Monday, March 24, 2014

Cendol lesson from MH370?

According to Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, a lesson to be learnt from MH370 is to serve cendol instead of alcoholic drinks, and to allow the stewardesses including non-Muslims, if they wish, to be properly attired so as to protect their aurat and which will also prevent strands of their hair from falling into food being served to passengers.

I have no comment on the stewardess' dress as some tudung-ed sweethearts look even more gorgeous than starkly naked girls running around in the streets.

But cendol?

Much as I love this Malaysian desert, especially the one sold by a hawker at one corner of Padang Brown (renamed Padang Dato' Keramat) just in front of the Jalan Dato' Keramat Chinese Convent Secondary School (wakakaka, memories from my naughty school days), I wonder how Ridhuan Tee has arrived at this dish as a lesson from the MH370 saga?

oh, how I loved those sweeties at Light St Convent,
Dato' Keramat Convent and especially Greenlane Convent

I'm baffled though I'm not classifying Ridhuan Tee's proposal as a B-cube (Brains Baffling Bullshit) ..... not yet anyway, wakakaka.

If you know how his cendol has relevance in the mystery of MH370, please tell me.

I consider Ridhuan Tee Abdullah's comment NOT as a politicization of MH370 but as a bizarre and crude exploitative attempt to Islamize a tragedy.

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  1. Just as a pig can be relied on to reveal its gluttony,
    so a fool can be relied on to reveal its stupidity.

    Now, to be fair, food-handlers wearing a scarf or hat while working in order to prevent hair falling into the food is indeed a good practice.

  2. In addition, serve laksa !


    Aiyoyo...even Syariah compliant UAE proudly publicises the fine variety of wine that they serve on board their Emirates Airlines flights, especially in 1st class.

    As for their stewardess uniforms, they show even more skin than MAS wakakaka..

  4. This is in the same category as the "Divine Retribution" theory that some PKR supporters earlier brought up with connection to the Anwar conviction on March 7.

    Except in this case it is in return for MAS serving alcohol on board and their scantily clad (hahaha) stewardesses....

    BTW...Air Asia does not serve any alcohol on board, but their stewardesses are definitely showing dressed "more tightly".

  5. Oh come on! In SEA region, SIA was probably the first airline that started to sell the sexy look of stewardess. Hahahaha! Damn, MAS should have followed suit.....Or it has already followed suit before kenna clamp down as Islamisation in Malaysia is on the rise......Kaytee would blame Anwar for it......Hahahaha!

    1. I don't blame Anwar Ibrahim for every wrong thing under the sun , unlike certain bloggers (ahem !)....But I do blame him for the Islamisation drive in the Malaysian government and especially in schools.

      Anwar Ibrahim was the prime architect of the drive to absorb Islamic mores into government administration. It was often carried out in an arbitrary manner, and disregarding the fact of Malaysia as a multi-religious nation.

      This has done lasting and continuing damage to Malaysia's governing structure and social fabric.

    2. too right Agus too right!

    3. 100% agree with Agus ! And although I totally disagree with the way the court has recently dealt with AI, the only positive ( if we can see it that way )coming out of this injustice is that it sort of forced AI to 'fade' out, hopefully gracefully, out of active politics in this country. But upon reading the latest news that Wan Azizah might be the MB of Selangor, we all know whose handiwork this is, she, as we all know, is well known to like the current Selangor MB and is/was "on his side" . All the more reason why AI should fade from the scene so that PKR will have new blood to wash out most of the Umno culture so persistently embedded there.

    4. Agus,
      Who doesn't make mistake? LKY made several blunders. One of them is the closure of chinese schools & let Nantah kaput. HY can attest to that. Hahahaha! Of course, I takdak faham kaytee's beef with anwar over that incident involving the hiring of non chinese educated principals. You see kaytee is an ang moh dog......english educated......Fuck he doesn't have to go through the humiliation that we got to beg for funds.......Some of them used to cover electricity bills.....

  6. The possible loss of MH370 in the Southern Indian Ocean brings back to me memories of a holiday I spent in Mauritius years ago.

    The sea surrounding the island is beautiful but I always remember a sense of the isolation of the island and the sheer immensity of the ocean there. Human beings are just a tiny insignificant drop in the gigantic Indian Ocean.

    If MH370 truly went down in that ocean...I shudder to think..

  7. Kaytee,you better stop singing praises about Ridzuan Tee.You might get his tail pricked.And I am sure you know what this dude might do.He will soon be sending you e-mails pleading for a chance to make you become his convert.

    1. and both of us will yamseng to a new "friendship" wakakaka

  8. Thosay, idlli and appam fresh from the stove sounds good too

  9. To Kaytee & the gang,
    SIA & Singapore girl........In the 70s, singapore scenary kenna macam like penang.......Hahahaha

    By the way, SIA stewardess never reveal too much skin lei. Hahahaha, but in the 70s, Ah Tee may need to have his hair cut at woodland checkpoint........HAHAHAHA


    Wah...Uncle Lim sure knows how to spin....

    Everyone knows it is effectively a moral victory for MCA and Barisan Nasional, and an embarrassing loss of support for PKR, considering the candidate is Wan Azizah.


    Oh My God...MH370 was carrying 200kg of lithium batteries. That is a huge amount to put in the cargo hold of a passenger plane.

    Lithium batteries on their own are minimum risk. Everyone who has a mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer has one.

    200 kg would be about from 400 to 1000 pieces of such batteries, depending on size. The multiplied risk is of "critical mass".

    One of those batteries catching fire would start spreading to others packed in the same container, and there are enough there to start a major fire as well as generating large amounts of toxic fumes.
    Definitely enough to bring down a plane, or produce enough toxic fumes to incapacitate all the passengers and crew.

  12. Check ICAO shipping & packing requirement for lithium ion battery pack;

    The wattage, weight, sizes & packaging methology r all fully controlled.

    200kg has excessed the hazard goods control of both FEDEX & DHL shipping requirement! Is MAS sacrificed safety with profit?????

    Coupled with the 3rd world monitoring/control mentality of KLIA cargo inspection , it would be a BIG surprise that all international safety rewuirements r followed to the dot.

  13. And Kaytee said "and both of us will yamseng to a new friendship".Are you serious mate,yamsenging with a self proclaimed cleric?Or do I get it wrong,Is.Kaytee is trying to reconvert the converted.That's what the yamsenging is for.Hehe,thumbs up for you,matey.

  14. Forever commenting on what a women wears.....I just cannot see the logic in being fully covered and alcohol ban in preventing future tragedy....unless alcohol ban for the crew. I personally support decent clothes for both men and women. But when an incident like this happens, I would like to know that the respective learned people in aviation industry understands the scientific explanations to help avoid such occurrence in the future. Logical understanding is more important now that silly fanatic remarks.