Friday, March 07, 2014

An indecent haste

Much as I dislike Anwar Ibrahim I despise the way the court had dealt with him after the guilty verdict was pronounced. I was truly shocked by the indecent haste the court had demanded of the defence to submit the mitigation - a f**king mere one hour.

Why not provide the defence with the weekend to prepare a reasonable mitigation? It has been in this unfair denial that the court discredited itself. As TMI editorial put it succinctly, The less said [of the judiciary], the better.


It was hardly surprising that Anwar Ibrahim shouted out in anger to the court to “Just do it now!”, referring to his sentencing.

I do not wish to comment anymore on the trial.


  1. Aiyaaa, when the entire system is rotten, what more can you do? See why I say that PR must win Kajang. This time, it would be by a big majority.....Hahahahaha

  2. do u know y i support anwar? bec we have a shit government. n that is oso y i think all fence sitter r equally shit, while u, kt, truly childish writing shit most of the time.

  3. What else can u comment?

    It's all in the bag, like someone interjected in the court room.

    U should be happy now than manmanlai is out in the cold of this cursed land's politics. Yr only frustration could be just one less favourite bashing target to rant about, never mind that PR now has to look for someone else to bind them while surrounding by those Brutuses soiled with umno genes.

    Cry yr crocodile tears, for we, the sopo hard-pressed, have hit an intentionally orchestrated falling log along our way to greater freedom. We shall over-come!

    1st thing first - let show bn what people power is & how angry we r - by further depressing their Kajang votes count.

    It doesn't matter whether they care, as long as we care, bn will be mampus sooner than pink-lip can say he care for the people!

    1. Let us support Ezra Zaid! Hahahahaha!

    2. Anon of 10:13 pm, March 07

      I shed NO tears for AI, only commenting on the unjust court proceedings. I have no idea whether he's really guilty or innocent. I am a person who merely wants to see due process and fairness in all things, even for people I dislike

    3. I NEVER expect u to shed any tear for AI (as a known AI basher) - only perhaps for the kangaroo court minus most of its carma dwellers.

      It seems that u have had none for that too!

      'I am a person who merely wants to see due process and fairness in all things, even for people I dislike'

      -irregardless of the fact that the initiating process is fraud & orchestrated!

      Just remember when a person is been charged in a kangaroo court, whether he's really guilty or innocent has become irrelevant.

  4. Kaytee,I hate to say this,but sometimes in everything happening and all the screaming going on it is a blessing in disguise that Anwar is being convicted and send to prison.Anwar is never destined to be PM.So it can be considered a sacrifice.

    Now this conviction of Anwar is going to be the straw to break the camel's back.

  5. The straw to break the camel's back will be the final nail into Umno/BN's wooden box.Anybody,and I meant anybody who stands in Kajang,that is if Anwar is not allow to run will win by a huge majority.Maybe Mei Fun will lose her deposit too.

    Anwar's going to prison will be PR's free ride to Putrajaya in GE14th.If this is going to be the case,so be it.

  6. the mean machine12:22 am, March 08, 2014

    Most probably Anwar will not be the candidate for the Kajang by election.Rafizi who has shown that he is worse a politician than Khalid should and never will be the replacement.Nurul is the real deal.

  7. why people in egypt and thailand and philippines and arabs and south africa can do what we cannot? kt tell me why? do we lack their courage or commitment to a noble cause? do we lack a mandela or national hero? I need an honest analysis unbiased in all aspect

    1. Few reasons;

      1) the majority have been fed by the tongkat juice for so long that standing up to the hand that feeds u crumb is considered taboo.

      2) the minority r either too small in number, dont care/dont know, intention to vote with feet.

      3) ignorant about fairness/righteousness of any due processes, thus afraid to fight back

      4) waiting for that spark that would burn the prairies down & it would be a long wait due to the 3 reasons mentioned above.

  8. the mean machine2:33 am, March 08, 2014

    With Anwar out of the picture it is curtains down for Azmin Ali."Bye Bye Birdie"?
    Rafizi will be relegated to choir boy.Politics have no place for immature boys.

  9. the gaffe guy who know's3:23 am, March 08, 2014

    The new leaders soon to emerge in PKR will be Khalid,Nurul and gang.The Anwar loyalists heading for the exits are Azmin and Rafizi,soon to be demoted to foot soldiers.Maybe they will cross over to Umno.Who knows.Never say never.

  10. Anwars request for long plea mitigation was unusual. The court's request for immediate plea mitigation is the usual practice in common law courts. Apa da? Don't be con. Then how to sentence? Please lah. Why is he so special than others?

    1. i oso wonder y anwar is so special than others? only umno can tell.

    2. CBMF,

      Prove yr words with EXAMPLES lah!

      In the past, there were MANY court cases that had a extended plea mitigation. Some r actually extension on extension! The prime example is the prolonged mitigation of the Altantuya Shaariibuu C4 case.

      U r trying to CON the blur-sotongs & create fitnah from thin air to uphold the kangaroo court & its carma dwellers.

      The ONLY thing that is right about u, is yr kind is more special than the others, CB.

    3. Aik cbmf replied with usual ignorance. Don't know don't talk. Every lawyer must prepare way up to mitigation lah. Karpal and the bar knows this but pura2 tak tahu.

  11. Things were not looking good for Anwar in Kajang,that is why Kit Siang came out to remind and rally the troops.

    Now that Karpal has said that Anwar is not eligible to stand ,things are looking brighter for the next candidate to replace him.It is like the beautiful colorful rainbow after the storm.A potential very big win for PR if they know how to play their cards right.

    1. Because of kaytee maa........DAP reputation is at stake lei......See tell you guys already that Kajang case is an easy one....Make sure that Zaid Ibrahim & Chew Mei Fun lost deposit

      Just to remind kaytee what Chew Mei Fun had said......nong nong time ago......Anyway, I would not shed tears for kaytee's sister's cat. Afterall, it's just a cat........HAHAHAHAHA!

      What did Chew Mei Fun? Something about asking Kit Siang to support her livelihood.........WHAT THE FUCK man.......HAHAHAHA, Perhaps, Zaid can support Chew Mei Fun this time

    2. The expected big win is hollow, as Kajang Move has now becoming a non-issue without Anwar as the key player.

      Whoever, replacing AI, CANT replace his charisma & bonding power for PR.

      Moreover, the umno-ised Brutuses within PKR r planning their next moves, now that the ONLY hindrance has been removed.

      Makes one wonder DID Rafizi took into consideration that among his key confidants there MUST lied a couple of umno moles. Thus the umno counter-moves had been expedited nth fold to checkmate Kajang Move.

      That ' the beautiful colorful rainbow after the storm.' would take a little bit longer now to appear as PR does some immediate housecleaning & quick, before REALLY loosing Selangor.

  12. the new kampung man9:20 am, March 08, 2014

    There must be some truth in Manmanlai's bad habits of penetrating anuses.If not Umno will not be going after him twice for this same offence.There are lots of ways they can get him to retire prematurely from politics.

    1. Yeah makes one many ways to make him retire for good, but lagi lagi, mesti so do the extent of charging him penetrating anus of former driver ( who incidentally is now a director of some companies and having his OWN driver, bukan main lagi, hehe ) in Tivoli Villa which is NOT in existence yet at that material time, hehehe.

      And now another so do mi case....a 67 year old man attacking a hulking hunk six-footer, pinned him down, and proceeded to violate his a* hoo....poor Saiful, crying and limping home, not daring to shit for several days so that the sperms will not be shitted out....hehehe. Bad habits of Umno and bad habits of Manmanlai indeed, hehe.

  13. the mean machine9:56 am, March 08, 2014

    Now with Anwar out,team Khalid with running mate Nurul will go for the top two posts.The rest of their team will contest for the rest,leaving Anwar loyalists Azmin,Rafizi and gang out in the cold wilderness.Azmin and Rafizi should migrate to Umno,as it is a party trouble makers are attracted to like bees to honey.

  14. I am not a supporter of AI and had never been.

    BUT in this case, if PKR together with PAS and DAP decise to have Reformasi 2.0, I will attend to show support against the tyranny of a regime that knows no limit to their dirty play.

  15. Anwar was steadily heading to the bottom of the of irrelevancy pit but those in power went and restore him with a guilty verdict. Now he is in the limelight again as the poster boy of injustice and most certainly going to win Kajang for the opposition.

  16. Many of my relatives recently received their RM 650 BR1M 2.0
    The are very happy with the BN government.
    F*k Anwar and Fakatan Rakyat.

  17. the gaffe guy who know's11:58 am, March 08, 2014

    Kaytee,what do you think will become of Rafizi if Khalid becomes the numero uno. of PKR.Rafizi was so sure of Anwar becoming the MB,that he was out thrashing and bad mouthing how useless Khalid was.Eventually when Khalid leans heavily on him,he will together with Azmin head for refuge with the Umnoputras.

  18. the mean machine12:16 pm, March 08, 2014

    Umno/BN made a very big political blunder.To rush up the appeal date against Anwar before the nomination day of the By-Erection.Now the PR is going to get the fence sitters and sympathy votes to enable them a huge landslide victory,one which even Anwar cannot achieve.

  19. Saddam Hussein had allegedly said: When someone holds the fly-swatter and you are the fly - keep quiet and behave yourself. Or get swatted.

  20. The Appeal Court's unseemly haste in demanding a mitigation submission is just the latest waft of the rotten stench surrounding the case.

    You don't have to like Anwar Ibrahim to understand that a deep injustice is being perpertrated.
    The whole chronology of this cases stinks, as the authorities twist, warp, debase and bastardize the criminal justice system in their effort to put away what they see as the single biggest threat to their continued iron grip of power over Malaysia.

    The Royal Malaysian Police, the Chemistry Department, Kuala Lumpur hospital doctors and management, Judges all come out of this case smelling worse than a septic tank.

    I don't know how these guys (and girls) go to sleep at night after telling their obvious lies , but they will pay for this, if not in this world, then in the afterworld.

    1. Hear hear ! Not to worry.....these people will come to know, sooner or later, what is Karma. No one is immune to the law of Karma.

  21. if the court allows the weekend for the defense to prepare for the mitigation, you know lah An War and Kar Pal Sing a Pore will turn it into another 6 years, MC lah etc

  22. Karma.....does it really exist ?

    3 stories which might suggest effects of Karma :

    (Translated from Russian by Chaim Zehavi)

    First Story

    At the beginning of WWII, when the truth about the fate of the Jewish people was discovered, and when there were still ways to save them, a few hundred rich Jews bought a ship in order to get their families on board and escape to America. But they needed visas, so they approached the American Ambassador in London. It was not difficult for him, but he utterly refused. The Jews, in order to save their families, went without the visas.
    When the Ambassador found out about it, he contacted Washington, advising them that a ship with illegal immigrants is approaching America. The Jews managed to overcome the horrors of war and reach America, but were not permitted into America. These unlucky people were ordered to turn around and return to burning Europe. and all burnt in the camps.
    When the tragedy was revealed, the Rabbi of London came to the American Ambassador and said: "Your deeds do not befit not only your post, but you are not fit to be called 'a human'. And now, since you caused hundreds of people's death, YOU AND ALL YOUR DESCENDANTS generations down from now on will be cursed!"
    The name of the American Ambassador was KENNEDY.

    Second Story
    Again, WWII. Lithowenia. The Japanese Ambassador, who was a compassionate and noble person, disagreed with the Nazi crimes, and was concerned with the future of the European Jewry. He used his status and provided them with visas to Japan. From Japan they immigrated to America. Thus he saved the lives of thousands of Jews.
    When the Germans found out they demanded that the Ambassador will be removed. The Japanese, allies of the Nazis, followed the request. But he still had 2 weeks until his return, and he used these 2 weeks, and worked around the clock, days and nights, and recruited people to help him issue more visas. The lives of many more Jews were saved this way. This was a very dangerous act, deserving of admiration.
    Prior to his leaving a mission of Jews from the Vilna Synagogue came to thank him.
    "What you have done for the Jewish People will never be forgotten, and we will pray to God to bless you and your descendants."
    This wonderful person returned to Japan, and miraculously all his punishment was that he was fired and lost his pension. In order to help his family he started a small workshop.
    His name was Mitsubishi.

    Third Story
    In the center of the city of Kiev there's a statue in memory of the all-powerful leader of the Ukraine, Bogdan Khmelnitsky. He is sitting on the back of a beautiful horse, his right hand holding a sword and pointing up, towards the sky. he is the epitome of Ukraine's independence. Khmelnitsky is the pride of the Ukrainians, and all visitors are impressed by the beauty of the statue of the great leader.
    But not many know that Khmelnitsky was a beastly anti-Semite. On his conscience many pogroms against the Jews, burning down of towns and villages, and the blood of many innocent Jews. How many future-geniuses, who could have been great achievers, were lost to the world. His ruthless thugs had no mercy for women or children. These are historical facts. A lot sorrow brought the accursed Khmelnitsky to the land of Ukraine.
    But in one town, the pogrom was especially horrible. Khmelnitsky and his thugs, drunken on Jewish blood, robbed and destroyed all the homes of the Jews. The boys and the girls were taken to the Synagogue and were all burnt without mercy. All that was left of this town was its name, and not one living Jew.
    But centuries later the punishment came!
    The name of this town is Chernobyl, and in the exact place that the Synagogue used to be, was the Nuclear Plant #4 of the infamous power plant known in the tragedy that occurred in this town.

  23. "When someone holds the fly-swatter and you are the fly - keep quiet and behave yourself. Or get swatted."

    It is not likely that Saddam said those words or he would not have ended up with a rope around his neck. But if he did say it maybe he meant that George Bush was the one with the fly-swater and he, Saddam, was the fly.

    Annuar should take those words of wisdom to heart - his dearest ex-colleages in UMNO are the ones holding the the fly-swater whlst he Annuar is the fly. Just a fly, not a gadfly.