Thursday, August 26, 2021

Britain cease your colonisation - US get out of Diego Garcia as it's not your land

Mauritius hails UN ban on British stamps in disputed islands

Stamps bearing the words ‘British Indian Ocean Territory’ will no longer be accepted. (Facebook pic/Eduard Kovalevskyi)

PORT LOUIS: Mauritius has welcomed the UN postal agency’s decision to ban British stamps from being used on the Chagos archipelago, calling it a victory for the island nation in its decades-long dispute with London.

The vote by the Universal Postal Union (UPU), a UN agency focusing on the mail sector, follows a longstanding spat between Mauritius and Britain over the Chagos Islands, where London and Washington operate a joint military base.

“This is another big step in favour of the recognition of the sovereignty of Mauritius over the Chagos,” Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth said late Wednesday.

Although Mauritius became independent in 1968, the Chagos archipelago remained under British control, sparking protests by Chagossians, who accuse London of carrying out an “illegal occupation” and barring them from their homeland.

Following Tuesday’s vote, “the UPU will stop registering, distributing and transmitting stamps” bearing the words British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT), the name given by Britain to the archipelago, Jugnauth said.

In 2019, the International Court of Justice ruled that Britain should give up control of the islands.

Later that year, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution recognising that “the Chagos Archipelago forms an integral part of the territory of Mauritius” and urged UN agencies “to support the decolonisation of Mauritius”.

There was no response from Britain to Tuesday’s vote which took place in Abidjan.

Britain insists the archipelago belongs to London and has renewed a lease agreement with the US to use Diego Garcia, the largest of the islands, until 2036.

Diego Garcia played a strategic role during the Cold War, and then as an airbase, including during the war in Afghanistan.

Since 1975, Mauritius has made a concerted legal effort to secure the archipelago’s return to its fold.

Earlier this month, the government denied a report that it has allowed India to build a military base on the remote island of Agalega, after the news sparked fears of a repeat of the 1965 decision by Britain to separate the Chagos Islands from Mauritius.


kt quotes Wiki (extract):

The Chagos was home to the Chagossians, a Bourbonnais Creole-speaking people, until the United Kingdom evicted them between 1967 and 1973 to allow the United States to build a military base on Diego Garcia. Since 1971, only the atoll of Diego Garcia is inhabited, and only by military and civilian contracted personnel. Since being expelled, the Chagossian have been prevented from returning to the islands.


  1. There r reports stating that the US is burying expired atomic & hydrogen bombs under the seas of the atolls surrounding the Chagos Archipelago.


    How many of u ever heard of the FACT that atomic & hydrogen bombs have expiry shelf life?

    US & Soviet Union have the largest stockpile of nuclear bombs close to or reach their expiry date due to their earlier manufactured dates from just after the WWII.

    Most of the Soviet Union's expired nuclear bombs were decommissioned & decomposed after the fall of SU under the supervision of the US!

    US used to stored theirs at the Nevada desert underground bunkers. But many of them have been secretly moved to remote oversea bases.

  2. This Sounds like 5000 yo Bullyland colonizing and building SEVEN military bases on reefs and rocks that don’t belong to them.

    Yeah…Get Out of Southern Seas.

    1. Blurred mfer, show yr proofs of South China Sea colonization lah.

      Don't just fart with lies!

  3. Are Taiwan stamps with the words “Republic of China” recognized in 5000 yo Bullyland?

    1. Wakakaka in the constitution of Taiwan the island is known as Republic of China. They have always mean the island is part of mainland China ..... one day there will be unification, when the 'power' on the island reclaim the mainland ..... wakakakaka, but unfortunately the truth is it would more likely be the other way round, that the force on the mainland known as People's Republic of China, reclaim the island. So who took over who is purely an internal matter, the unification is always a good thing. So why are the US, the west, AND YOU, 'T'rouble 'S'eeker become busy bodies to meddle with China internal affairs?

    2. Currently Taiwan is recognized as a renegade province within the China proper.

      Republic of China was an expired nation state of china, similar to all those old dynasties.

      As such there is NO question of any recognition of Taiwan as a province. The current Taiwanese administration UD NOT been recognized by the central govt!

      Tau tak, blurred mfer?

  4. Why dont yoy tell China to get out of Champa Sea.Hehehe

    1. Champagne Sea???


      U do believe in this mumbo jumbo fairy tale from the (old)vietnam!

      Blurred f*ck, first check has the old Vietnamese fisherfolks ever ventured any further outside the Mekong delta for livelihood. Second, u might have confused the champa worded in the Vietnamese language as the same of that
      ancient India city. Champs was a common Buddhist word of the old pilgrimage tales. The Vietnameses of the old ages might have used that word box of their Buddhism faith!

      Or perhaps, u want to play an aneh-ized hand in a territory that the ancient india knew zilch!

  5. Back in the 80s if you sent a letter to 5000 yo Bullyland using this stamp below, your letter would be destroyed....ha ha ha......

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      What a lies from modern day Formosa dickheads!

      The easiest proofs r been shown in the various provincial 'red' memorial museums in China where many old letters & parcels sent from Taiwan were kept.

      The stamps were clearly marked 中华民 邮政!

      So blurred mfer, dovdig some more cesspool concentrates for yr daily high lah.

    2. Blurred mfer, since u raised this stamp issue, let me ask - have u any record of letters/parcels been sent with 中华人民共和国 邮政 been processed & delivered in Formosa in the 80s?


      It was the policy of the then Formosa administration to reject & destroy any letters/parcels coming in from 中华人民共和国!

      This is PROVEN FACT!

    3. Thousands of Taiwanese went over to the mainland and got free vaccination while Tsai Ing-wen beg and unable to obtain meaningful dozes of vaccines from US but rather prefer to let the Taiwanese general public suffer waiting in despair and play politics by rejecting free offer of vaccines from mainland. How cynical !!!

  6. China cease your colo is action of Tibet and East Turkestan.
    And stop your attempt to colonise the South-East Asia Sea.

    1. Shout louder!

      Maybe scream through yr breaking lung!

      Old moneyed mfer, u r not doing anything concrete but just pure farting!

  7. Not just Southern Seas, but Eastern Seas as well.....

    China Coast Guard Sets Worrying New Intrusion Records Near Senkaku Islands
    BY JOHN FENG ON 6/24/21

    China's coast guard vessels are setting new records in the East China Sea after Japan reported unprecedented levels of activity near the disputed Senkaku Islands in June.

    Japanese maritime authorities logged fresh intrusions by China coast guard ships in the early hours of Tuesday, Tokyo time. A pair of marked law enforcement vessels sailed into the territorial waters of the uninhabited island chain between 3:05 a.m. and 3:10 a.m., according to the Japan coast guard's 11th regional headquarters in Naha.

    The Senkaku Islands are also claimed by China as Diaoyu, and by Taiwan as Diaoyutai. Tuesday's incident was the 21st time Chinese coast guard vessels had entered the territorial waters of the Japan-controlled islands since the start of the year, public records show.

    The intruding ships arrived just hours after another two Chinese maritime police vessels had set the longest intrusion duration on record, remaining in the waters around the Senkakus for 42 hours, Tokyo news agency Jiji Press reported on Monday.

    The Japanese coast guard said the Chinese ships arrived around 4:40 a.m. Sunday and did not leave until 10:20 p.m. and 10:35 p.m. on Monday. During the record incursion, the China coast guard vessels sailed close to a Japanese fishing boat operating in the area before anchoring nearby, the Jiji Press report said.

    On Monday, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi called the actions "unacceptable."

    Earlier in June, China's state broadcaster CCTV hailed recent coast guard patrols in the East China Sea after the country's maritime law enforcement agency broke the record for the most consecutive days in the waters around the Senkaku Islands.

    1. Blurred mfer, do u know ANYTHING about the history of Diaoyutai?

      Just c&p to ease yr China/CPC constipation, no?