Monday, March 24, 2014

Apa lagi Cina Kajang mahu?

Congratulations to Kak Wan for winning the Kajang by-election on Sunday by a decent majority of over 5000.

I support Khalid but hubby doesn't and I'm a good Muslim wife lah
apa saya bolih buat?

Some claimed she suffered a reduced majority compared to that of the last PKR candidate, Lee Chin Cheh, who enjoyed a majority of 6,800 plus, while some claimed it might have been less in numbers but effectively it has been an increase in percentage terms (from Lee's 57% to Dr Wan's 59%).

In the immortal words of Dr M, a majority of just one is still a victory to relish, wakakaka. And indeed Dr Wan Azizah believes so, and has heaved a big sigh of relief, claiming the 'Kajang Move' has been a success.

Of course I had termed that unnecessary resignation of the ADUN-ship by Lee Chin Cheh, as the Kajang Betrayal but since Dr Wan Azizah is now the victorious ADUN, she certainly has a right to termed her victory as a success for the 'Kajang Move'.

But pray tell me, what was/is the objective of the 'Kajang Move', caused by a resignation of a PKR candidate from an already won constituency to force a by-election to be re-won by a new PKR candidate?

What has been achieved by PKR in the re-winning of Kajang in real terms, so much so that Dr Wan has termed it (the Kajang Move) a success?

Yes, Yang Berhormat Datin Dr Wan Azizah, please explain to us the 'success' of PKR's 'Kajang Move' or what the 'Kajang Move' was to achieve?

Has it been to remove Khalid Ibrahim as Menteri Besar of Selangor?

Has it been to propel Pakatan to Putrajaya a la the 916 scam (to subvert the supremacy of the 2008 ballot box), though I'm still confused by how PKR re-winning a state seat which in the first place it already had in its hands can help Pakatan on its way to Putrajaya?

if only AAB was as gullible as he was sleepy


Or has it been to stop the sky from falling down as was warned by Mr Henny-Penny? Mind you, Mr Henny-Penny had specifically qualified the 'Kajang Move' as dependent on the very person of Anwar Ibrahim winning the Kajang by-election, but we note that though he wasn't 'available' to stand as the candidate in the by-election and thus unable to achieve the ADUN-ship, yet ... yet ... yes, yet the sky hasn't fallen down ... not yet anyway, wakakaka.

Let's leave those PKR wonders with the so-called success of their 'Kajang Move' (whatever it had been for) and also whether Khalid Ibrahim will be ousted soon to allow Dr Wan to become MB, where then there'll most likely be a man behind the woman MB, and also most likely too, the man behind the woman MB will also have a man (a dwarfish one, wakakaka) behind him, wakakaka.

Lots of being behind someone, wakakaka. But if I have confused you thoroughly, what I imagine has been that if Dr Wan becomes the MB of Selangor, there'll be a man (hubby Anwar Ibrahim) behind her (if this is what she meant by the 'Kajang Move' has been a success) and also right behind Anwar will be a man (the Dökkálfar Dwarf ), wakakaka. Quite unlike UMNO where there's a woman behind a man, wakakaka.

We're of course assuming she'll be able to overcome her dilemma, as I've posted two days ago in The Dilemma of Dr Wan Azizah.

Anyway, the annoying thing about the Kajang by-election for probably Dr Mahathir and his rightwing cohorts in UMNO has been the voting outcome in terms of the racial support for each candidate.

Gasp gawd omigosh, unbelievable as it might have been, it seems the majority of Chinese in Kajang have voted for a Malay candidate rather than a Chinese candidate.

Alamak, apa lagi Cina mahu? An Indian candidate before they would vote for the Chinese candidate? Wakakaka.

In fact I would say Kajang was specially selected for the forced by-election for its 41% Chinese voters, because PKR must have felt more secure with a decent bloc of reliable Chinese votes, wakakaka.

Ironically Kajang with its registered voters made up of 48% Malays, 41% Chinese and 10% Indians has the racial mix that Dr Mahathir in his PM days had wanted because with such a racial spread he could then rely on the Chinese to opt for BN rather than PAS, and for the Malays to reject DAP, wakakaka, and Kajang was gnam gnam such a constituency, this one albeit at state level.

So those damn bloody Chinese have been the trouble-makers again, wakakaka!

wrong, in Malaysian elections they f**king are



  1. A win is definitely a win.These are the words coming out of the wise Dr M's mouth,or rather directly from the horse's mouth.

  2. Mei Fun lost !
    Apa lagi KT mau ?

  3. the mean machine11:26 pm, March 24, 2014

    Wan Azizah is not interested in being the Selangor MB.Only her husband and blue eyed boy Azmin are interested.Khalid will remain the Selangor MB,my sources have confirmed.Do not listen to the stupid rumour mongering folks.It is from Azmin's faction that is spreading these rumours.

  4. Being pro opposition, I am astounded at the unbecoming manner in which Anwar is bashing the govt over the MAS370 saga and crowing victory over a seat he didn't personally win.

    She won't challenge Khalid. Does Azmin have something on her to blackmail her too like he does Anwar? I don't think so.

    This is not your moment PKR.
    Some decorum and respect during these moment of grieving please.

    1. What do you expect him to say? Kumbaya! Ok, come to think of it, it's equally insensitive for kaytee for saying that the china relatives of those victims are SNAG.......Last check, they are planned to match to Malaysia embassy.

      This is a problem with Najib & Malaysia government for not including the opposition leaders on handling MH370 from day one.......Sorry to say, it's really padan muka

    2. looes, did I EVER say "the china relatives of those victims are SNAG"?

      I await your apology, that is, if you're man enough to recognize your bullshittng lie

    3. Now, Kit Siang has spoken......What are you going to say, kaytee? Kit Siang is politicising MH370? This is a FUCKING BIG problem when Malaysia government refused from day one to include the members of the oppositions in the handling MH370. FUCK YOU BN/NAJIB does not even have the courtesy to even brief the members in parliament. Even Isreal allowed the OPPOSITION LEADER in the cabinet deliberation over the Air France Hijacking.....In fact, his vote is necessary to sanction the entebbe raid that rescue all the Isrealis in Entebbe

      Nah! Kaytee......Lim Kit Siang's take la


      Okay, you mention the china government as SNAG.......But you also mention that they kenna pressured from the people particular the relatives of the victims......There you have it.....

    5. looes I didn't realize you could be so low class in your shameful dishonourable attempt to avoid apologizing.for your wrong, even unto perpetuating a lie with another lie

  5. I'm in a sombre mood today.
    No political talk until further notice.

  6. Someone is like a rat that has found itself inside a trap. You see the rat lunging and banging against the wall in every direction in a desperate attempt to find a way out ... but all to no avail.

    Kesian that someone. He yearns achingly to occupy the gilded palace which somehow dances tauntingly and tantalisingly out of his grasp. Why can't he be like a good muslim and just say "Itu takdir lah, it's the will of Tuhan" -- that his burning desire will NEVER be achieved in his life.

    1. Like Najib with his handling of MH370........Ini manyak suwey...... Pergi mampus najib

      Talking about insensitive, I wonder what kaytee is going to say about this

      “Go watch a movie,” the emcee told reporters."

      That singh should be sacked


    China Families protest against Malaysian 'executioners'

    China Chinese, Malaysia Chinese....all really "biadap".
    So demanding, so unreasonable, so irritating, so disrespectful.'

    Why can't they be like well-behaved and respectful Muslims who gratefully accept what the Government tells them ?

    1. Ya-loh, behaved exactly like the lemmings. Stampeding & rushing over the cliff just bcoz it's the will of Allah!

      ' well-behaved and respectful Muslims'? More like letting yr live to be pre-determined by some superbeing. Save the hussle & live & let live.

      No wonder, blur-sotongs r mostly superstitious. It makes life bearable, afterall everything is pre-ordined. Just accept & moves on.

      Well-behave? More like herd mentality codes in meme.

      Respectable? Just for their simple & unrealistic approach to life! Everything is bcoz of HIM!!!!!!

      (On this account, then WHY blame others for yr indoctrinated simple approach to a complex modern living? Why jealous of other's hard-earned rewards? Why keep asking for tongkat?)

      Such hypocrisy builts on a paradoxical teaching!!!