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Ass-binte as PM9 - Haziq right behind in HARD "support"

UMNO In Trouble – Azmin Could Become The First Gay Prime Minister If His Threat For Deputy PM Succeeded

On his first day as the 9th Prime Minister, Ismail Sabri has already screwed up spectacularly. As part of a PR exercise to project himself as a caring leader, his first official visit was to Kedah on Monday (August 23). The itinerary for the visit was to several flood-hit areas and meet with families affected by the disaster, which has claimed four lives.

But old habits die hard, let alone 60 years of UMNO culture of apple-polishing, rent-seeking, corruption, favouritism, nepotism, cronyism and whatnot. “Turtle Egg” Sabri, still could not believe his fortune, was immediately swarmed by UMNO bootlickers, tagging along for a free ride on the official government jet to the state of Kedah.

Joining the large group on board the Malaysian Air Force One was former Kedah Chief Minister Mahdzir Khalid and several UMNO MPs, including Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, Ismail Mohamed Said, Hasan Ariffin, Mohd Salim Sharif and Noraini Ahmad. Netizens were up in arms over the wastage of taxpayers’ money, especially when the country is plagued with Covid-19 pandemic and ailing economy.

The problem with UMNO leaders is that they just have to flaunt their “connections” by posing and publishing photos with the man who walks the corridors of power. The SOP is to flatter the prime minister, especially one like Sabri whose intellectual skills are below average, in preparation to win positions and projects. But the blunders on the executive plane were just the beginning.

PM Sabri was also criticized when he was seen accompanied by an extraordinary large entourage comprising more than 50-car convoy during his visit to the flood-hit areas. And you know the infamous corruption synonym with UMNO is back when a huge “Welcome and Congratulations” billboard was erected right in the middle of the disaster area.

To make matters worse, social distancing was clearly violated when hundreds of people were seen following Ismail Sabri during his PR stunt during his walkabout to inspect the flood-plagued areas. The prime minister was also under fire after photos of him chairing a meeting with UMNO leaders without observing the health SOP – not wearing masks.

As the newly installed incompetent prime minister and his band of arrogant UMNO leaders continued to be drunk with power, Azmin Ali has started making his move for power and positions. After the draft of Cabinet leaked on social media, with Azmin and his top loyalist Zuraida Kamaruddin expected to be demoted, it only makes sense for Azmin to demand for the No. 2 position.

According to the leaked Cabinet list, Azmin Ali, the second man under Muhyiddin administration, would be demoted to the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry from his previous powerful and lucrative Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). Zuraida will be demoted to take care of energy and natural resources (from housing and local government ministry).

During the infamous “Sheraton Move” last February, Azmin had led 10 PKR MPs including himself to defect to Bersatu, while Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin simultaneously pulled his party out from government – leading to the collapse of the democratically elected Pakatan Harapan ruling government. After the betrayal, they formed a new government with enemies and oppositions.

While Muhyiddin became the 8th Prime Minister, working primarily with the corrupt United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) and extremist Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), Azmin became de-facto Deputy Prime Minister. However, the backdoor Perikatan Nasional government collapsed after just 17 months, when Muhyiddin was himself betrayed by ally UMNO.

The plan, at least that was what Azmin had been led to believe, was to groom the PKR (People’s Justice Party) biggest traitor to take over the “Iron Throne” one day. It was the prospect of becoming the country’s youngest prime minister that had kept Azmin extremely loyal to Muhyiddin. But his dream was crushed after UMNO President Zahid Hamidi led 15 MPs to pull out.

By hook or by crook, Mr Azmin, who was caught with his pants down engaging gay sex at Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Sandakan, Sabah, must fight back and cannot afford to be demoted in the new administration of Ismail Sabri. Otherwise, not only he will suffer political humiliation, his 9 loyal MPs will definitely abandon him. Like it or not, only power and positions glued them together.

If there’s one thing that Azmin has learned from the downfall of his former boss Muhyiddin and the unexpected rise of “turtle egg” Ismail Sabri, it is that anyone can threaten or blackmail the prime minister as long as one possessed 5 MPs. And Azmin has 10 MPs, meaning he has twice the firepower to extract concessions from PM Ismail Sabri.

Zahid Hamidi and his mentor, former PM Najib Razak, might think they were brilliant in forcing Muhyiddin to resign (August 16), only for him to partner again with the same traitors who had toppled him just days ago. But the game of musical chairs is being played repetitively using the same support of 114 MPs in the 220-seat Parliament (after the death of 2 MPs).

In short, PM Sabri must have at least “110+1” MPs to command a simple majority support in Parliament. And Zahid had shown that with just 11 MPs who retracted their support for then-Prime Minister Muhyiddin, the fragile government crumbles. Using the same page from Zahid’s playbook, Azmin could also topple Sabri’s government with his army of 10 MPs.

Theoretically, Azmin can demand to be installed as the new prime minister, and UMNO will have little choice but to agree in order to stay in power. It will be an endless game of power grabbing. After UMNO betrayed Bersatu and installed Ismail Sabri, Bersatu too can pull out and install Azmin. UMNO can then withdraw support again and install Hishammuddin Hussein.

In retaliation, Bersatu will pull a similar stunt and install Hamzah, only to see UMNO retracts its support and install Zahid, and the game continues until the cows come home. Of course, the game is not limited to UMNO and Bersatu alone. Sarawak-based GPS (Gabungan Parti Sarawak) and PAS Islamist party, both in possession of 18 MPs each, too can demand for the prime minister position.

In fact, MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association), MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress) and PBRS (United Sabah People’s Party), three component parties of Barisan Nasional, can trigger the collapse of the extremely fragile government of Sabri. Together, the three parties have 4 MPs, sufficient to erase the simple majority currently enjoyed by UMNO.

Perhaps that explains why MCA vice-president Ti Lian Ker has suggested today that someone who is sensitive to the needs of Chinese new villages be appointed as Minister of Housing and Local Government. Obviously, he was trying to lobby for the ministry, which belonged to MCA until the portfolio was taken away by UMNO in 2013 when MCA lost badly in the 2013 General Election.

Unless UMNO, who is back to power after its Barisan Nasional coalition stunningly lost power for the first time in 61 years since independence in 1957 just three years ago in the 2018 General Election, reaches out to the Opposition for support, Azmin Ali may get his wish granted. UMNO probably thought Azmin would be satisfied once he is appointed as the Deputy PM.

But why should the ambitious man stop at just the deputy prime minister, a position that is not even provided in the Federal Constitution, when his dream is to become the youngest prime minister? It’s absolutely possible that the vengeful Muhyiddin could be the hidden hand behind Azmin’s demand for the No. 2 as part of a plot to seize back the power from UMNO.

Actually, Ismail Sabri becomes the 9th Prime Minister because he was in the right place at the right time. It has nothing to do with his charisma, let alone intellectual skills. After all, he was the same clueless and incompetent Senior Minister under Muhyiddin administration who had made uncountable policy flip-flops, SOP U-turns, double standards and whatnot.

As revealed by UMNO secretary-general Ahmad Maslan, Sabri was the third choice behind party president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and deputy president Mohamad Hasan. Apparently, Zahid pulled out, most likely due to his corruption trials, while Mohamad Hasan was not a Member of Parliament. Therefore, in terms of the party hierarchy, UMNO vice president Sabri became the lucky man for the job.

It’s worth mentioning that before Zahid and Najib executed the plan to officially pull the plug to topple Muhyiddin regime, Sabri had been abruptly appointed as Deputy PM at the eleventh hour due to pressure from UMNO. Hence, Sabri was well positioned as the No. 2 to take over the government in anticipation of a power change. It was part of the plan all along.

Likewise, using the same game plan, could it not be Muhyiddin’s plan to push Azmin as the Deputy PM in anticipation of a similar power grab? Azmin’s command of 10 MPs was nothing but a convenient excuse to force the lame duck Sabri hands over the deputy prime minister on a silver platter. If the plan succeeded, Azmin could be on his way to become Malaysia’s first gay prime minister.

Muhyiddin’s biggest mistake in his lust for power was his arrogance and reluctance to reach out to the Oppositions. He thought he was invincible. Had he been friendlier and more tolerant towards the opposition parties after he seized power last year, he may not have to resign. When he offered the Senior Minister to Anwar Ibrahim in exchange for support, it was too little, too late.

It appears that PM Sabri, drunk with power, is following Muhyiddin’s footstep. Sabri’s refusal to even study the prospect of a unity government, despite the royal wish from King Sultan Abdullah, would come to haunt him, the same way Muhyiddin was checkmated. UMNO’s arrogance of power is actually good news to the Opposition as voters can see UMNO’s true colours – again.

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  1. Who knows one day we may have the Unity Dream Team - Azmin as PM and Anwar as Deputy or vice versa...ha ha ha...