

  7. This is the time that we should focus our attention to the missing MAS plane. As usual, in times of crisis, countries that some times have conflicts come together. One of them happens to be from Down South

  8. Er if Khalid is removed then he will join UMNO therefore DAP'S 15 and PKR'S 13 will be no greater than PAS'S 15 and UMNO'S 13.

    Unless he is really a lousy politician.

  9. If one is guilty of buggery then one should just accept the court’s decision. It is better to stop pretending to be a man of God or to keep emphasizing rectitude versus error.

    “ai pinis bagarap” – from Melanesian pidgin language, meaning “I’m done in” or “I’m finished” or “ I’ve had it”.

    Kajang is a move no more. Heck, there are so many surrogates and sahibs in PKR, still. Just take your pick to replace LCC. It is a treachery.

    - hasan

    1. i disagree with the first para.

    2. Thanks KT for the editing... it is very good.

      HY... why disagree? Is it because one has the right to remain continuous with one's past?

      - hasan

    3. i dun know what is wrong with anus, just like i dun know what is wrong with oral.

    4. I can agree with you that ‘anal and oral’ can be accepted as the mores of our permissive society. However, in my religion, it still permissible for me to do a 69 with my spouse but ‘sondol belakang’ is a total ban in Islam.

      BTW, once upon a time, long time ago, I prayed beside AA with AI as the imam, in a mosque. I hope it can help you to understand the reason for my coldness.

      - hasan

  10. Kaytee,Khalid will still be MB,no matter how large the majority is or even if Mei Fun lost her deposit,no matter who the next candidate from PKR is.I hope it is Nurul or any other than Rafizi or Nasution.

    Rafizi is a smart chap but as a politician he is like a stupid dude high on weeds or something worse.He keeps barking non stop at Khalid even with the Kajang by erection day drawing closer.He keeps telling every body,their dogs and cats how useless Khalid is.If Rafizi is the candidate the winning margin will not be that big.And anyway I do not think that Khalid's team will let him be the candidate.In fact if Khalid goes for the president and Nurul for the deputy and both won,Rafizi will be more quite than a mouse and gradually demoted to be a foot soldier or barking dog as he is now.Nobody wants a very disloyal trouble maker in his inner circle,standing or seating next to him.

    Rafizi's head has gone haywire over his new MP status,immature as a politician and has no loyalty towards his party's MB.And Azmin,forget about him.He will run faster than a jack rabbit back to Umno.Not ot forget he is sueing his party's new's letter for calling him an Umno clone (or something like that) for what,money?Money,Umno has mountains of ringgit,that is the reason he will be back in Umno as he know's that he cannot ride on Anwar's coat tails anymore.

    1. Bruno,
      The problem is Azmin holding the shots. So most likely Rafizi. Hehehe, Khalid's team or if there is ever a team would prevent Rafizi from being candidate meh. See, yours also wishful thinking.......Hence, why I say.....Fuck la, go for teresa kok, end of story.......Hahahaha.......Next GE, Ezra Zaid as MB Selangor........Hahahaha!