Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Better for Pakatan to await GE15 than accommodate Pejuang and Warisan

Anwar seen as stumbling block to PH’s expansion

Anwar Ibrahim has to step down because his appeal as a leader is waning, says analyst Oh Ei Sun.

PETALING JAYA: A political analyst sees PKR chief Anwar Ibrahim as the stumbling block to an expansion of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition.

Commenting on a suggestion that PH invite all opposition parties to join the coalition, Oh Ei Sun of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs told FMT he did not see that happening as long as Anwar remained in his position as opposition leader.

“Anwar has to step down because his appeal as a leader is waning,” he said.

Oh Ei Sun.

Oh was commenting on a statement from Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah, Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh and Wanita PH deputy chief Raj Munni Sabu in which they suggested that the coalition invite all opposition parties to join the pact.

The three noted that 105 MPs backed Anwar as prime minister after Muhyiddin Yassin stepped down last week and said PH needed to maintain and strengthen the support it had from opposition parties currently not affiliated with it.

“In this regard, we recommend that PH immediately send official invitations to all opposition parties – Warisan, Muda, Pejuang, Upko and PSB – to join PH,” they said in a statement.

Azmi Hassan.

Oh said it was a good idea for the opposition parties to form a united front but added that he believed it would be hard to persuade some parties to accept the invitation. He mentioned Warisan and Pejuang in particular.

“Warisan would definitely prefer its president, Shafie Apdal, to lead PH while Pejuang chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad is adamant that Anwar should not be prime minister,” he said.

Academic Azmi Hassan had a similar opinion, saying he did not believe Warisan, Muda and Pejuang would want Anwar as candidate for prime minister.

He said that smaller opposition parties might also reject the invitation because they were not supportive of Anwar as PH leader.


kt notes:

I think PH would be stupid to abandon Anwar just to enlist Pejuang and Warisan into the coalition, knowing full well how treacherous they are, with no guarantee both parties will remain loyal.

The leaders of Pejuang and Warisan, respectively Mahathir and Shafie Apdal, are both covetous of the PM post, thus they will only join in the hope of being the coalition leader, failing which will find them merajuk-ing to the extreme a la Mahathir's abrupt and unannounced resignation as PH PM - well, eff them considering they're only kacang putih parties. Pejuang is destined for elimination in GE15.

It'll be wiser for Pakatan to wait for GE15 to sort out their problem of at least 112.


  1. Long Overdue for Shadow Cabinet. Whoever is in this Shadow Cabinet will run circles around the bunch of idiots.

  2. Better to await GE15....wasn't that TP and OKM's suggestion? And in the meantime get Mahiaddin/PN to implement many concessions?

  3. Warisan, with 8 MPs representing only Sabah, wants to become Taikor simply by sabo-ing Anwar Ibrahim.

  4. I agree with KT's views. F**ked Pejuang and Warisan...the 15th GE will test the attractiveness of each power player.