Thursday, August 26, 2021

If Ass-binte threatens to leave and pull his support, let him do so

The fight for the DPM’s post

YOURSAY | ‘If Azmin threatens to leave and pull his support, let him do so.’

Azmin poised to become DPM, according to Bersatu, Umno sources

Malaysia Tulin: The new PM needs to think deeply - will it be better for him not to have a DPM? The next GE is, at most, 21 months away. The current priority is to rebuild the country, tackle the Covid-19 pandemic and restore public confidence.

The country can live without a DPM. What we need is a lean cabinet.

If the PM appoints Azmin Ali as DPM as well as the usual suspects to the cabinet, then we are not going to move anywhere and the rakyat will not forgive them easily. The next GE can be a disaster for Umno again.

Tholkappian: “Who cares what the populace says about us politicians. We are not the least bit ashamed of ourselves for pushing and jostling for government posts and power.

“That is the easiest, fastest and infallible way to make our bundles; colossal bundles for ourselves and our next few generations to come. Why do you think we chose to become politicians?

“We will not let our conscience, virtues and integrity get the better of us and cause us to be a politician who strives to work for the people. To hell with them.

“And to achieve our ambitions and aims, we will not think before we threaten the PM. We will blackmail him or we will plot to topple him to nominate another PM who will be subservient and amenable to our wishes and demands.”

This seems to be what Malaysian politicians are unequivocally telling us. They are only interested in helping themselves and are making no bones about it.

God save us, the ordinary rakyat, who are being made to watch on the sidelines these machinations, backstabbing political blackmailing by the self-serving frog of a politician.

Salvage Malaysia: The PM should do a confidence and supply agreement (CSA) with the opposition. Rope them into working committees for check and balance as well as get their inputs in handling the pandemic as well as the economic crisis, plus provide the same allocations to them.

He should never be blackmailed by some people jostling for positions. The rakyat are sick and tired of these people. They can’t perform yet criticise other people for being power-hungry. They are the biggest hypocrites. And that’s why our beloved motherland and rakyat suffer.

Quigonbond: I think for Azmin, it's just an ego trip. He just wants to show he can go as far as former boss Anwar Ibrahim could.

What's the use of DPM? Real power is with Finance Ministry, Home Ministry or Defence Ministry. More importantly, will he continue to ‘merajuk’ (sulk) if he's given a perfunctory role? Being DPM does not automatically mean becoming PM.

There's an easy way to check Azmin and at the same time have more stability. The PM, if not overtly, can always covertly secure a CSA with opposition MPs.

Pejuang (and running after their coattail is Warisan) already said they can support the PM. Shafie Apdal was a joke to say that the opposition botched the chance to form government because he wasn't the only choice.

As a mosquito party, he will be at worst kinds of mercy from larger parties. And his ideology is untested as well as ambivalent. He and Pejuang can belong to PN for all I care.

Ir: Why is the PM afraid of Azmin? If he does not deserve the DPM's post, so be it. Let someone else more reliable hold the post.

If Azmin threatens to leave and pull his support, let him do so. Where is he going to go? Be an independent? That's the last thing he will do. He needs a party for support.

Former PM Muhyiddin Yassin will not let Bersatu pull out too. Azmin has actually nowhere to go. I doubt if the opposition will want him back. He can't be trusted. His true colours show clearly now.

Specialist Opening Batsman: PAS leader Abdul Hadi Awang, will you also threaten to withdraw your support for Ismail Sabri if you are not given the DPM post? Surely with 18 MPs, you are in a much stronger position than somebody with 10 MPs.

And across the South China Sea in the Land of Hornbill, a rather obscure Sebastian Ting has also staked his claim for a DPM II post for his pack of lawmakers from GPS. Surely with also 18 MPs, Ting, will your master from PBB also threaten to withdraw support for Ismail Sabri if your demand falls on deaf ears?

Or perhaps it was just a hollow publicity stunt. Good luck, Mr PM.

Dr Suresh Kumar: I never thought the pandemonium will begin so soon. Ketuanans are fighting ketuanans, and the ordinary Malays are dumped by the roadside. So much for ‘agama, bangsa dan raja’. Watch the fun, Ismail 'Low Yat 2' Sabri's days are numbered.

Anonymous 5035: There is no need for the DPM position. Create four senior minister's posts - one for PAS, one for GPS, one for Bersatu, and of course, one for Umno.

Then everybody will be happy and no one will threaten to pull out from the coalition. Especially GPS. If GPS walks with its 18 MPs, Prime Minister Sabri Ismail Yaakob will also be cooked.

Headhunter: Take it as good news. Azmin is one of the most hated politicians both inside and outside the political sphere. That, in effect, will translate into losing votes in the next GE for the new government.

In addition, many in the new government will be jealous of his position so we can expect to see wide division and backstabbing within the grouping. They will be the ones to end his political career.

A2732890312: A man, who is a son of a carpenter, said,

"I'm never good at woodwork but my father is an excellent carpenter. He once told me to build a good and strong cabinet, you need first and foremost a straight ruler. It sounds pretty and simple but if the ruler is not straight or is crooked, your cabinet will not be sturdy.

“Secondly and equally important, the wood must be strong and freshly cut. Never use recycled wood as more often than not, the integrity of recycled wood is suspect and it would affect the structure of the cabinet even in the short term. One thing you should avoid totally is deadwood, it's full of holes and could be infested with termites.

“There you go, it begins with a good ruler and you will have a strong cabinet with integrity that will serve your family for years."

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  1. Azmin to Haziq…..”I may pull out my sapot, but please please please don’t pull out yours”…..ha ha ha.