Saturday, March 29, 2014

Azmin Ali to become PKR party president?

Malaysiakini - Azmin hit by 11th-hour Anwar-Azizah combo

Makes me wonder why would Anwar Ibrahim even want to contest the party president position, what more with his recent conviction hanging over his head? Besides he had never been interested in being PKR party president - UMNO president maybe wakakaka but PKR president ... I doubt it!

I am making a guess that Azmin Ali will file in his nomination papers for the PKR party president. Then when Anwar withdraws at the 11th hour (wakakaka) or is disqualified by RoS because of his recent court conviction, Azmin becomes PKR party president - all gnam gnam kowtim!

It's said that Wan Azizah will also file her papers for party president as well, just in case hubby can't make it.

But let's see. After all, Anwar had been complicit in the Kajang Betrayal, all for Azmin's sake. So I won't be surprised by any move that sees Azmin avoid a fight against Khalid Ibrahim for No 2, but instead sees him win the party No 1 post uncontested. 

I do hope I'm wrong.


  1. Kaytee,the dwarf and his master will do anything and everything in their power to see that either the master or his protege called the dwarf (by you) is elected to the highest office,that is in their own party called PKR.They did fixed Zaid Ibrahim,another Umno clone kaw kaw in the last PKR party elections,didn't they.

    Whether it is Anwar or Azmin at the helm of the presidency,it makes no difference.Both are of no PM material and their wet dreams of being PM is just an illusion of many illusions.Instead of either's accension to party presidency enroute to PM'ship,the party will self implode eventually.The believe that Anwar alone is the only way to Putrajaya or the only one to able hold the PR pact together,shows how shallow minded these politicians and their cronies are.

    Old tigers like Kit Siang and Karpal can win elections on their principles and past achievements as opposition leaders.They make and take calculated risks and have good strategists to take the fight to the ruling Umno/BN,and not always go out looking for safe seats to stand.Anwar is no Kit Siang or Karpal.

    1. problem is dap have no balls to go alone, they rather kiss anwar ass then entertain anwar hater like u. only some dap fanboy like rocketman n the host like to give excuse dap have not much choice, but at least rocketman dun critisize anwar like the host did.

      if lks is that principled, he shd have pull dap out of pr long time ago. his best strategist is to kick out whoever that could pose a threat to his n his prince position, n remain as opposition leader for the next 100 years, until he sniff the smell of anwar ass.

      to a certain extend, ctiticizre anwar/pkr is fine, but dun show yr jejune mind by telling us shit about dap and their leaders. just curious how old r u btw?

    2. This is a rare moment I may have to whack you, HY. I strongly suggest to whack Kaytee on MH370 by telling him what's transpired by the Taiwan langs. Hahahaha! DAP did go alone. In fact, DAP is the one spearheaded ahead the East Malaysia campaign & it's a remarkable success. The near disaster of balingian campaign is a testament that Balingian should have left it to DAP instead........Hahahaha

    3. looes, u r so preditably when come to dap, the only surprise is there is no youtube this round.

    4. Well, PKR has been riding high especially on the non melayu areas thank to DAP. And in return, DAP get sai. So go figure la

  2. the gaffe guy who know's11:20 pm, March 29, 2014

    Now that Wan Azizah and the PKR has won the Kajang by-erection,everything is so quiet.What has happened to the Kajang move,loudly touted by Rafizi and PKR as the road to Putrajaya.Their big talk has finally fizzled out?Big war talk,NATO?Go Figure.

  3. Garfunkel and Knowles11:41 pm, March 29, 2014

    Mr KT,Anwar is screwing around with his blind supporters by raising tensions and emotions.What the fuck he is running for the president of PKR.He is suppose to be fighting like his life depends on it to avoid going to do five years of jail time.In other words Anwar is soon going to be a jailbird and a convicted felon.He knows that a felon cannot hold any party positions,so is he like you said,setting up his blue eyed boy for a defaulted win?A sodomist will always be a sodomist,a liar always a liar and a compulsive one too.

    I whole heartedly sympathised with his family for Anwar dragging them through this mud infested uncharted territories.Even an animal should have the brains and smarts to figure the torture the family is going through.The Umno will not have a second sodomy trial if this Saiful sodomy wasn't true.It is like going against public perception as the public is willing not to believe in it.Or rather to believe it as an Umno puppet show.

  4. Pussy cat meow meow lah11:59 pm, March 29, 2014

    "Karpal steps down as DAP chief" pending sedition appeal.

    Karpal Singh a current sitting chairman of DAP is stepping down pending his appeal on sedition charges.Karpal said he could not,until the conviction was set aside or the fine reduced under 2,000 ringgit to continue to remain as chairman.

    Anwar who is charged with sodomy and facing five years of jailtime is running for PKR president?What the fuck is he thinking.He should take a leave or two from Karpal's statement and shove it up his behind.A shame,blurdy shame to have to come down to such low level of morals.Where to hide one's face when out in public,man or rather girlie or gillie,eh.

    1. in dap, people only know lim xxx xxx, wherever ks go or whatever he did, nobody notice except the anwar haters, thats y.

    2. Well, it's a strategy la.....For this, you should ask Hisham Rais. He doesn't have problem with his sister's cat unlike ktmoc. Hahahaha!

      I wonder what would kaytee say it in front of Hisham Rais's face.........You are a fucking cibai Myr fuck fuck......Hahahaha! Anwarista or Azizahta........hahahaha!

      This part make extremely happy.......Yeah RPK cibai defied sultan perak wor......wait till the predecessor wake up from the grave.......hehehehe

      Let hear how Hisham Rais FUCK RPK.......Better still do so in Manchester or peeing in Guildford.......Huh? Where is Guildford hah? Ask Hasan the Kedayan

      "perempuan tak leh jadi mb selangor

      orang luar tak leh jadi mb selangor

      boleh kah mat saleh jadi sultan?

      saje nak tanya jangan marah

      kah kah kah"

    3. Guilford? Mana gua tau Looes! Is it near Tronoh, Perak? Mungkin dekat dengan Kelly's Castle mah!

      Kalau Beaufort, gua tau la. Dekat itu dengan Tenom, Sabah.


      - hasan

    4. Go ask RPK........Where Guildford is? Where to get halal food in Surrey county? Hahahaha!

  5. If Anwar loses in his appeal and goes to jail,is PKR and the PR going to fall apart.According to Anwaristas yes and to Anwar critics no.

  6. I suppose I'm glad the national conversation has gone back to "Normal".

    Anwar Ibrahim-demonization is back as National Priority No. 1

    UMNO-linked NGOs are back making dozens of police reports against anybody who criticizes government policy as "disrespectful of Islam"

    MCA Heng Seai Kie calls for "Ham Ka Chan" against PKR leaders.

  7. The best service Anwar Ibrahim can do for Malaysia now is to accept his conviction for Sodomy, and go to jail.
    This will simultaneously remove him from the unsavoury PKR political maneuvering which he has been conducting. and make him a "martyr".

    1. Yes, totally setuju ! Anwar locked away and being a "martyr" is just the best solution so far, although the way the court going about it was despicable. Ahh.....if only more could join him, our country do badly need a break...a break from that usual sh*t coming out like regular clock work that's driving most of us up the know, for example, like one who said if he was a PM again, he will censor the internet lah, etc etc. Enough lah with these old filthy rich already, with one foot on a banana leaf and one foot in the grave, still lagi mau bising bising banyak2, what the shit lah.

    Heng Seai Kie called for - "nine familial extermination" of some PR leaders

    Wow! We've known for a long time MCA is corrupt and spineless, but didn't realise they can be so vile and evil as well...

    Apparently this family genocide has been carried out on the Emperor's orders a number of times in China's history....

    The punishment of death includes :-
    The offending person himself
    The offender's spouse
    The offender's living parents
    The offender's living grandparents
    All the offender's children
    All the offender's grandchildren
    The offender's brothers and sisters
    The offenders' spouse's brother and sisters.
    The offender's Uncles as well as their spouses

    1. don't forget the servants, pets, livestocks etc, basically a la the Old Testament Hebrew genocidal orders in 1 Samuel 15:3 which said: "This is what the Lord Almighty says ... 'Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey."

    2. Ktemoc,
      There is a big difference between semi-metaphorical verses from a Religious text with no historical context and no other documentary corroboration on one hand, and clearly documented historical acts well within recorded human history.