Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Typical Yankee Cruel Callous Couldn't-be-bothered Fckup - US drone strike near Kabul airport killed 10 innocent members of one family, including six children


Afghanistan: US investigates civilian deaths in Kabul strike

Relative of drone strike victims: "Why did they kill our family... our children?"

A US drone strike near Kabul airport ended up killing 10 members of one family, including six children, surviving relatives have told the BBC.

The 10 were killed when a car parked at their home was struck by an explosion on Sunday.

The US military said it was targeting a vehicle carrying at least one person associated with the Afghan branch of the Islamic State group.

It said people nearby may have been hit in the aftermath of the strike.

The youngest child to be killed was two-year-old Sumaya, and the oldest child was 12-year-old Farzad, the family said.

"It's wrong, it's a brutal attack, and it's happened based on wrong information," Ramin Yousufi, a relative of the victims, told the BBC.

He added, tearfully: "Why have they killed our family? Our children? They are so burned out we cannot identify their bodies, their faces."

Another relative, Emal Ahmadi, told the BBC that it was his two-year-old daughter who was killed in the strike.

Mr Ahmadi said he and others in the family had applied for evacuation to the US, and had been waiting for a phone call telling them to go to the airport.

That included one of his relatives, Ahmad Naser, who was killed in the strike and had previously worked as a translator with US forces. Other victims had previously worked for international organisations and held visas allowing them entry to the US.

The US, Mr Ahmadi added, had made "a mistake, it was a big mistake".

image caption
The aftermath of the drone strike in the Afghan capital, Kabul

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told reporters that they were "not in a position to dispute" reports of civilian casualties, and that they were "assessing and... investigating".

"Make no mistake, no military on the face of the earth works harder to avoid civilian casualties than the United States' military, and nobody wants to see innocent life taken," he said. "We take it very, very seriously and when we know that we have caused innocent life to be lost in the conduct of our operations, we're transparent about it."

He then defended the intelligence about "what we believed to be a very real, a very specific and a very imminent threat" against Kabul's Hamad Karzai International airport from IS-K (Islamic State Khorasan Province), IS's Afghan affiliate.

In an earlier statement, US Central Command said there had been a number of "substantial and powerful subsequent explosions" following the drone strike.

It said the explosions suggested there had been "a large amount of explosive material inside, that may have caused additional casualties".

Central Command had previously said the strike was successful at "eliminating an imminent" threat to Kabul's airport.


  1. What would those mfering Yankee myrmidons say this time round?

    First they spitted diarrhea about the Taliban couldn't offer security protection at the Kabul airport where the Yank/pommie were holding fort to outdo their evacuations with tail behind their legs.

    Now, the Yank has deployed drone to carry out bombing in location outside their control - ignoring the casualties inflicted upon the civilian!

    Mfers, yr uncle Sam has the capability to strike wantonly but he won't do it if his soldier boys r in danger of dying.

    The lifes of his soldier r worthed many many times more than those innocent Afghans!

    Just like instead of deploying the bigger military carrier plane of C-5 Galaxy uncle Sam chose c17 of a lesser capacity carrier! Yr uncle Sam was very selective in his afghan 'refugee' mission!

    All these time, all yr f*cking security protection, humanitarian aids r just for yr uncle Sam's own kind!

    Hope u face the same FATE as those poor suffering afghans in yr coming karma!

  2. Russia and 5000 yo Bullyland Do Not Sapot "Safety of Afghans and the Safe Provision of Humanitarian Aid"......Shocking. Afghans who worked for foreigners are now under the Mercy (if there is any) of the Telly-ban and other Cruel and Zalim terrorists. Thousands of Afghan families are separated, eg children from their parents. Will Telly-ban allow them to be reunited?

    Russia and 5000 yo Bullyland remain in Kabul, still fren fren with Telly-ban, so please provide safety and security to all civilian Afghans and allow safe delivery of UN humanitarian aid, instead of just Lecturing and Pontificating. Don't Run Away Ya?

    UN adopts Afghanistan resolution, but no ‘safe zone’
    The resolution requires the Taliban to honour their commitment to let people freely leave Afghanistan.
    30 Aug 2021

    The UN Security Council has adopted a resolution requiring the Taliban to honour their commitment to let people freely leave Afghanistan, but the measure did not include a “safe zone” mentioned by French President Emmanuel Macron. The resolution – drafted by the United States, United Kingdom and France – was passed on Monday with 13 votes in favour and no objections. China and Russia abstained. The resolution said that the council expects the Taliban to allow a “safe, secure, and orderly departure from Afghanistan of Afghans and all foreign nationals”.

    “The Security Council expects the Taliban to live up to its commitment to facilitate safe passage for Afghans and foreign nationals who want to leave Afghanistan today as well as going forward,” Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US ambassador to the UN, said in a news conference shortly after the resolution was adopted.

    The resolution refers to an August 27 Taliban statement in which the group said Afghans would be able to travel abroad, and leave Afghanistan any time they want to, including by any border crossing, both air and ground. The Security Council “expects that the Taliban will adhere to these and all other commitments,” the resolution said.

    Macron had raised hopes of more concrete proposals in comments published in the weekly Journal du Dimanche during the weekend. He said Paris and London would present a draft resolution which “aims to define, under UN control, a ‘safe zone’ in Kabul, that will allow humanitarian operations to continue,” Macron said.

    “I am very hopeful that it will be successful. I don’t see who could be against making humanitarian projects secure,” he said.

    But the UN resolution on the table is far less ambitious. It is not clear whether another resolution proposing a “safe zone” will be circulated later on. Experts said the text was watered down to ensure China and Russia would not use their vetoes to block it, including softening some of the language related to the Taliban.

    “This is a pretty thin text,” said Richard Gowan, UN expert at the International Crisis Group.

    “Macron was guilty of overselling the idea of a safe zone at Kabul airport this weekend, or at least not communicating very clearly,” Gowan told the AFP news agency.

    “The resolution does at least send a political signal to the Taliban about the need to keep the airport open and help the UN deliver aid,” he added.

    The text calls for the Taliban to allow “full, safe, and unhindered access” for the UN and other agencies to provide humanitarian assistance. It also “reaffirms the importance” of upholding human rights, including of children, women and minorities and encourages all parties to seek an inclusive, negotiated political settlement with the “full, equal and meaningful representation of women”. The text also calls for Afghanistan to “not be used to threaten or attack any country or to shelter or train terrorists, or to plan or to finance terrorist acts”.

    1. Blurred mfer, if u read between the lines of that demoNcratic sponsored resolution ONLY then it's a piece of rhetoric full of spurious humanitarianism shit!

      Russia & China r right to abstain for a poppy tag that these mfers r so shamelessly used!

      “This is a pretty thin text,” said Richard Gowan, UN expert at the International Crisis Group - is just a mild diplomatic fart!

    2. 500 yo Bullyland has far more C17s than C5s, more crew/pilots for rapid non-stop turnarounds. C17s are more suitable for ferrying passengers/troops. C5s are more for transporting mixed troops/military equipment.

      Even civilian airlines volunteered to help in the evacuation of people from "a country they don't even care about". But none from neighbouring Bullyland. Only Lecture, Pontificate, Veto and Abstain in UN.

      Airlines are helping in Afghanistan evacuations. How does that work?
      AUG. 25, 2021

      As the U.S. scrambles to complete the evacuation effort in Afghanistan, several of the nation’s largest air carriers have been recruited to help transport American citizens and Afghan evacuees to the U.S.

      The Biden administration on Sunday pulled in the airlines to help speed the process through a little-known program called the Civil Reserve Air Fleet.

      The program was created post-World War II, inspired by the airlift of food, fuel and supplies by Allied forces in airbases in Western Germany to parts of Berlin that were under the control of Soviet forces. It falls under the authority of the Defense Production Act, which gives the president emergency powers to deploy domestic industries to support military and homeland security efforts, among others.

      It was previously activated twice, in Iraq in 1991 and 2003.

      How does the Civil Reserve Air Fleet work?
      The Department of Defense activated the Civil Reserve Air Fleet on Aug. 22, requesting commercial airlines to volunteer their aircraft and crews to transport evacuees. In Afghanistan, military aircraft are ferrying evacuees out of Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport to U.S. military bases in the Middle East, where they are being processed for resettlement in other countries. From those bases, the commercial aircraft are flying evacuees to their destinations in the U.S. It is unclear how many evacuees will be allowed to settle in the U.S. Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany, among other countries, have pledged to take in thousands of evacuees.

    3. Wakakakaka…

      In the final weeks of the vietnam war, prior to the Fall of Saigon, several C-5s were involved in evacuation efforts. During one such mission, a C-5A crashed while transporting a large number of orphans, with over 140 killed.

      Blurred mfer, yr c&p effort didn't show u this piece of infos?

  3. Ayam Sure recently "civilized" Telly-ban will allow Afghan families to be re-united.

    But why Russia and 5000 yo Bullyland did not sapot the UN Resolution on Afghanistan? It was Already watered down to accommodate their habit of vetoing/abstaining. But still they won't sapot.

    "Safe Zone, Safe Travel"? What is their Problem?

    US takes 34 unaccompanied Afghan children into custody after airlift
    Ten children swiftly placed with close family members
    Fri 27 Aug 2021

    About three dozen unaccompanied Afghan children have been placed in US government custody after being evacuated from Afghanistan during the hurried withdrawal in recent weeks, US officials told Reuters.

    The children arrived at the Kabul airport without a parent or legal guardian and were referred to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) refugee office upon arriving in the United States, according to a US official who requested anonymity to discuss internal government operations.

    Of 34 Afghan children taken into US government custody as of Thursday, 24 remain after some were quickly placed with close family members. The children in custody are housed in government shelters experienced with caring for Afghan children, said the official, who would not disclose the location for safety reasons.

    The unaccompanied children are part of a growing number of refugees airlifted out Afghanistan in what Joe Biden’s administration says is one of the biggest airlifts in history.

    Since 14 August, the United States has airlifted about 105,000 people out of the country, a figure that includes US citizens, Afghans and foreign nationals.

    The US government has not said how many Afghans have arrived in the United States, but advocates say thousands have already entered the country.

    The unaccompanied children being placed in US government custody do not have parents in the United States and, in some cases, the parents are deceased, the official said.

    “If their parents aren’t here now but will be, we need a place for them to go in the interim and then they will be united when their parents get here,” the official said.

    The children make up a fraction of the nearly 15,000 unaccompanied children in the care of the HHS refugee office, most of whom come from Central America and arrive at the US-Mexico border.

    An HHS spokesperson said in a statement that it was working to ensure the children would be “placed with licensed care providers that are able to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services”.

    HHS is working to recruit more Afghan foster families to its network in the event some of the children cannot be placed with family members in the United States, the official said.

    Most of the unaccompanied Afghan children are older teens, the official said.

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      Remember non interference of other's domestic politic?

      Creating a safe zone? Whose going to provide the monitoring forces? Getting the retreating Yankee/pommie to return for another of their f*cked tour of duty?

      Blurred mfer, u r not only blurred, u r just shamelessly parading yr skill of fart!

  4. And here is eyewitness account of suicide bombers that killed nearly 200 Afghan civilians.


    The difference of course is the airport suicide bombers meant to kill innocent civilians. The drone strike was not. This is misleading reporting by KT as usual ha ha ha....

    1. Truly mfering fart!

      "the airport suicide bombers meant to kill innocent civilians"

      Wow… wow… how do u account for the 13 Yankee reads? & their wounded? Ooop… don't forgetting the pommie casualty too!

      The target was obviously the foreign soldiers! The dying/wounded civilians were just the unfortunate collateral damages due to their closed proximity.

      "The drone strike was not"

      Wow… wow… the target was a moving car. & bombing a car in a crowded civilian road was obviously an overkill sans innocent casualty!

      If the Yankee could target the specific car, it only meant that they had intelligent on the ground. &if they could operate a drone, it also meant they could sent their underground operatives to take out that car.

      Yet the yank chose to use a drone!

      It ONLY meant the Yankee wanted a maximum warning, tagged with superior fire power, to vent the killing & payback for their dead soldiers. They have zilch consideration for the innocent & unknowing civilians!

      How evil & atrocious could that vengeance-filled reaction be?

      Yet this blurred mfer is still wallflower its idols!

  5. Time for Afghanistan to go back to what they do best.
    Kill each other, and that starts today.

  6. https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/30/asia/fawad-andarabi-afghan-folk-singer-killed-intl/index.html

    The "reformed Taliban" in sheep's clothing lasted only a few days in power.

    1. Making stories out of a chaotic transitional change with idiots, zealots, single-minded patriots roaming - each with their own aims, ideas of how to make this opportunity works!

      Yet none r more pathetic than those meeting doomsayers who r expecting instant-mee miracle in overhaul a deeply wounded nation!

    2. Eakakaka...let's see your Pinocchio nose grow longer by the day, as it becomes harder and harder to defend Terrorist Talibans.

    3. Wow…

      I'm game to see who is gotten that proverbial Pinocchio nose!

      Old moneyed mfer, this is early days of a transitional period.

      Sporadic of cruel, uncontrollable happenstances r a given. Same same in many chaotic incidences happened during a drastic TRANSFORMATION.

    4. BTW, old moneyed mfer, what have u to offer but regurgitated hardwired indoctrinated old Taliban atrocities!

      The current Taliban leaders r in their early fifty or younger. Many of them lived through the Yankee occupation from their formation yrs of 20+ - 30+.

      They r war hardened & seen through the causality of the wars they had fought.

      Change is the ONLY constant in the entire universe. Thus the current Taliban would have very different ideals about their theocratic administration from their predecessors.

      They know rigid Islamic doctrines have to adapt to modern requirements. They know woman is a developing force to be recognized. They know international cooperations with friendly countries r a prerequisite for their continue existence. They ALSO realise that the various warlords within Afghanistan must be compromised & cooperated to make the Islamic Emirate work.

      Ain't THESE FACTS clearly spell out in their open diplomatic declaration?

      Yet u mfering clowns r still sticking to those old propagandized western lies to throw a spanner in the current Taliban's efforts in governing their own country!

      I wouldn't be surprised if those retreating foreign forces would work very hard at the background to sabotage this new Afghan efforts of self governing.

      They have scores to settle! Their wounded pride & bruised ego would fuel them to do whatsoever possible to torpedo this difficult Afghanistan rebuilding.

      Bet yr underpants in this besides that Pinocchio nose!

  7. Malay-sia and Telly-ban can now celebrate Merdeka Day together on Aug 31st every year....ha3

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      Afghanistan recognizes its independence day as August 19, 1919 when the country became fully independent of British rule.

  8. 5000 yo Bullyland, what do you think the Foreigners in Afghanistan were trying to do for the last 20 years? Nobody can do any of these things without a functioning Afghanistan Gomen that can provide Stability, Safety and Security. Not when there is a civil war.

    That was why elections were held SEVEN TIMES since 2004 under UN auspices to let Afghans choose their gomen. But now this democratically elected gomen was overthrown by Telly-ban at gun-point, and they have been welcomed by 5000 yo Bullyland in The Great Hall of The People, like Pol Pot was welcomed in 1975, before the Khmer Killing Fields.

    To provide humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan you need safe zones, where people won't get killed, but why did you not sapot this UN Resolution? Only Lecture and Pontificate but not willing to lift a chopstick.

    China pledges support to Afghanistan and calls on the US to "shoulder its responsibilities"
    From CNN’s Beijing bureau

    China has promised to help support Afghanistan's peace and reconstruction process in accordance with the wishes of the country's people, according to China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson.

    Wang Wenbin told a press conference on Tuesday that China has provided support and assistance to Afghanistan's economic and social development and improved people's livelihoods.

    Wang said the US should work with the international community to provide much needed economic and humanitarian assistance to the country and "maintain the normal operation of government institutions, maintain social security and stability, curb currency depreciation and price rises and embark on the road to peaceful reconstruction as soon as possible."

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      How blurred & lied, whichever u want to claim:

      "elections were held SEVEN TIMES since 2004 under UN auspices"

      SEVEN TIMES! What does that tell?

      A successfully functioning Afghanistan Gomen that can provide Stability, Safety and Security under foreign guidance, AS u had farted!

      Wow… wow…