Friday, March 14, 2014

Wagging the dog

Remember in a previous post Where is MH370, and where MH370 is? I wrote about the Australian media and how a TV Channel aired an incident about the copilot of MH370, Fariq Abdul Hamid, allegedly inviting two South African women to the flight deck of an aircraft flying from Phuket to KL (maybe a B737?).

It was tasteless and shameful of that TV Channel to rubbish a man who has gone missing in a lost aircraft, and one who won't be able to answer back (at least until he's found alive somewhere if he's not already dead).

I mentioned that unfortunately that's the downside of a free Australian media which for the purpose of ratings and their commercial viability would not hesitate at times to stoop down real low (like paying questionable but controversially delightful-for-TV interviewees) to air sleazy scandalous stuff.

The recent Schapelle Corby case was an example of the vulture-like antics of the Aussie news media where Schapelle's sister was rumoured to have been paid to give a TV review on Schapelle's case following her recent release on parole by the Indonesian authorities.

Some of her reckless allegations (good for TV ratings) so riled the Indonesian government that it considered cancelling Schapelle's parole and re-imprisoning her. Now, wouldn't that just be further great TV news?

Yes, some of the media misuse their freedom of speech/expression during their strive for higher ratings by promoting gossipy scandals without a shit of a care for those affected, like digging up and revealing the identity of a man who won the Aussie lotto of $60 million dollars and who obviously had wanted his identity to remain confidential for his personal security, or like poor Fariq Abdul Hamid who now isn't around to provide his side of the story.

But these haven't been as bad as wagging the dog, which would consist of 'leaking' so-called 'news' but always from an 'un-named source' or 'an official who spoke on conditions of anonymity', and which 'leak' would hopefully trigger some juicy but injudicious response from a bono fide source, for example, like a minister or an IGP, wakakaka.

We have been getting a lot of so-called 'un-named officials' apparently leaking all sorts of theories, as if by claiming such sources are 'insiders' or 'officials who prefer to be un-named', the media stories would sound both plausible and credible.

The latest is that MH370 has been hijacked and taken somewhere in the direction of the Andaman Islands.

Quite frankly, on a personal basis I love a happy ending too and only wish this story is true and that the B777 had landed safely on one of the Andaman islands on a secret strip prepared by the hijackers, and all on board are still alive but constrained by armed air-pirates who will demand several billions of dollars for their release, or the release of political prisoners from Country X, Y or Z.

Anyway, with each passing day of the missing MH370 I notice and grudgingly concede our Minister for Foot-in-his-Mouth seems to be getting better at handling the press, wakakaka.

In the Malay Mail Online report titled Malaysia to widen search for MH370, says satellite signals unconfirmed, when Hishammuddin, wakakaka, was asked to confirm reports (from ‘un-named’ US officials in the Pentagon, wakakaka) that satellites had picked up signals from MH370 long after it disappeared, he replied that investigators were well aware of the reports, but said they had come from ‘unnamed officials’ and thus remain ‘unverified’.

When pressed on what information Malaysia has with regards to Pentagon (again ‘un-named’) officials saying MH370 might have been diverted towards the Indian Ocean, he stated: “I said a lot of unnamed officials are making certain suggestions. I think we need to go deeper into who actually made those statements. At the moment, I don’t have that information.”

Bravo Minister, I’m glad you’re showing the cool clinical composure we want to see in our officials, and f**k those ‘un-named officials’, wakakaka,

I know the media is hungry for new angles in the news and there’s a hungry public out there ranging from China to all around the world, but don’t let the tail wag the dog.

Incidentally, WSJ has corrected one of its reports (about Rolls Royce receiving MH370 ACARS transmissions during the 5-hour period after its last known position in the South China Sea) which Hisham had asserted as incorrect, and which of course now means poor Hisham had been correct all along but we (including distrusting kaytee, wakakaka) had rather believed WSJ than him, wakakaka. Poor Hisham.

The Israeli tail wagging the American dog


  1. First , let me say I don't know anything about the people in question, so I am not judging or making any comment on them.

    My previous career in my younger days involved spending a lot of time travelling away from home, though I wasn't in the airline business.
    I noticed that quite often people (not all) , when they are free, away from the country, away from home, away from the watching eyes of the family, and with generous company travelling allowances to spend, behave in ways which their parents, spouses or siblings would be utterly shocked to find out.about.....

    1. So what's your point?

    2. Isn't that obvious?

    3. No its not. What's this got to do with MH370?

  2. Part & parcel of a free press.......

    Anyway, another take on Hisham

    I think an ex Malaysia's diplomat assessment on Hisham is much more credible. Hisham is no King Ghaz. He's not even S Jayakumar

  3. If u r holding a job that put many people's life under yr control, make f**king sure that u have NO closet skeleton. Otherwise grow a thicker skin!

    Once a problem occurred, u could face a very rude shock, both to u & yr close-ones -that people WOULD not be that much forgiving as if there were NO problem. All yr closet skeletons would be exposed till kingdom comes.

    It comes with the job!

    No amount of stonewalling argument COULD justified yr past behaviours. Period.

    I'm deeply puzzled that KT could forget this effect, judging from his constant AI bashing.

    BTW, at least WSJ had the gut to correct the mistake, as the technical infos wasn't easy for a lay person to understand. But infos-wise, the concept was sound.

    Talk about tail wagging the dog, I cant help noticing that the recent drastic improvement in the PC by the people handling the MH370 were well choreographised by, perhaps some well-paid PR con-sultant, at the expense of the rakyat.

    Facing the local meek press reporters r one thing that these 'high & mighty top Brass' can be easily handled - a simple phone call to the chief editors can always covered up the blunders.

    But the international press is a different kind of fish, just like the erection Maidin learnt the hard way & his pak pandek sekampung NEVER seemed to keep that episode in mind!

    One more bone to pick - now that Ariel Sharon is death, don't u think it's disrespectful to bring up something he could no longer defensed - using the same argument about the sensationalism u so detested in Fariq's case, noted that in his case the 'fabrication' was supported by photos taken.

    Liken yr sifu - tail wagging the dog? More like double standard!

    1. Ariel Sharon was a known war criminal who was protected by religiously subservient Americans and the war-guilt and cringe of many European countries. Has Fariq been a criminal of sorts?

    2. Dont twist the question of chicken & egg if u know what I meant.

      A person's past deed could be a mirror & it could shine both way. Similarly, a person without a past criminal record doesnt mean he could not make one now.

      Mark this word - bcoz it could be prophetic later on!!!!

    3. twisting question?

      Helloooo, Ariel Sharon is a KNOWN war criminal where a complaint was laid against him in the ICJ in Brussels for genocidal atrocities in Sabra & Shatila and various other charges, but the court didn't dare prosecute him as they did Slobodan Milošević. They let him go on some ruling excuse that serving ministers are protected from prosecution as they enjoyed immunity from arrest by foreign courts for war crimes and crimes against humanity. What bullshit cringe>

      Read Global Policy's

      and well-known US blogger Juan Cole's

      Fariq? Nothing more than your prejudice suspecting him of unknown deed as evil as those of Ariel Sharon. Wow, you're sparkingly brilliant!

    4. '..your prejudice suspecting him..'

      Anywhere in my write-up incriminating Fariq?

      See yr attempt in logic twisting? U do have much to learn from yr sifu, wakakaka.

    5. have a peep again at your earlier comment

    6. I peeped 3X & nothing care to enlightened my felony?

      BTW, yr pink-lip finally appears;

      Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is expected to address a press conference on this latest development at 1pm.

      Could it be bcoz of this;

      & do note this;

      'A Malaysian government official said investigators have concluded that one of the pilots or someone else with flying experience hijacked the missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370.'

      Yr past analysis has been brilliant & yet at the end u let yr ego tricked u into a junkie writer!

      Be a man, to prepare for apology!!!!!!

  4. Kaytee

    As per my comment in your previous post, Malaysia is no aspiring world superpower that dabbles in WMD and espionage ala Tom Clancy’s style. Malaysian authorities (somewhat to my relief) humbly accept the reality if we were to have a speedy closure on this MH370 tragedy, we would have to rely on the assistance of others.

    The downside is, we are constantly led by the nose because there is an acknowledged limitation with our capabilities and are inadvertently at the mercy of others to keep us in the loop. Going forward shrouded in the unknown is frustrating especially when others hold the light.

    Worse, when the media (especially Western ones) are somehow committed to cast Malaysia in a bad light, ,,,, with help from their 'unnamed sources' no less.

    1. as per the Australian example (and I work in Australia) the western new media with rare exceptions like the Australia ABC and SBS have to generate new even if they have to sometimes wag the dog to fill the dreadful void in provocative news. The more controversial and/or scandalous the news the better would be for their ratings. so as my visitor looes74 said, it's part and parcel of a free press and which I advise, has a downside of being sleazy whenever it suits it.

      But you're also right in that some *Malaysians* love to see Malaysian officials or ministers fumble and f**k things up, wakakaka.

      It's one thing to criticize but it's another not to concede some good performance (when this exists or is observed) on those officials or ministers. We lack political maturity made worse when coupled with the toxic politics we have been brainwashed with. Don't think that Raja Bomoh is the ultimate disgrace to our country because I have read and blogged on some so-called Malaysians associating the missing MH370 with the recent court conviction of Anwar Ibrahim, as some form of divine retribution by an Almighty who, in accordance with their toxic minds, have to punish 239 people for wrongs to Anwar. Amin

    2. But kaytee, the malaysians official did fuck up......This is not just the opinion of western media.....Even the taiwanese also whacking malaysian officials.....I am sorry.....Hisham is still under par in his performance. It's time for Malaysia to admit its mistakes & weaknesses & move on.......Instead of more stonewalling

    3. Looes74,

      The Malaysian authorities not privy to certain ‘sensitive’ information is different from stonewalling with the intent to hide.

      Quote: “It's time for Malaysia to admit its mistakes & weaknesses & move on…”

      Maybe you should be more outright and point out what mistakes. Malaysia sharing their military information with others is already a testament they acknowledge their limitation.


    4. Don't be lazy......Just scour around.....better still start by reading the assessment of an ex-diplomat, Din Merican on Hisham & Najib........That guy served under King Ghaz

    5. looes74

      Yep, at least you got one thing right. I am admittedly too lazy to read what Din Merican got to say. Let's say I don't hold Mr Merican's assessment in any special regard though I concede the man is entitled to his opinion on his own blog. You are the one who brought up the incompetency issue of our Malaysian authority in this blog, not DIn Merican. You can choose to ignore my comment or prepare to defend your stand. You don't pass the baton to somebody else.


      Nobody is saying it so I will. Your template color change is most welcomed. Wakakaka

    6. HH,
      Me not going to waste time......Just listen to those aviation experts....One of them is the former air force chief & the other one is an experience instructors. They were military/civilian pilots for many years in the area of conflict with mainland china. Like it or not, it's time for Malaysia to admit its incompetency, weaknesses & mistakes. No point in defending the indefensible.

      Take note that pilot instructors who actually flew civilian airplanes including B777 got to say about the maintenance........Like I say, I am not denouncing the early kaytee's speculation on slow depressurisation but it's kinda less improbable

      We need this kinda leaders.......extremely lacking in Malaysia

      What more I can say about Najib who refused to take any Q&A session after his prepared speech

      What more you mau cakap, HH? Blame Chinamen for being new sensitive guys......The verdict is out for Malaysian government itself........

  5. Stonewalling......HAHAHAHA!

    1. what stonewall? The only "stonewall" has been the baffling disappearance of MH370 and the associated dearth of information. The Malaysian authorities couldn't handle that inability to provide real info, especially under the tremendous pressure from anxious relatives of the passengers, in particular the Chinese nationals, and so resorted in silly fashion to their usual tactics, like that idiot Zahid (just so to distance himself from his subordinates). They were not coordinated and kept contradicting each other like what had been done by another idiot, the IGP.

      The Chinese government, itself under equally if not far greater pressure from its citizens, added pressure to an already besieged Malaysian government - see my post

    2. Good enough! Just ask Din Merican la.....This Malaysian ex diplomat on his assessment on Hisham

      I rest my case

  6. About Israel actually controlling America, the blog Culture of Life News (click on it to view) has been consistently hammering away at this all the time.

  7. Hishamuddin did well compared to that Oh My English DCA chief.'

    But he has to bear the blame for allowing the previous media conference fiasco that have conradicting statements that made the Western media a cause to discredit us.

    1. Viets are god damned pissed with Hisham.....And USA fucked hisham by simply sending ships to Yindian Ocean

      Hisham is kenna macam like the car salesman.....aiyoo.....

      Perhaps, we should remind kaytee that hisham is the defence minister & regardless of whatever explanation given by kaytee.....To allow an unidentified aircraft to pass through malaysia airspace without initiating fighter jets to respond is a big failure

      That also all the stonewalling by Hisham & his goons even till now........Defending the indefensible.......I have not even touched lahad datu yet

    2. wakakaka, your "To allow an unidentified aircraft to pass through malaysia airspace without initiating fighter jets to respond is a big failure" shows your ignorance on how national air defence works

    3. Just wait for me to upload this youtube.........baru tau

  8. Right now the Raja Bomoh has as much credibility as all the unknown and unnamed "Pentagon sources".

    The only statement with official weight was White House Jay Carney saying that new information has led the US to refocus the search direction towards the Indian Ocean.
    If its anything related to their surveillance satellites, the US will never talk about it in public. They are among the blackest of their secret programs.

    We need the help of the Americans on this case, no choice, but we have to be aware they havevested interests and perhaps hidden agendas in this matter.
    Their big vested interest is Boeing, America's biggest exporter, $ 86 Billion of revenue last year, $ 32 Billion of which was exports.Just the 1 company accounts for 2% of all of America's exports.

    And their Help always comes with a payback of in kind somewhere down the road.

  9. Here's my defence (OMG!) of Hisham and the other Malaysian authorities.

    In relation to the history of Air disasters and Air-Sea search, we are in totally uncharted territory. I can't find any case in the last 50 years of a large airliner (as opposed to smaller aircraft) that has gone missing without a trace.

    Normal air search procedures have been carried out, competently as far as I know, but there is nothing normal about this case. The textbook, the rule book doesn't work anymore.
    The possibility the plane was deliberately diverted, under control, cannot be dismissed.

    The 777 has layers of safeguards on vital systems. The transponder is a vital system, because in certain environments, an incoming unidentified aircraft may be treated as hostile , with potentially tragic consequences.
    There are two transponders on the 777, in different locations on the hull, to prevent either electronic failure or mechanical damage from taking out both transponders.

    We need help on this, we may need to swallow a bit of national pride.
    The Americans reportedly sent their A-Team for this investigation, The Best.

    Let the people do their work. It may take time, though it is very painful for the families of those who are lost.

    1. To my mind, the whole MH370 SAR was a fault right from the start!

      1) The wild goose chase - iff our air force defense was competent & alert, the ATB should had been looked into seriously, never mind about the embarrassment about the M'sian flighter wasnt scrambled to intercept the unknown intruder.

      Remember, letting no stone unturned, when life is at stage?

      2) Sharing of critical infos - why the reluctant of infos sharing? We might not have the necessary brain to analyse & interpret the amount of data, BUT out there there r many REAL & EXPERIENCED experts, who could help.

      Instead, we let rumors flied all-overs, due to the lack of critical infos.

      In fact, from some of the blogs out in the internet, there were quite a few theories that fitted the current scenes almost to the dot! It's just that nobody was listening, perhaps due to the volume of infos, sometimes contradicting, running wild. They ran wild, bcoz the M’sian authorities let them, by withholding/contradicting on-the-sport data.

      3) No excuses for been in uncharted territory. Many a time, SAR is more about the stage of mind than scale of accident. Stage of mind means preparedness/ready at go, IT MEANS LEADERSHIP. What comes next would then be the experience/equipment/coordination.

      Sadly, nothing of that sort appears in the beginning of the MH370 crisis.

      Luckily, we have had the REAL experts running the show now, with the usual clowns fronting as spokesmen with pre-PR rehearsal. If anything good comes out of this crisis, a big thank SHOULD goes to these people.

      Just give a thought that iff these experts would have been engaged right from the beginning, the frustration/angers/despair of the passengers’ relatives & the whole M’sians would have that MUCH lesser. & the chance of survival of the victims increases due to the prompt SAR at the right place!

    2. Can you please repeat again for kaytee's benefit? Especially for item no 1. Even Taiwan langs condemn hisham..........That langs including one retired Taiwan Air Force chief......

  10. Well,in your backyard,Aussie land as it is called is no different and identical to Malaysia's kangaroo land or rather kangaroo court's.Anything to do with kangaroos are always upside down.In Aussie land,one can shoot their mouth wide open and be freer than a bird,but in kangaroo land shoot one's mouth and be thrown in a sardine can.

  11. the mean machine10:07 am, March 15, 2014

    In Australia they have gay married couples and can bang as hard as a tanker.In Malaysia it is called sodomy and one can go bang the prison walls instead.Ask Anwar and he will tell you.That is the difference between Australia and Malaysia.

  12. the gaffe guy who know's10:55 am, March 15, 2014

    Now all the fuckups.With the flt MH 370 still missing,we have the gomen leaders coming out and making fu*king fools of themselves.If that is not enough of fuckups,we have a halal bomoh making international news.Then we have the youth minister jumping on top of the bomoh and banging him in the between.nd this bomoh said that he will slap this boy KJ like a crocodile.Go figure.

  13. In Defence of Bomohs11:07 am, March 15, 2014

    I was trained in Engineering in the UK - and a damned good one.
    And I sometimes consult Chinese mediums and Malay Bomohs.

    There is no contradiction between the two, no need to be ashamed or sneer about it.
    Science and Engineering deals in physical forces that we can see, touch, measure , calculate and harness. We have got to the point where some of the technology looks and feels like magic.
    But that is not the be all and end all of everything in this earth.
    There are forces which we cannot detect, cannot measure. That is the realm of spirituality. Only the dessicated mind of the true atheist rejects all such possibility.

    Some of the best brains and the best resources available are being brought in to search for MH370. There is nothing wrong with bringing in a bit of extra help from the unseen, the unmeasurable.

    Except maybe they should do their work a bit more discreetly, away from CNN cameras...

    1. Which university? Please tell.....I hope it's not the poly upgrader.....hehehehe

  14. An irresponsible free press is like having as asshole sitting next to you at the dinner table.No wonder they shoot and massacred camels in the deserts of Australia.So much for animal rights in a free country.

  15. Why not the Australian press interview the spoilt brat Justin Bieber with his undies off,soliciting prostitutes in a brothel.

  16. I am still looking for the video clip on this talk.....

    Anyway kaytee......this is extremely damaging.......still defending the indefensible

  17. Now that hijacking is the most plausible outcome of the MH370 crisis, SB (if there r still that good after been exploited by umno to serve their purpose) must investigate possible ground collaborators;

    1) for helping to bring weapon on board the flight

    2)check whether the central fuel tank, which used for extended flight, is been filled.

    Normally, for flight to Beijing only the two 2ndary fuel tanks, located at the wing span, r been used. It's enough for 8hrs of flight time.

    The central fuel tank + the two 2ndary tanks can extend the flight range of b777-200ER (same as MH370) to a maximum of 7,700 nautical miles (14,300 km).

    If the reneged 'pilot' is really good at avoiding all radar detection, the plane count be anywhere on earth now!

  18. So, its pretty much confirmed from Najib's press conference.

    MH370 turned west and was flown by somebody who knew how to control the plane.
    Unlikely sudden or gradual decompression, not hypoxia.

    1. that would be the current official view tho I have a lingering doubt which I may blog on in my next post

  19. What more I can say about Najib & Malaysia government way of handling this incident

  20. Hi guys/gals, this guy - flyingwithfish on twitter, has been almost spot-on with his guesstimates of the whole MH370.

    Worth a read.

    His guesstimate is MH370 is now sitting somewhere in Iran!

  21. Regarding the unidentified blip tracked by our air force radar and the non-response, isn't air-space a sacred part of a nation's sovereignty? Especially the evasive way it was being flown. In the Mathias Rust case (landed a Cessna in Red Square, 1987), the defense minister and airforce chief and hundreds of officers were sacked. And KAL007 was shot down after violating Kamchatka and Sakhalin in 1983.

    1. The incidents you mentioned happened during Cold War days. Is Malaysia at war with any country or expecting a threat from one, as would be in the case of Japan and China, and India and Paki?

  22. the mean machine9:32 pm, March 15, 2014

    How can a jet liner,the lengths of three football fields(exageration lah) get lost?Lost,I meant out of sight,nowhere to be found and dissapeared from this earth.Like in an alien space movie or Jame's Bond movie,where an enemy space craft comes along and swallowed up the object.I am flaberglasted,dumb founded and pretty much amazed by all this comedy.

    1. It's not exactly lost. Now we know it was flown towards the west of Peninsula Malaysia and according to those FAA, NTSB, AAIB advisors of Najib, would either be somewhere in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, etc) or in the South Indian Ocean. Let's hope it's the former where at least the passengers would probably be hostages and hopefully still alive

    2. Kaytee

      Of conspiracy theories and assumptions, one thing bothered me. It is Mike Mackay. The oil rig worker who purportedly witness a plane on fire off Vietnam coast. His eye witness account coincided at a time when the Malaysian authorities were unsure about the blip on our radar, possibly indicating the plane made a U-turn. Mackay's revelation complicated matters because if he is telling the truth, it would mean the plane did not make a U-turn.

      I seriously hope investigation into this person is conducted. The email Mackay sent could be a hoax, but in any case, it is a clue.

      For all we know, this Mackay character could be

      1) fictional
      2) lying
      3) worse, telling the truth.

  23. Let's go critical, now that the worm of MH370 is slowly crawling out from the deep.

    1) when MH370 took off from KLIA, besides the 239 human it also carried a few crates of cargo. The human, besides a few, were supposed to landed in Beijing 6 hrs later. However out of that few cargo loads, it so happened that 'one or two's crates were not x-rayed during inspection. These 'special' cargoes were not destined for Beijing.

    Someone should verify this info with MAHB/DCA.

    2) How many of u had seen the 'home built' flight simulator of the pilot? It's not yr usual computer game module. It's almost a full blown version minus the hydrolic jacks & external casing. It could also assume that the other computer hardware/software could be close mirror of the real system.

    The SW is very expensive if it's not hard for an individual to buy.

    It's not cheap to built one like this on the salary of a pilot. Besides, real techie geek looks for NEW challenge, not a full grown version of the original.

    Police should check flight simulation SW with aviation experts, special attention should be given to the flight route programs used. Check navigational waypoints & aviation corridors most frequently used.

    3) The Southern & Northern corridors mentioned in pink-lip's PC r derived from aviation corridors N571 & P628, using Gival & Igrex respectively as the starting navigational waypoints + the estimated available fuel + estimated cruising speed + the last satellite ping at 0811 08032014.

    To avoid the detection of the Indian military radar, if it used P628, most likely it was tailgating SQ68 at 35000 ft altitude. Since it's 'dark' with no squawking & the SQ pilots couldnt physically see anything at their back. The red-eye shift timing was also well chosen.

    After leaving the Indian air space, it could be in friendly territory. The next step was to land.

    Would pink-lip uses his in-law's contacts at this region for help? Or more likely the mother-hen has already done that way before this crisis enacts itself to the script!

    The Southern corridor was a bit challenging as within the many islands at the Indian Ocean, not many had runway that could land a unscheduled B777 without raising world alarm. This is the least likely location to find MH370.

    Stay tune....TBC....when more leaks r obtained from DOH.

    1. Latest from DHS,

      1)the plane landed somewhere up along the Northern Corridor.

      2)Assets claimed & dealled with. Assets here could meant the unaccounted for ULD in the cargo bay &/or the Freescale engineers who were involved with the Aeroscout Asset Tracking system project.

      3)others people could had been eliminated by now & the plane destroyed to cover the trace.

      It's getting to sound like a TomClancy espionage of international proportion. Either the DHS sources, there r multiples, r nuts or we really don't know how deep MH370 goes.

  24. Hey, KT, nice cosmetic surgery done to your blog. An improvement - more cheerful (instead of the funereal black) and more welcoming!

    1. Yes....more soothing and easy on the eyes. Great job, KT !

    2. thanks, like my humming birds? I saw a beautiful black one in Los Angeles

  25. One more clue that the plane was deliberately diverted for some mischievous reason.
    It would seem MH370 was taken on a zig-zag path through several navigation points commonly used by commercial airlines.
    The technique is familiar to anyone who is trying to throw off a potential pursuer who may be following them. You don't go in a straight line. You go from one crowded place to another, hoping your pursuers will lose the trail.
    What they may not have counted on is with expert radar analysts backed by some pretty sophisticated technology, it is still possible to focus on the plane from any other traffic around the vicinity.

  26. Apparently, if you are not really fussy about the safety of the aircraft (obviously in this case) , there are lots and lots of places a 777 can land and take off in Central Asia.
    Someone has already started plotting the possibilities.

    Its a fallacy to only think in terms of officially operated airports.
    Whoever did this was clearly thinking out of the box. The authorities will have to do the same in this hunt.

  27. the gaffe guy who know's8:32 am, March 16, 2014

    Now,at least it has been officially confirmed that MH370 was hijacked,and after so many days of speculation.How about the wasted manpower sent on the wild goose chase.

  28. When all this is over, the saga of MH370 will probably be turned into a Hollywood blockbuster, showing the Americans as the heroes, of course.
    Starring Ben Affleck as the NTSB agent who finally cracks the location of the 777 jet, Angelina Jolie as the beautiful CIA agent. Rosmah gets a cameo appearance.

    Who gets to play Hisham ?

  29. Now is the right time to play the blame game?

  30. Why focus only on the pilots?

    Working on the passenger manifesto is too hard? for our investigators. The background into each passenger must be checked to see if anyone has some aviation training.
    What really was in the cargohold?

    As for the poor pilots and families, it's a case of guilty until proven innocent.

  31. Climbing above 45000 ft to knock out the crew and passengers, what kind of mentality and evilness can you imagine? But can the crew and passengers regain consciousness at the point when the plane stabilise ?

  32. The Southern Indian Ocean is a scary place. Its as remote as the moon. Deep, cold , forbidding plae. Very few ships, very few commercial aircraft pass there. Also, since the end of the Cold War, the Americans don't bother much with watching that place. Its going to be very, very tough searching for MH370.

    I'm surprised the Malaysian government hasn't contacted the Australians on this.
    The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has the best assets compared to anybody else to operate a search in the Southern Indian Ocean.

  33. Now aviation and security experts in the US are speculating that MH 370 is either in Iran or Pakistan.Doe's that made sense?They say that the authorities are looking at the wrong places.And most probably the plane will be in a hangar,to avoid detection.

    If they are correct,may I ask why to hijack a plane and keep it out of sight and not claim resposibility for their actions.Afterall it is the publicity they wanted,is it not?Or are there any other motives behind it,that is if the speculations are correct.

  34. Dear KT,

    I am using back the IP that I normally used.

    When plain facts are mingled and merged with creative interpretation of facts and got hidden behind the facade of creative interpretation of facts, the very distinctions to make critical thinking possible is lost and it baffles the mind. Give facts their rights and see how they open the mind and solve mysteries.

    - hasan