Thursday, March 20, 2014

Politicizing MH370

Anwar Ibrahim just can't help himself in politicizing the tragedy of MH370.

He claimed the Malaysian (presumably ATC) radar system should have been able to detect MH370's movement when it made a turn back to westward from its original track towards Beijing.

CNN reported Anwar saying: “They had the capability to detect any flight from the west — or from the east to the west coast, from the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean.”

Well, they didn't, having lost MH370 at the IGARI waypoint when Malaysian ATC handed MH370 over to Vietnam ATC, but obviously Anwar knows more than the Malaysian air traffic controllers.

The cause for ATC losing SSR (secondary surveillance radar) contact had already been traced to MH370's transponder being off. 

But WTF because Anwar then said what he had wanted to, which was: “I find it shocking that (the government officials) are not able, that they were not able, or they give some very scanty sort of information.”

“The problem is credibility of the leadership. They are culpable because there is a general perception that they are not opening up, that there is an opaque system at work.”

Okay, we all know Hishamuddin and gang have not been doing well for two reasons:

(a) Other than guesses and speculations, they don't know what had happened to MH370, nor does any other government in the world.

Well, how about Anwar Ibrahim? Can he please tell us what has happened apart from claiming the air traffic control radar could have done something that air traffic controllers said couldn't?

Talk is cheap lah!

(b) Hisham and his gang have been contradicting each other for the reason they aren't clued on the issue, with some clowns (one in particular, wakakaka) trying to show he knows more than others.

But does Anwar with his insistence on the super-supra-capability of our ATC radar system, even when air traffic controllers said otherwise, give you any confidence he does?

One week ago, Mike Smith, an Australian crisis management expert and chief executive of Inside Public Relations, and someone who had worked in both Airservices Australia (its nationwide ATC system) and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) had said that in the initial stages of the crisis MAS had actually handled the crisis quite well, but the public relation situation went to shits (kaytee's words, not Mike Smith's) as more government officials began to open their big fat mouths publicly (my choice of words again, wakakaka).

He asserted that a fundamental rule of good crisis management would be for one person, or a limited number of people, to release the information to the public.

Mike Smith stated: "In the first couple of days, the airline was doing that job pretty well, but once it became an international issue, an international hunt, an international crisis, it was really up to the Malaysian government to take control and to have an emergency crisis control point - to manage the information and make sure it was distributed responsibly and truthfully."

He said that after that, other parties had started to comment publicly, and "finger-pointing, rumours and innuendo" had started to emerge.

"This seems to be coming from Malaysian officials, whose motives we can only speculate about."

I dare say it's no different from the PKR party situation where in recent times and associated with the Kajang Betrayal, we get conflicting statements from a number of PKR party leaders, each obviously having what Smith had alluded to: "... whose motives we can only speculate about."

Anwar had also attempted to show how the current government is ballsing up the MH370 tragedy by comparing it to the Japanese Red Army hostage crisis in 1975.

For a start, there is no necessity to tell us what we and most people in the world already know, of the PR debacle that is the Malaysian authority, but wait wait, he was talking to CNN lah.

Secondly and more tellingly, there's hardly any comparison on two vastly different issues. How does MH370 missing aircraft compares to the Japanese Red Army hostage crisis?

Even Singapore's handling of Silkair crash and SIA's Taiwan runway disaster should not be used as comparison because those two events obviously weren't like the MH370 missing aircraft case.

There's no doubt Anwar is politicizing the MH370 saga.

I suspect he has done so in view of mounting criticisms of Dr Wan Azizah's lamentable earlier lie that Anwar does not know Captain Azaharie, when the missing pilot is the uncle of Anwar's daughter-in-law?

Don't know Azaharie, the uncle of your daughter-in-law, and one of your most ardent supporters? How shocking, and which following criticisms required Anwar to come out quickly to acknowledge their family relationship.

Yeah, I also remember that once PKR dismissed Saiful Bukhari as merely one of the thousands of coffee boys in PKR, when he had already gone on a number of overseas trips with Anwar Ibrahim.

But whatever memory deficiency PKR leaders may be suffering from, let us please stop politicizing MH370, as the families of the missing crew and passengers have already much to grieve over, without the additional benefit of Anwar's amazing knowledge of the extraordinary capabilities of Malaysia's ATC radar system or his bizarre and unrelated historical lesson on the Japanese Red Army hostage crisis of 1975.

And just in case someone is going to ask or say: No, I don't hate Anwar, wakakaka.


  1. Seriously kaytee, say who? Oh I have forgotten that you are in aussie land, so you have never come across the local media telling people not to speculate. Ok, bizarre speculation is not good. How about one local media lamented foreign media for being overtly emotional......Huh?

    What's the definition of politics anyway, kaytee? Anwar is the leader of opposition lei. Oh about the Malaysia radar capability of tracking.....Last check these so called deficiencies were highlighted by foreign media. One of them is an Air Force CHIEF.......Notice why there is so many unnamed sources. disclosing information......hehehe.......Wait, before you go bizarre, tell me who is the deep throat of watergate scandal.....What's his occupation huh?

    Ok la, you are buay song with Anwar. By the way, who talk cock more when the acting transport minister (most probably acting PM) who had decided to brief BN MPs only, after kenna FUCK kaw kaw by everybody......decided to say that he's now willing to brief pakatan mps if they want too........FUCKING TALK FUCK COCK RIGHT!

    Ok la, you can continue with your wet dream bad mouthing your nemesis la.......I just wanna leave you with these 2 videos

    Tony Abbott in parliament

    Where is Najib?

  2. Kaytee Kia
    Nuar, not much can be said about him, a bloated ego is just but another cliche!
    Coming back to MH 370, do you realise the elegant silence by the FBI and the NTSB from US , and the guys from Boeing .They prefer not be in the limelight to be hounded by the paparazzis, prefering to work diligently at the back office. Looks like M'sia and the Minister will be the fallguy or the scapegoat

    1. What scapegoat ?
      Its a Malaysian aircraft. International treaties specify that the coordinating responsibility for aircraft lost in international waters belong to the nation in which the aircraft is registered in.
      The FBI had a dozen people readied to fly to KL....but PDRM simply did not request any assistance.
      Until Friday, the NTSB team which flew to KL, which included some of the world's most knowledgeable specialists on radar , 777 engineering, might as well be playing Angry Birds on their Notebooks (not to say that they were). The Malaysian government was simply not sharing vital information which could have speeded up the search and the investigation.
      Malaysian Government only started opening up after mounting international criticism of the search.
      I don't need Anwar to politicise the matter.

    2. The FBI were at the thick of things since day one, albeit without any fanfare , if you must know. The immediate priority for MAS/ Msian Govt. upon knowing about the missing plane are (1) start the SAR (2) to notify the next of kins.
      Some of the questions posed by "intelligent" journos, local and foreign at the many PCs centred really on the, why, what and where which I feel Einstein himself would be dumbfounded! ( whatmore for Nuar if his bloated ego feels that he is in the same territory with Einstein!)

  3. Less talk, KT !
    Get the black box !

    1. Anwar probably knows where they are. Ask him, he who knows everything

    2. KT, you mean AI is god ?

    3. @Anon…. Perhaps we can start with by asking this question: Who drew/plotted the map of the plausible flight path of MH370 and called it the northern and southern corridors? – hasan

    4. Of course, according to KT, it's AI who plotted !

    5. Of course, AI is buddy to America meh.. ! Wakakaka...

      - hasan

  4. u have been bullshitting n make uncountable speculation since day 1, now accuse others for politicising, truly fantastic.

    1. I might have speculated on teh affair of MH370 but only on operational-technical issues. In fact when an attempt by a foreign press (I think it was Daily Mail or Daily Mirror) to link Anwar with Capt Azaharie I blogged that the notion of Azaharie being "naughty" for PKR's sake was nonsense, and I dismissed Anwar's connection to any alleged "naughtiness" - please check back on my posts. I'm NOT like a blind devotee of AI like some, wakakaka. Where it's appropriate to defend him I would do so and indeed had done so, but when he deserves a walloping I will be the first to give it to him.

    2. incidentally, as for my "bullshitting" and unaccountable speculations (your words), read TMI's where the news are now singing what I have sung. I await your honorable apology, wakakaka

    3. can u enlighten how the talk of rader is not technical? n how anwar criticism is diff with yours, for instance, "un-Westminster-ly"?

      The statement "This happens in Australia all the time where the press have frequently show they are no different from a pack of hungry frenzy wolves" not written by me, hence i shd apologise for not knowing u n aussie paper singing the same BS?

      i never say a word pertaining to this subject because i felt sorry toward the victim n their family, or even to our govt/mas on something i know with very little and not much fact being presented, but that's me, i am fine if others want to talk about it. the problem with u is that u talk about it all the time, n u accuse others for doing the same?

    4. always happy to for my dear matey HY, wakakaka.

      Part 1 of 2

      There's nothing wrong talking about radar, but AI was making claims which the ATC had not supported (not rebutting him directly but earlier stating they lost contact with MH370 when they handed the flight over to Vietnamese ATC).

      Now, I reckon Anwar's claim, based on what?! other than his boast that the radar was purchased from Marconi when he was DPM in the 90's, would have added to the grief and suspicions of the passengers/crew families.

      Thus on vague or in fact insubstantially technical grounds but from a purely political point (as DPM of a govt purchasing the Marconi radar system) he has indicated that the Malaysian Search Authority inclusive of PM Najib (his real target) aren't to be believed because the Malaysia ATC radar could have detected MH370 until into the Indian Ocean, regardless of what the Malaysian ATC officers (mind you, not Najib, not Hishamuddin) said couldn't (when MH370's transponder went off, for whatever reasons).

      Wasn't he stirring shit, all on the basis of his so-called political claim as a former DPM? Was he involved in the technical aspects of the Marconi radar system? Does he have an answer to why ATC officers supposedly lied on what they could have done but stated they couldn't? Talk like that is CHEAP and shit-stirring, and totally unhelpful in MH370 case though he scored for himself a few cheap political brownie points!

      OTOH, if he had said, words to the effect: "When I was DPM we bought the ATC radar system which we were promised could do this & that, but obviously our ATC officers today have said otherwise. We need to examine why that promised capability hasn't been met and rectify this deficiency", what a statesman he would have been - a statesman because he commented on what was needed but didn't show him making POLITICALLY brownie points by contradicting the ATC officers who are all technical professionals and not political rivals of his, though we know he was aiming at Najib rather than the ATC officers who became for him just convenient collateral damage.

      And he showed his real aim when he went on to say ***The problem is credibility of the leadership. They are culpable because there is a general perception that they are not opening up, that there is an opaque system at work.***

      How would that have helped the location of the aircraft or ameliorate the grieving of the families of the missing people? Other than to indirectly promise his alternative leadership would be more credible - which is what it was, a political promise.

      Initially to his credit he didn't get himself involved in the controversies surrounding MH370 but the moment Wan Azizah was heavily criticized for abandoning and disowning Capt Azaharie (as a result of an article in the British Daily Mirror or Daily Mail??), who has been a know family member and a devoted PKR supporter and thus showed up Wan Azizah's lack of loyalty to Azaharie, he came out with the politicizing of the missing aircraft. Maybe he was scared that Kajangites might see in Wan Azizah's lack of loyalty to Azaharie as a questionable characteristic for a wannabe people's rep?

    5. Part 2 of 2

      My statement regarding the Australian press is in fact true and indicative of the "cari pasal" intention of western press who want to churn out controversial news everyday, but has been independent of AI's politicizing of the MH370 issue by his allusion that Malaysian authority had not provided information that was compatible with an ATC radar which was capable of sightings far into the Indian Ocean, for whatever naughty reasons.

      That the Aussie press sometimes indulged in bullshit doesn't mean Anwar should also fall in along with their commercial aim unless of course he did so for political gains, and which I believe he did. Tell me, how has his statement help solve the MH370 issue? How has his statement help ameliorate the grieving of the families of those missing?

      And if you truly feel sorry for the grieving families then you should condemn what AI has done.

      For my small part as a blogger, I may have speculated on WHAT might have happened but then I'd usually also provide a (speculated) reason behind that speculated happening.

      But I believe (other than my take that the defence interests of many other countries didn't allow them to be more frank on what they might have detected) I haven't provided grounds for the grieving families to suspect the Malaysian Search Authority has been holding back on vital information - yes, they might be hopelessly dis-coordinated and contradictory of each other and regularly f**ked themselves up, but they're not so evil as to hide factors that might lead to the whereabouts or why-abouts of MH370.

  5. yup, you dun hate anwar but your loverboy is NAJIB, no?
    what a great DAP supporter, you are.

    1. that's called intelligent and balanced politics for a balanced Malaysian, wakakaka, unlike some as blind as bloody bats, wakakaka

  6. oops, when UMNO sycophants try to link the pilot to anwar family, thats not politics, i guess.
    next time, when u arsehole is stuck with constipation, pls its also anwar's fault.

    1. AI is related to Azaharie andn Wan Azizah lied to disown that relationship, but it was a British press, Daily Mail or Daily Mirror which raised that connection. In one of my posts "Further thoughts on MH370" [] I dismissed any nefarious allusions to that family relationship. This was what I wrote:

      ***These queries on and indeed doubts as to the innocence of the two pilots of MH370 have taken the inquiry into new territory, what with the IGP stating that police investigations are now focusing on four possibilities, namely, hijacking, sabotage, psychological and personal problems, ...

      ... the last two possibilities being directed at the two pilots or at least one of them, while the former two possibilities, hijacking and sabotage, have not excluded their (or his) possible involvement.

      It's fortunate the investigators didn't mention anything about Captain Azaharie being a strong supporter of Anwar Ibrahim because to link the missing flight with Mr Manmanlai, much as it might be a wet dream for some UMNO people wakakaka, it's a ludicrous notion.

      But it's a salutary lesson for some Pakatan supporters not to moronically attribute the missing MH370 to divine retribution for the conviction of Anwar for sodomy. Remember the lesson of the revolving door frog in Bota, Perak and how that PKR boast bounced back to hurt Pakatan in Perak. Now that's retribution, whether divine or otherwise, wakakaka.***

      wakakaka next time do read carefully before you accuse me

  7. Nuar, whatever...but I'm glad its not Mahathir in charge at the moment.

    Mahathir ran very cool to cold relationships with Australia and the United States.

    International treaties obligate all nations who are in the vicinity to assist in Search and Rescue operations, but the "enthusiasm" may be a bit different with governments which you take every opportunity to lambast.

  8. I'm very disappointed with Ktemoc.
    It took him 13 Days (!!) to condemn Anwar in relation to the crisis.

    Losing your touch mate.....I expected some racy excoriation by Day 2 or something like that.

    1. to be fair to Anwar, then he didn't or hasn't yet politicized the issue. It was only after his wife was resoundingly criticized for her sad disowning of relationship with Captain Azaharie (a tragic reflection of her questionable social courage and her unworthy betrayal of Captain Azaharie) that he, besides finally acknowledging relationship with Azaharie, started to politicize the MH370 issue. He would have been more admired if he had stopped with his acknowledgement of relationship with Captain Azaharie, which would have been viewed as a brave atonement for his wife's lack of social-public courage

  9. Azly Rahman has written lyrically on the socio-political ramifications of MH370

    I don't want to criticise the government at the moment. The top priority is to work with other countries to find the plane, and find out what happened.
    Later, when the dust settles down, some very hard question need to be asked on

    a) Air Defence preparedness
    b) Air Force escalation SOP
    c) Immigration proceedures at KLIA and other airports
    d) Crisis management
    e) MAS management - did their cost cutting eat into safety and engineering as well ?

    You are wrong lambasting Anwar for his comparison with the Red Army Hostage incident. I would only take issue with his comparing it to an old incident - a more recent comparison would be more appropriate.

    Crisis management preparedness is generic. It has to be, because the next national crisis could be totally something else, yet the government must be prepared to deal with it, especially if it has international ramifications.

    It is about rules of engagement, communications protocols, hardware, software.
    We are not a rich country which can afford the bells and whistles of the White House Situation room , or UK COBRA meeting room, but we are not a poor country either, and need to be prepared.

  10. KT,

    Another shot at yr Anwar-bashing treat? & along the way politicizing MH370 just to syok yr AL-bashing ego!

    Let me do a light dissertation of yr take about politicization. BTW, I'm no Anwarista (paid &/or otherwise) - just want to put thing in proper prospective.

    ‘But does Anwar with his insistence on the super-supra-capability of our ATC radar system, even when air traffic controllers said otherwise, give you any confidence he does?’


    In the CNN interview – ‘In an April 13, 2000, report by local daily the New Straits Times, Italian firm Alenia-Marconi Systems was awarded a contract in 1994 to supply Malaysia’s Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) with primary and secondary radars.”

    Hello there, secondary radar works only with plane transponder, BUT what about the primary radar in the purchased package?

    Cold-storaged/lost/don’t known how to operate by the DCA? U tell me!!!

    WRT how Anwar would be able to handle the MH#&) crisis, that’s speculation at best! It’s a totally wrong issue. & yet how the current crop of super-duple committee, headed by Hisham, handled the whole situation is a disgrace.

    Mike’s comment centered ONLY on MAS’s PR management of the situation. MAS followed everything covered by the standard PR books & that’s expected as MAS has paid PR consultant to advise her. However, when the situation went (inter)national & MAS becomes just a ‘chaperon’ when the govt took over the running of the show, PR/crisis management went down the hill from there. The only improvement came when international criticism ‘awakens’ the meek team & back-stage PR rehearsal/advices kicked in.

    Let’s don’t go down the same road to argue about Kajang Move. This has been done MANY times over in yr blog. U r just pittance, period! This is a political issue & if u r not trying to poiliticising then DON’T bring it in.

    & let’s don’t get involve with other people’s family problem as in this – ‘Dr Wan Azizah's lamentable earlier lie that Anwar does not know Captain Azaharie’. If Kak Wan said that, then take it up with her, fair?

    Now, who’s politicizing MH370? Again!!!!

    1. re Dr Wan Azizah, isn't she offering herself to Kajang as their people's rep?

      Then we must question her credentials, integrity and suitability to be one, and thus we are more than eligible to question her "lamentable earlier lie that Anwar does not know Captain Azaharie", because it tells us something of her true intrinsic values as a human being (let alone as a family member) and her social courage

    2. Is that yr BEST shoot about this politicization of MH370?


    3. is that your BEST riposte wakakaka

    4. Then clear the points that I'd mentioned lah!

      'riposte'? U give TOO MUCH credit to me. Wakakakak!

      In fact - it's yrs in the 1st place for raising the politicization of MH370, basing on yr chronically infatuated AL-bashing ego.

      Come on, shoot me down FAIRLY & point by point please!

    5. wakakaka, as I had written earlier in reply to another comment, to be fair to Anwar I hadn't criticized him earlier in the issue of MH370 because then, he didn't or hasn't yet politicized the issue.

      It was only after his wife was resoundingly criticized for her sad disowning of relationship with Captain Azaharie (a tragic reflection of her questionable social courage and her unworthy betrayal of Captain Azaharie) that he, apart from finally acknowledging a family relationship with Azaharie, started to politicize the MH370 issue, probably as I suspect, to distract from Dr Wan Azizah's shameful step.

      He would have been more admired if he had stopped with his acknowledgement of relationship with Captain Azaharie, which would have been viewed as a brave atonement for his wife's lack of social-public courage. But he chose to go on to politicize the sad tragedy, If he's so clever why hasn't he offered any constructive help instead of just criticizing for the sake of criticizing his political opponent - that's what has been meant by politicizing.

      As for Dr Wan Azizah, since she offered herself to Kajang as their people's representative, we must question her credentials, integrity and suitability to be one. Yes, we are certainly more than eligible to question her lamentable disowning Azaharie or that of Anwar knowing Azaharie when Azaharie is a known family member (being her daughter-in-law's uncle), because it tells us something of her true intrinsic values (or lack of) as a human being, let alone as a family member and her loyalty to a family member and true party supporter, and thus her social courage.

    6. WOW,, why do u still like to drag Anwar's family history (possible personal fracas) into the TOPIC that u raised?

      Remember - politicization of MH370?

      Tsk...tsk...tsk....AI-bashing going to yr head?

      Still... u r YET - shoot me down FAIRLY & point by point please!

    7. you've obviously run out of ideas or points to respond (riposte, wakakaka) and have now descended/deteriorated into heckling.

    8. My mother sure doesn't know all of her daughter in-law's uncles , admittedly my mum has 6 daughter in-laws, so I'm not into judging Wan Azizah harshly. It may have been a true mistake at the moment of the question, which Anwar later admitted.

      Whatever you may say or think about Anwar, Wan Azizah comes across as a genuine, warm human being.

      I think you are just using the "Halo Effect" of your deep antipathy towards Anwar to impute similarly negative views of Wan Azizah.

    9. Wan Azizah's strength and weakness is her total devotion to her husband. I leave it to you to ponder on my paradoxical statement.

      But to help you, in 2010 in an address to the PKR Congress she said about Anwar: "What is the real secret of his strength until today? My answer is, Anwar is an outstanding human being, given by God to lead the people. If he is an ordinary human being like us, he would have retreated and sunk in between hurdles and challenges."

      In other words, she was saying Anwar is God's gift to the people. In referring to God, yet this woman disowned Azaharie who Anwar has now acknowledged as knowing, but only after mounting criticisms against Wan Azizah

  11. Perhaps it is due time, albeit a wee bit late, that Mr KTemoc defines for some witless, clueless souls the difference between politicising and speculating on "only on operational-technical issues" ?

    But then again..... maybe this blogger shouldn't waste his time...what's the fcuk point when such obvious difference is SOoooo over some buggers' head, like how to explain the different shades of say, blue, to a colour blind idiot, wakakaka.

    P.S. Idiots....please don't reply to this, this is strictly a message ONLY for this blog owner, wakakaka.

    1. if you need me to help you distinguish "the difference between politicising and speculating on "only on operational-technical issues" I guess there's no more hope for you, wakakaka

    2. But these no-hopers still wanna aggressively push through their thoroughly pointless, downright stupid one-upmanship just because of their feet-of-clay hero, wakakaka. Best they stick to that Helen of Destroy whose face definitely launch a thousand sheeps, wakakaka again.


    I won't be surprised if it is just whales basking just below the waterline that the satellite caught. 24 metres would be about the size of an adult blue whale.

    They are quite common at that latitude.


    This commentator is a lot more level headed....


    Foreign press makes a bee-line to interview Anwar Ibrahim.

    Ktemoc is going to go ballistic screaming "Politicisation" very quickly.

    1. Is he the ONLY M'sian favoured by the foreign presses?

      Any reasons WHY?????

      (KT would most likely credit his manmanlai characters!!!!!!, wow, awesome man)

    2. There is now a void in substantial news about locating MH370 so to continue filling the front pages of their news releases, the press have to hunt for news-making sources, the more controversial the better. As the Malaysian authority has virtually clamped down (probably learnt as a lesson from their earlier dis-coordinated f**kups wakakaka) obviously the best bet would be Anwar Ibrahim, well-known in the west as in opposition to both Najib and the more notorious Dr M, wakakaka. It's all about stirring up shit to attract readership. This happens in Australia all the time where the press have frequently show they are no different from a pack of hungry frenzy wolves, wakakaka

    3. BTW, in the MKINI article "Anwar: Why interview me? I'm not the PM" [], the reporter Radzi Razak wrote most correctly when he penned: **Anwar, too, has joined the brickbat bandwagon, taking Najib and his ministers to task.""

      I hope you know what 'brickbat' is, wakakaka, and it sure as hell describes Anwar Ibrahim most aptly, hence my/this post

    4. Come on lah, KT, the world doesn't revolve around bolihland.

      For the international press, no news about MH370, fine let's dig one out OR moves on to Crimea. After all news medias survive on NEWS, comprehending????

      & what's wrong when the bench of the opposition leader taking najib & his ministers to task? He is elected to do so for the 53% of the electorate that voted him into that chair. If he didn't do so, then he might as well kept be nalib's lackey for all we care!

      BTW, still don't want to replace that crashed mirror. The offer has limited timeliness, wakakaka.....

    5. it's easy to criticize - anyone including Ibrahim Ali wakakaka can do that but for an opposition leader I would like to see CONSTRUCTIVE & USEFUL criticism (an alternative policy) which can advanced our country. What has AI done thus far to help solve the MH370 issue? In contrast , look at Lim Guan Eng - in response to a federal directive vis-a-vis searching for MH370, he has moved to prepare Penang as a strategic base of operations. Now, that's constructive Malaysian politics.

    6. I heard that phrase before......Kaytee also heavily criticise that Anwar knows Nuts about Finance.......Think about it. The finger kinda pointed at kaytee himself.....

      Perhaps it's time to summon the wisdom of CL Flamiaris, a Malaysia who is residing in Aussie land......I quote

      "C.L. Familiaris March 22, 2014 at 4:05 pm
      Folks, let’s get this straight with a couple of Truisms:

      1. ‘Nature abhors a vacuum.’ In the absence of Information in this Age of Information, all Hell breaks loose with a whole gamut of pseudo-scientific theories, alchemical speculation (e.g. Li-Mangosteen connection), predictions/prophecies, fables, parapsychology, remote sensing and magic. Heck, someone even mentioned an eagled eyed supergravida grandma (10 children) who developed hyper-visual acuity that can see from 7 miles up. Shows how often One flies.

      Fact is, we don’t know – and may never know, what transpired or expired on MH 370. Frightening, isn’t it? So i think it’s best to keep all that to ourselves, and not play the Fool, in here parts.

      2. Then we have Loose Screws who babble all over the place and who exhibit infinite recursive logic (e.g. Zeno’s Achilles and Tortoise paradox) who is unable to see truth because they can never reach it. Totally irrelevant and demented sidetracking and cackling.

      3. The issue is not merely criticism and cynicism. It’s about Incompetency with failure of accountability and transparency, when we need it most. Trust Deficit. Heck, it’s not even about National Security – it’s about the State of our Humanity.

      4. Perceived Image is not important, Truth is. As it stands: Menang tak tahu; Gaya(Style) pun tak de! So much for the Jaguh Kampung types, with playgrounds in their minds."

      HAHAHAHA! Just read point 3.......Hisham should commit sepupu........HAHAHAHA!

  15. Hisham (No not him)1:37 pm, March 21, 2014 own pet theory on MH370.
    Its a combination of Hijack-Gone-Bad and Hypoxia.
    It started off as a Hijack, evidenced by the ACARs, Transponder being deliberately turned off, and th turnaround. The Hijacker, who has aviation knowledge, instructed a flight path to be programmed into the Flight Management system.
    However, before the task could be completed, there was a struggle in the cockpit, which also caused the crew to be incapacitated and aircraft pressurisation to be breached.
    The aircraft flew along the half-completed reprogrammed flight plan automatically, but beyond that it just kept flying , into the Southern Indian Ocean, before finally running out of fuel and crashing.
    With the fuel tanks completely empty, the plane would not have exploded the way jets tend to do when they hit the water.

    If it sank relatively intact, the Emergency Locator Beacon in the tail would be submerged deep underwater, and the searchers would not find it. The Emergency Locator Beacon is designed to be detectable by satellite if it is floating on the surface and transmitting. The design concept is that a plane crash in the water would likely break the plane up into many pieces, leaving the Beacon floating on the surface. No signal implies it is now deep underwater.

  16. What do politicians do if not politicking? Just look at BOTH sides, everyone is trying to get "something" out of this tragedy. Only thing is some show they have "greatness" thrust upon them and they are crumbling under pressure.......

    1. greatness? what "greatness" could be there when the tragedy has been occasioned by the death of 239 people?

      This tragedy should be mitigated by resolving it a.s.a.p, and shouldn't become a current political issue for points scoring between BN and Pakatan

    2. Well you should know why I have the word greatness in inverted commas.........


    MH370 has become the biggest 24-hours-a-day Reality TV show on the planet.
    Personally, I find the international as well as local media circus yucky and disgusting.
    I know the parents of one of the stewardesses on the missing plane slightly.
    I can't imagine the pain and grief they must be going through.

    But Malaysia itself is guilty of feeding the frenzy by its earlier misteps.
    Saddam Hussein's Iraq had Comical Ali.
    Malaysia now has Comical Hisham.

    1. Comical Hisham listens to his cousin well after the first missteps.....doing what the PM loves to do....Consultants Galore !....hire a Public Relation team ASAP, and wallah ~....signboards immediately up with "Doa Untuk MH370", Messages of Hope and Prayers on all high-traffic TVs.....and no more mumbling and fumbling contradictory Heads of Department weighing in any which way !...only the vastly improved Comical Hisham alone will hold the fort, not veering too far from his given well-scripted note at the prescribed 5 0'clock briefing. But the anxious grieving families would not forget or forgive so easily those initial missteps which caused such anguish.

  18. Anwar's secret thoughts....I'm glad we're not the ones in charge in Putrajaya right now....

    Liow Tiong Liar's secret thoughts....I'm glad MCA did not take up the Transport Minister's position earlier...

    MH370 speculations help probe, IGP concedes

    Its actually true...given the Malaysian government's obvious paralysis and oversights.
    The speculations may or may not turn out to be true, but they help the authorities consider possible channels to check out, which they may have overlooked.
    That is, if they are willing to consider outside opinions, instead of the normal "You listen to Me" mentality of the Malaysian government.