Monday, March 31, 2014

One person one vote - the Shahidan Concept?

Shahidan Kassim is a minister in the PM's Department which basically means they don't have a proper ministry to give to him but have to make him a minister to keep him quiet, wakakaka.

Shahidan has just told us that 'One Person One Vote' does not reflect equality.

According to him, the silly idea of 'one person, one vote' is not suitable for our nation unless it is implemented in accordance with the country's multi-racial composition. I wonder how 'one person, one vote' can be implemented in other ways than what it says, namely, one person is allowed one vote. Is there any other way?

But wait, the key word perhaps may be Shahidan's understanding of 'equality'.

If that's the case then maybe he has in mind that the 'one vote' of some people could be like the Chinese deity, Monkey God, who, according to Chinese folklore, could transform and multiple his divine self into as many clones as he wishes.

Mind, I am mentioning this only in the spirit of ... er ... the spirits ... of Raja Bomoh.

He (Shahidan, not Raja Bomoh) then elaborated further for our poor uncomprehending minds which still cannot grasp what he had implied by 'one vote one person' implemented in accordance with the country's multi-racial composition (could it be other than 'one person one vote'?). I'm still keen on that Monkey God magic, wakakaka.

Anyway, Shahidan said rather 'cleverly':

“One Shahidan might be equivalent to one Mahfuz but one Loke might not be same as one Shahidan.”

Now, to my simple mind, I read Shahidan and Mahfuz as Malay names and Loke as that of a Chinese, unless of course the Loke was wrongly written and should have been Lokman, wakakaka.

Aha! My reading above was confirmed when Shahidan added: “The concept of one person, one vote must be based on racial breakdown, economic and family background.”

Okay, I can now understand what he meant, as we know that our population by racial breakdown would roughly be (I'm going to separate bumiputera into Malays and Natives):

Malays 50%, Natives 15%, Chinese 28%, Indians 7%,

... so if we use the Indian percentage population as a base (or factor) of 1, then the following (as near as possible without going into decimal points - remember, I'm simple minded) will be the voting power of each individual by race a la the Monkey God's magical transformation:

Malay 7x
Native 2x
Chinese 4x
Tambee 1x

So when a Malay cast his or her vote, according to what I understand of  Shahidan Kassim's statements, that will be equal to 7 Indian votes, the Indian vote being the basic voting currency, wakakaka.

The Chinese vote will be about half of the Malay vote but sorry lah Waytha, please don't curse the Chinese as this is Shahidan's formula as I have interpreted it, 4 times that of the Indian vote and most terrible of all, twice that of a Native.

So taking Sungai Siput federal constituency as an example, where its ethnic breakdown would be (approximately) Malay 31%, Chinese 41% (f**k those Chinese), Indian 23%, and Others 5%, this will work out in accordance with the Shahidan Concept as (initially) Malays 273%, Chinese 164% (now, vis-a-vis the Malays that's more like it), Indians 23% (base factor) and Others 0.2%. Once the above 'initial' percentages have been appropriately and proportionately reduced to a grand total of 100%, they will give us (roughly):

Malays 60%, Chinese 35% and Indians 5%, with the Others wiped out into insignificant nothing-ness.

Surely this would be a true and valid verification of the Shahidan Concept, one where we see the Malaysia Boleh's version of 'one person one vote', with a bit of assistance from helpful kaytee, wakakaka.

Okay the above has been relatively simple to work out, in accordance with my simple mind, but I'm not quite sure what he has meant by 'economic and family background' affecting the 'one person one vote' concept.

Did he mean that richer people will have more voting power, or less?

As for 'family background' I have to admit I haven't a clue as to what he has in mind, unless he's doubling up on his factor of race?

But can't we simplify the Shahidan Concept further by just divvying up parliament's 222 seats into (in accordance with our racial breakdown, roughly)

Malays 111 seats
Natives 33 seats
Chinese 62 seats
Indians 16 seats

and let those ethnic groups fight it out among themselves in a contest without the necessity of constituencies - maybe a lottery style draw? wakakaka.

Thus UMNO, PAS and part of PKR will fight for 111 seats, while MCA, SUPP, part of DAP and part of Gerakan will contest 62 Chinese-only seats (and f**k PCM, wakakaka).

As for the Indians, a host of Indian based parties like MIC, KIMMA, HRP, Hindraf, Punjab Party of Malaysia, All Malaysian Indian Progressive Front, Makkal Sakthi, etc will fight it out with parts of PKR, Gerakan, DAP and wakakaka the Tamil speaking divisions of UMNO for the 16 seats allocated to Indians.

Mind you, I can't claim credit for this because in 2008, just immediately after the general election when Pakatan formed majority rule in Perak, Dr Syed Husin stated that the Perak exco should reflect the ethnic breakdown of the state. Then I did wonder whether his statement was motivated by the DAP winning more seats than PKR in Perak. But now I think I'm beginning to understand why he had said that, thanks to Shahidan Kassim.


  1. This CBMF of a minister IS not saying something NEW!

    It's the lowest denominator in their ketuanan blur-sotong concept. It has been whispered among them BUT never before openly declared, simply they have not reached that level of madness.

    Now, is the TIME.

    This crypt of moronic cartel has gone ultral mad - fulfilling the test of that age old saying of;

    when god wants to destroy someone, he first makes him mad!

  2. Winner of Nobel prize 2014, Shahidan !
    Congrats !

  3. That the Perak Exco needed/ needs to reflect the ethnic composition of the State was/is simply good sense.

    Neither the Pakatan Exco nor the BN Exco after that achieved that (with different sets of problems) , which is one of the contributing factors to the continuing instability in the state.

    That the Malaysian government civil service as well as uniformed services such as the Police and the Army also needs to reflect the ethnic composition of the nation is also simple good sense, which unfortunately, there is no political will to achieve.

  4. This Lagu Klasik ala P Ramlee says it all lah......"Umno Penipu Nombor Satu...Cakap Auta.....masuk angin keluar asap"......wakakakaka.

  5. Chinese is not 28%, it is now 23.7% and going down. Exaggerating your numbers, hmm?

  6. Shahidan was joking.Tomorrow is April 1st. He got his dates wrong.

  7. the mean machine8:36 pm, March 31, 2014

    Kaytee,first of all the most important factor in Malaysian elections.What this stooge has admitted and has been practiced for ever in Malaysian politics.One person one vote and for some it is according to economics.It is the carrots as famously distributed to Warthamoorthy's gang every GE.Has anyone forgotten the lorries distributing goodies to herds of hungry people jumping and snatching whatever they can get from the people on top of the lorries.

  8. When it comes to stupidity, this guy wins hands down. He thinks the racial composition ican be so clearly defined. What about those who don't fall into those four categories you mentioned? Also, he had the audacity to say that Malays should vote for Malays , then only can the election be considered fair.

  9. the gaffe guy who know's10:03 pm, March 31, 2014

    Two constitutional lawyers have come out and said that it is illegal for Anwar to stand for the party presidential elections.It can also have the party de-registered.What the fuck this sodomist and power hungry guy is thinking or smoking?

  10. not relevant to this article, or perhaps it is since i wish to put this on record as a bukan melayu (race again), in 1985 i am a student, i watched on tv a makcik that cry in rage or pain holding something (is that a parang?) n the news reported something about many malaysian dead. i dun know what happen, even today i still dun know what happen, my feeling at that time was how an old lady could pose threat to a govt, n why people died?

    a fucking anglo now accuse the bukan melayu welcome the govt action, what a liar. unbelievable cheap.

    1. That half anmoh has a big chip on his shoulder, so much so that grinding off that chip causes him MORE bruised ego!

      Right now the chief target is the vernacular educated Ah Beng, whom he called stupid repeatedly - forgetting that those AH Bengs who r gamed to voice in his blog r his blind-as-bat admirers!

      For those other Ah Bengs, who r up to par with him with his rants, have already abandoned his ship long ago, thus his heightened sense of (dis-)royalty, which he claimed entitlement.

      The more he felt isolated by his once royal followers, the more he wanted to recruited them back - by posting more AhBeng-bashing articles, usually by some idiotic bloggers who r still wet in the pant.

      Ignore him, till his followers remain those of the same as the onow half-dead demi-negara's choir. Then he would shut the F**K up, just to mind his own peace!

  11. Here you are trying to understand him but I doubt he with nothing between the ears will ever understand your logic..

  12. How about looking at it this way -- adhering to the Affirmative Action principle of giving more assistance to those who are socially disadvantaged, the Natives and Indians, by virtue of their numbers making up the lowest percentage of the Malaysian population, their votes to be fair ought to be given more weight: thus each Native vote should be counted as 4 and each Indian vote counted as 2.

  13. About two and half-months ago I attended the wedding of Ameer, who is Dato’ Seri Dr. Shahidan Kassim’s son. The VVIP guests were Tun Mahathir, The Prime Minister and The First Lady, and The Chief Secretary to The Government. The wedding was held at One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya.

    With the above as the backdrop, my take on this topic is this; presently the Government of the day has got no integration policy at the top. It is still UMNO, MCA, MIC, etc… It still means ‘divide and rule’ or “Kau jaga bangsa kau dan aku jaga bangsa aku”. For as long as we have that policy/political groupings we shall remain and stay divided forever.

    Your last paragraph, I think ‘adalah amat sungguh tersangat dalam maknanya’.

    - hasan

  14. This is Melayu country , faham ?
    Fuck the Chinese.

    1. they have already been fucked for quite a while - happy? wakakaka

    2. Not only the Chinese have been taken for a ride but all other non-Umnoputras have also been had.

  15. Shahidan is a good guy.
    I've known him for many years, definitely no racist.


    Thank God for Hisham....

    I take back all the harsh words I have said in the past about Hisham.

    Hisham for Next PM !

  17. Bung Mokhtar backs Shahidan.

    Great minds think alike.....wakakakakaka

  18. Ktemoc apparently criticizes both BN and Pakatan politicians.
    However, I notice that he only really shows intense zeal when tearing into Anwar Ibrahim and his PKR sidekicks.
    When it comes to BN , like in this case of Shahidan, his critiques are insipid and almost disinterested..

  19. What's so new about Shahidan's behavour? Since Tunku's time, the non melayus have been UNDERrepresented. Plus so many people including anehs masquerading as melayus, that ensures that the so called melayus got the larger share. Anyway, I am getting lazy to talk about this when certain people refuses to focus on getting rid of any peaceful means including street demos